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More Stuff To Do

Sometimes schedules don’t work out – never fear! There are plenty of resources for you and your troop to access on your own!

We partner with dozens of nonprofits and businesses to offer fun and exciting opportunities right here in our backyard! By working together as a team, we can collaborate with these partners and provide access to resources and experiences far beyond your wildest dreams.

Program Partners

There are many organizations around the state of Arizona and beyond with which the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is proud to partner. You can contact these organizations to schedule visits with your troop or as an individual.

Let them know that you are a Girl Scout! Sometimes our partners offer special events and programs for Girl Scout members and we’ll let you know about that here.

Badge & Patch Workshops
As You Wish Pottery
  • Girl Scout Daisies – Petal Projects (VIRTUAL)
  • Girl Scout Brownies – Potter, Painting (VIRTUAL)
  • Girl Scout Juniors – Drawing & Business Owner (VIRTUAL)
  • Girl Scout Cadettes – Comic Artist (VIRTUAL)
Desert Botanical Garden
  • Girl Scout Brownies – Bugs Badge (VIRTUAL)
  • Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors – Brilliant Bugs Patch (VIRTUAL)
Verve Studios
  • Girl Scout Juniors 
    • Digital Photography & Entertainment Technology (In-person only)
    • Playing the Past (VIRTUAL) 
    • Scribe (VIRTUAL)
  • Girl Scout Cadettes 
    • Digital Movie Making (In-person only)
    • Public Speaking (VIRTUAL)
    • Screenwriter (VIRTUAL)
Financial Literacy

AmTrust Bank

AmTrust Bank, a division of New York Community Bank is committed to helping our community and that includes helping your Girl Scouts learn financial skills that will grow with them. We offer a fun, customizable, and interactive financial literacy program for all levels of Girl Scouts, from Daisies to Ambassadors. We make learning fun while your girls learn valuable life skills. Our AmTrust team can meet with your group virtually or in person following Council guidelines. Once you have earned your badge, you can celebrate your newly earned badge with a scheduled bank tour at any of our 14 valley locations! 

Please contact Misti Stone, Project Manager at AmTrust Bank, at 480-516-4879 or for more personalized assistance and to schedule a time to meet!

Life Skills

SAFE Choice

GO CHIHUAHUA CRAZY!” in a fun, interactive, age-appropriate self-protection class that teaches girls how to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, and trust their intuition. Girl Scouts will earn a fun Awareness patch after learning self-protection skills like conflict resolution, how to deal with friendship drama, protecting your power from aggressors, ABC's of self-defense, stranger awareness & more! Come learn and practice against trained instructors using role-play and games. It's a crazy chihuahua time for sure!

Please email Theresa Wnenta at for more information. 

Cadence Horsemanship

This Girl Scout Horsemanship Clinic is a jam-packed, 3+ hour program consisting of trainer/handler-led small group sessions on grooming/leading/tying; health & nutrition; anatomy/breeds; and concluding with ride prep and supervised riding! For eligible Girl Scouts, the Horsemanship Clinic may also fulfill the requirements of the Junior Horseback Riding Badge. For more information, please visit the website below.

Get Outdoors Today

GotAZ is a Girl Scout project to help get you outdoors. Resident of Arizona or visiting? We have multiple trails in Greater Phoenix and surrounding areas for you to explore. Not from the area but still want to learn about nature? No problem, we got you there too.

Mighty Boots Wilderness Project

This introductory rock climbing experience focuses on developing confidence and leadership in an outdoor space. This is a great opportunity for team building. No experience is required and all gear is provided. Age Range is 4th grade and up. Please contact for questions or more information. 

Service & Take Action
iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Indoor Skydiving provides a fun, interactive and hands-on STEM learning experience for juniors and above! iFLY teaches Girl Scouts about the science and physics behind body flight and the best part of the experience is each girl becomes part of the science experiment and gets to experience body flight in a beautiful 55ft vertical wind tunnel. The program is lead and taught by a certified STEM Educator and every girl will receive a flight training class lead by a certified Flight Instructor and full gear rental before their flight experience. 

The STEM program consists of a wind tunnel demonstration where iFLY’s vertical wind tunnel is used as a live lab and the group gets to witness a variety of objects (including a liquid!) fly in the tunnel – this provides a focus on topics like gravity, velocity, force and motion. It also includes an interactive STEM presentation with a focus on the science behind body flight and STEM careers. Lastly, every girl will also participate in a hands-on activity! The cherry on top is every girl will experience the dream of flight

The only requirement for a STEM event with iFLY is a minimum participation of 15 (girls, parents, etc.) and iFLY offers a special Girl Scout rate that is greatly discounted compared to the normal rates. This program is available M-F and Sundays. Contact Karissa Swift at 737-256-7830 or

Skype a Scientist 

Skype a Scientist matches scientists with classrooms/groups for informal Q&As all about science! We serve about 10,000 groups a year in this mission. Girls can ask about careers in science, or can just ask about what life is like as a scientist while learning about the their area of expertise! We have thousands of scientists to choose from, all of whom are offering their time and expertise on a volunteer basis. If a Girl Scout Troop wants to talk about dolphins, we have a scientist for that. If they want to learn about space, we've got a scientist for that too! Any scientific topic girls can think of, we have a scientist to match their needs. Complete the form or visit

Walter Hive Makerspace

Come in with your personal projects or stop by and learn something new! Walter Hive's makerspace includes equipment for welding, woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics prototyping, painting, papercraft, sculpture and other projects. They have many events on their calendar, including a free to the community “Open Shop Night” every Wednesday for all ages. They also host a “Teens of steam” night the first Tuesday of every month. For more information, visit

How to Become a Program Partner

Are you an organization or individual that provides or are interested in providing quality Girl Scout programming to girls and their families? For more information on how to become a Program Partner please read the Program Partner Guidelines.