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Girl Scouts in Detention Centers (GSDC) – Adelanté Jovencitas

Females represented more than one in four arrests in 2012, according to the FBI's National Uniform Crime Report. Of those, 12 percent were under the age of 18.

As the only national gender-specific program serving this population, Girl Scouting in Detention Centers (GSDC) encourages girls ages 12−17 to embrace new ways of viewing themselves: as leaders full of potential.

Established in the 1990s, GSDC serves girls in all areas of the juvenile justice system, including those in secure detention, in residential treatment, on probation, at alternative high schools, and in community troops after their release. The program addresses prevalent, community issues affecting our young women in areas such as education, health, homelessness, gang activity, substance abuse, violence, and sexual exploitation.

Girl Scouting challenges girls to nurture their inner leadership skills and break dangerous cycles of behavior. In fact, GSUSA's 2012 GSDC National Evaluation found that the program helps girls regulate their emotions and manage their anger, while fostering their ability to develop healthier relationships overall.


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