Council's Own Badges & Patches
The first step to earning the Wild Wonders charms is to earn the Wild Wonders patch  by completing the “basic” outdoor skills. Participants can then begin earning their Wild Wonders charms.

Identify, learn, and recognize the importance of archery rules, range, and equipment used to do this sport. This is a progressive program. No matter the level, girls must demonstrate all points from the previous skill level to complete their current skill level. 

Cabin Camping

Cabin camping can be a great way to bond with your GS sisters, family, and friends and will help you prepare to go tent camping in the future. Learn how to plan a trip, put Leave No Trace ethics knowledge into practice, discuss the best packing techniques with others, and choose your campout experience!


Learn about fire safety and the basics of a fire. What is tinder, kindling, and fuel? You’ll also learn about different types of wood and multiple ways to build a fire.  

First Aid

Learn about “check-call-care,” how to build a first aid kit, and what to do when someone gets hurt. Daisies and Brownies should not be practicing CPR.

Girl Scout Traditions

Learn, participate, and be curious about the different Girl Scouts traditions that have been carried through the years. Practice Girl Scout sisterhood and what it means, learn about friendship circles,  various Girl Scout holidays, and the most significant tradition that has been carried through generations, singing!

Impact of Pollution

Humans continue to create pollution, knowing it furthers the contamination of our planet. How will Earth look if we continue to act the way that we do? When will it be too late to reverse the clock and fix what we have done?


Pocket Knives are a useful tool when camping and being outdoors. Learning knife safety and usage is an important skill to help instill confidence and help take ownership in tasks that require knives. This program, most importantly, teaches proper safety and usage techniques.


Learn about numerous types of knots, their names, and when to use them. Practice, practice, practice! So you can become a master! When you are ready, take this skill to the next level and learn lashing.

Leave No Trace

Review, understand, and practice the seven Leave No Trace principles. As you go on adventures, learn how to plan and prepare, and be considerate of nature.


Learn how to find directional north, the four cardinal directions, properly use a compass and the importance of different landmarks and navigation skills for exploring the outdoors.

Sense of Place

Get comfortable and be aware of your environment. Connect with your senses and notice what you see, hear, and smell. Take note of the weather and consider how you feel each day and your connections to nature and the outdoors. Learn and practice journaling as you discover the meaning of “sit-spot.”


Learn what SWAPS are, where they come from, and how Girl Scouts give each other SWAPS. Make your own, get creative, and share with your GS sisters.

Tent Camping

With your troop or family, work as a team to enjoy a tent camping experience. Plan your camping trip– what gear you need, the types of meals you’ll cook, and where you’ll go are some of the things to learn before putting your skills into practice.


Can you imagine not using water for a day? Learn about water cycles, their risks, drought, and how you can be involved in protecting this essential need for animals, plants, and humans. Take action and share with your family and troop.