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Volunteer Training

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We offer a variety of resources and volunteeer training opportunities to help you become successful. Many of these are available on demand through our online learning platform gsLearn. You can access gsLearn through your MyGS account

 Training and Forms needed for Girl Scout Troop Volunteers

The Girl Scout Volunteer Learning Path

STEP 1 – First

FIRST — Complete the Troop Leader Basic Training

  • Getting Started (online)
    These online courses are required for all new troop leaders and co-leaders. They provide new volunteers with essential information and tools to get started as a troop leader. Pre-requisite: none
  • Troop Money Management  (online)
    Troop Money Management is required for anyone opening a troop bank account or anyone who will be a signer on a troop account. This course is part of the Getting Started for New Leaders Pathway, but may also be assigned independently for signers who are not troop leaders. Pre-requisite: none
  • New Leader Welcome  (in-person)
    Get off to a great start by attending a New Leader Welcome class. In this class, experienced volunteers will welcome you to Girl Scouts, introduce you to how troop meetings work and provide essential information and resources to help you get off to a great start!  In-person classes are listed on our Activities page and are updated regularly. Pre-requisite: none
STEP 2 – Then

THEN — Complete certification courses to prepare yourself and girls for adventures beyond your meeting place.

  • First Aid/CPR 
    A Troop First Aider with the appropriate First Aid/CPR certification is required for any troop activity outside of the regular troop meeting including field trips, events, outdoor activities and traveling to and from events. Refer to Volunteer Essentials or visit the First Aid/CPR page to learn more about first aid requirements for Girl Scout activities. 
  • Troop Camp Certification Level 1 
    A Certified Troop Camper with level 1 certification is required for Girl Scout outdoor adventures including visits to natural areas, hiking, cabin camping and beginner level encampments. Level 1 Troop Camp Certification is available via live webinar or home study. Learn more by visiting the Troop Camp Certification page.
  • Troop Camp Certification Level 2 
    A Certified Troop Camper with level 2 certification is required for any Girl Scout outdoor adventures that include tent camping, campfires, outdoor cooking with a combustible fuel source (wood, propane or charcoal) and outdoor skills such as using pocket knives. Learn more by visiting the Troop Camp Certification page.
STEP 3 – Special Interest

Additional courses are available to help you enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for the girls that you work with, such as:.

  • Girl Scout Ceremonies
  • Bronze and Silver Award Guidelines
  • Song Leading
  • Explore Outdoors
  • And more…

Interested in training on a topic you don't see listed? Email and let us know!