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Summer Camp

Whether you can’t wait to go back or it’s your first time, you can count on Girl Scout Camp for a summer of risk-taking, fun and friendship! Join us for all sorts of adventures–from arts & crafts, outdoor cooking and hiking, to archery, canoeing, games, singing, and more. Our Council sustains four resident (or overnight) camp locations–check ‘em out.

Check out the 2020 Camp Guide!


How to Register for Summer Camp

Which camp is for me?

With four different camps and so many different programs, how do you decide which one is right for you? Start by taking a few minutes to review the programs in each of our unique camps to determine what you like.

New: Hatchet Throwing New: Family Friday barbeques and Daisy overnight options New: Older girl Trip & Travel sessions like whitewater rafting and off-site camping New: Slingshots and lower-cost options for shorter weeks
Horseback Riding Swim Lessons Climbing Tower High Ropes
Archery Field Trips Backpacking Ceramics
Arts & Crafts STEM Lab Archery Theatre
Outdoor Skills Fashion Paddle Boards Fishing
Hiking Nature Zipline Fiber Arts
STEM Archery Trip & Travel Aviation
Tips for First Time Campers

Here are some tips to make your first experience at camp the best. The most important thing is to have a positive attitude!

Preparation and practice for campers before camp:
  • Live out of your camp luggage for a few days.
  • Spend the night at a friend's house to practice being away from home and your family.
  • Take showers instead of baths.
  • Wash your hair on your own.
  • Look at the Packing List (in your confirmation packet) and help pack for camp so you know where to find things.
  • Practice carrying your water bottle with you and drinking water at meals.
  • Remind your parent or guardian to look over the frequently asked questions so they are just as ready as you are!
Tips for Returning Campers

Even though your have been to camp before, here are a few tips and reminders to make sure this summer is just as good or better than the last time you came to camp.

  • Be prepared for camp to be a little different. Although many of the same things you love will probably be there, every year camp changes a little bit. For example, your favorite counselor from last summer might not be there, but we will have lots of cool new counselors for you to meet.
  • Returning campers of all ages can experience “homesickness.” Even the camp counselors sometimes feel homesick. Share how you’re feeling with your cabin mates and with your counselors. You can also try helping a first-time camper who feels homesick, sometimes helping someone else makes you feel better too!

Campers who are returnees are often “the experts” at camp. We encourage you to help other campers who may be new or just might not remember everything.