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Service Team Resources

What is a Service Unit (SU)?

A Girl Scout Service Unit is a specifically defined geographic area designed to best serve the girls and volunteers in the area. The Girl Scout council has a budget to support only a small staff in proportion to the population, the delivery of Girl Scout services relies heavily on volunteers. Troop leaders provide direct services to girls while service units/teams provide vital support to leaders, girls, and parents through meeting, events, recruitment activities, financial management, etc.


The purpose of a Service Team (ST) is to encourage, support and organize local Girl Scout troops by providing direct support and services to Girl Scout members, including girls, leaders, and volunteers, as well as parents and caregivers. The Service Team engages their local community to encourage the overall mission of the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pine Council.


The Function of a Service Team (ST): The Service Team helps recruit new girl and adult members as well as engage and retain existing girl and adult members through local SU events and opportunities. Service Teams provide an extra layer of support to local volunteers, allowing Girl Scouts to reach more girls in more ways.


What does a Service Team Do?

  • Work with the MSE to recruit new girl and adult members
  • Support Girl Scout troop leaders, volunteers, and girls to keep troops engaged
  • Recognize volunteer contributions and efforts
  • Promote participation in the GSAPC Cookie and Fall Product Programs
  • Host events and activities that meet the needs of the Girl Scouts in their SU
  • Develop networks within their community to open additional opportunities for girls and volunteers

Position Descriptions and Resources

 Service Unit Planning Packet
 Service Team Manual

Adult Recognition Coordinator
Cookie Program Team
Bilingual Specialist

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Communications Specialist
Event Planning
Fall Product Program Team
Finance Specialist
G.I.R.L. Champion
IGM Advocate

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Questions? Contact Carole Glenn at or 602.452.7031.

Latino Community Advocate
Older Girl Advocate
Outdoor Advocate
Recruitment Manager
Service Team Manager
Service Team Member
Volunteer Support Coach