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Share Your Story

Sharing a story from the girl & family, troop, and volunteer lens helps bring Girl Scouting to life for our community! We want to hear from all GSACPC Girl Scouts near and far, of all levels, backgrounds, hobbies, faiths, abilities, and everything that makes you, you. 

Parents & girls, share with us (and the world) how you’re experiencing Girl Scouts - whether you’re accomplishing an award, completing a service project, exploring the outdoors, or earning badges with your troop. 

Volunteers, you, too! Share with us what your troop is up to or a unique volunteer experience, tip, or memory.

When you tell your Girl Scout story, GSACPC and GSUSA can amplify it in media outreach, publications (including our GS Connections magazine), blogs, social media, etc. We encourage you to submit multiple entries throughout the year! To submit your story, please complete the form below.

Guidelines/Tips for Photo and Videos Submissions

Girl Scouts are the star! Be sure to center the story and supporting visuals around the Girl Scouts experience. For example, is she camping for the first time? Showcase her in action setting up a tent or the emotion of packing her camp gear! Aim for visuals that help tell the story as opposed to photos that capture a moment of it.

Be sure that photo(s) are clear and represent Girl Scouts! If submitting a group photo, please identify everyone in the photo. If submitting a video, make sure it's clear, captures the audio you intended, and is 1-3 minutes in length. 

Photo Tip: Use close-up photos on your materials. Focus on the action and ensure girls’ diverse personalities and experiences are depicted, with an array of emotions (avoid using only posed smile shots); and in active, strong, and adventurous ways as much as possible (avoid posed, standing still shots unless critical to the content).

  • Sharing your story on social media? Tag us by using @GSACPC and using the following hashtags: #GSACPC #GirlScoutsAZ #GirlScoutsInAction
  • Love sharing all things Girl Scouts? Become a Media Ambassador and receive ongoing story/content assignments. 
  • Review the Image Safety Guidelines. When sharing photos on social media, confirm consent from parents and do not post personal troop or girl information including location, age, and full name. Review our Social Media Guidelines below for more.