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Social Impact Programs

For over 100 years, Girl Scouting has been a powerful force in the lives of millions of girls–instilling in them increased self-confidence in their decision-making abilities and their capacity to become strong leaders in their own lives and communities. Girl Scouts are more likely to make healthy life choices and less likely to believe in negative and gender-based messages about career options.

We serve girls in every economic class. We serve girls in foster care, girls disenfranchised by their parents being incarcerated, those who have been exploited, undocumented or newly immigrated, those experiencing economic and social poverty, as well as girls from families who provide great support to their daughters’ development. We serve 18 distinct Native American populations, both on reservations and in urban centers.

Girl Scouts provides a nurturing space and opportunities to learn new things and build their confidence, character and skills for success in the world. From traditional troops and independent experiences, to community programs, specialized events, we provide a safe space for girls to grow and share new experiences, develop core values and contribute to society.

Here you will find information on specific initiatives aimed at making Girl Scouting available to all girls, everywhere.