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Summer Camp

Camp season 2021 was a huge success!

We served nearlyl 2,000 campers at Willow Springs, Camp Maripai, Shadow Rim Ranch and Parsons Leadership Center. 

We want to thank all the parents/guardians and campers that put their trust in our camp staff, camp directors and council staff to make this season happen.

We look forward to 2022 and for girls to continue growing, exploring, making new friends and memories for life while being in the outdoors.

Stay tuned for updates summer camp opportunities!

See you next summer!!
– Camp Team

2021 Summer Camp Schedule Overview

Session Types

  • Residential Mini Camp = 3 days / 2 nights (Mon-Wed / Thurs-Sat)
  • Residential Camp = 6 days / 5 nights or 11 days / 10 nights OR 13 days, 12 nights
  • Day Events = 1 day (30 minutes - 6 hours)
  • Day Camp = 5 days (Mon-Fri)
  • Troop or Family Camp = 3 days / 2 nights


  • Camp in a Box alternative will be available and provided if in-person experiences are canceled/postponed
  • Flexible Virtual Camp Experience options will be available June 7 – July 30

Camp Key

  • PLC = Parsons Leadership Center in Phoenix
  • WS = Willow Springs in Prescott
  • SR = Shadow Rim Ranch in Payson
  • M = Camp Maripai in Prescott
0 May 31 - June 4 PLC Day
June 2-4 WS Resident Mini
1 June 6-11 WS, SR, M Resident
June 7-11 PLC Day
2 June 13-18 WS, SR, M Resident
June 14-18 PLC Day
3 June 20-25 WS, SR, M Resident
June 21-25 PLC Day
4 June 27 - July 2 WS, SR, M Resident
June 28 - July 2 PLC Day
July 4-6 SR Family Camp
July 5-9 PLC Day
July 5-9 WS Resident
July 7-9 M, SR Resident Mini
6 July 11-16 SR, M Resident
July 12-16 PLC Day
July 14-16 WS Troops
July 16-18 WS Families
7 July 18-23 SR, M Resident
July 19-23 PLC Day
July 20-22 WS Troops
July 23-25 WS Troops
8 July 25-30 SR, M Resident
July 26-28 WS Families
July 26-30 PLC Day

Instead of a camp brochure, camp session details will be included in the Spring issue of GS Connections, which will be available online and arrive at home by early April.

2021 Summer Camp Prices

We offer a three-tiered pricing structure. Each family can choose the pricing tier most appropriate to their needs. Every camper will receive the same high-quality programming you’ve come to expect from Girl Scouts, regardless of pricing tier selected.

Day Camp (5 Days) $295 $369 $387
3 Days – Residential $280 $350 $455
5 Days – Residential $345 $430 $560
6 Days – Residential $400 $500 $645
13 Days – Residential $820 $1,015 $1,330
LEAP (grades 9-12)  $400 $500 $645
CIT 1 (grades 10-12)
6 Days – Residential
$400 $500 $645
CIT 2 (grades 11-12)
13 Days – Residential
$400 $500 $645
CIT 3 (grade 12)
6 Days – Residential
$100 $120 $150
Troop or Family Camp (3 days) $100 N/A N/A
General Summer Camp Fun is Always Included!

Campers will get the chance to experience all of these activities no matter which in-person sessions they choose to attend. Some program activities have a grade level requirement. 

Camp Maripai (Resident Camp) Shadow Rim Ranch (Resident Camp) Willow Springs (Resident Camp) Parsons Leadership Center (Day Camp)
Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking
Sleeping Under the Stars
(6+-days sessions)
Sleeping Under the Stars
(6+-days sessions)
Sleeping Under the Stars
(6+-days sessions)
Solar Astronomy
Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking
Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts
(Grade 2 & up)
(Grade 2 & up)
(Grade 2 & up)
(Grade 2 & up)
Hatchet Throwing 
(Grade 6 & up)
Sling Shot
(K & up)
Sling Shot
(K & up)
Sling Shot
(K & up)
Nature Appreciation Nature Appreciation Nature Appreciation Nature Appreciation
Team Building Team Building Team Building Team Building
(bring an item)
Heritage Skills Tie-Dye
(bring an item)
Tie-Dye (bandana provided)
  Canoeing  Ceramics Exploring Literary Genres
  Climbing Tower
(Grade 2 & up) 
Play Space Aquatics
(Grade 4 & up)
Camp Maripai Horse Program on Hiatus

Our Council’s number one camp priority in 2021 is ensuring that we can offer a safe summer camp experience to as many girls as possible, no matter the circumstances come summertime. To plan for multiple scenarios while implementing new safety guidelines and limited capacities and keep all camps safe, affordable, accessible, and well-staffed, we made a difficult but necessary decision to forego the Camp Maripai horse programs for the 2021 summer season. Camp Maripai is preparing exciting supplemental opportunities that are more adaptable to the planning requirements this year, and can’t wait to see campers return! We are hopeful that this is a temporary hiatus and we can bring the horse program back in 2022. We also hope that families will understand and that their daughters will join us for the same enriching and supportive experiences they've come to love at Girl Scouts Summer Camp. 

750+ Cookie Reward: Donation to Camp Maripai

Cookie bosses who sell 750+ boxes can still choose to make a donation to Camp Maripai in celebration of this year's theme, Hope the Horse. All donations will still be utilized to help girls attend Camp Maripai now and in the future.


I Camped All Four Patch

Don’t Forget!

By visiting any of our properties for any program, you can earn the camp’s patch, and if you attend a session at every camp, the four patches complete the "I camped all four patch."

Write to Your Camp Creature Friends!

The beloved magical creatures of GSACPC Camps would love to hear from you! Use this form to send an electronic letter to Chepi, Willowmina, Charlie Chuckwalla, and Mogie. We'll pass along your letters so they can write you back from camp!