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Independent Girl Members (IGMs)

Being an IGM Girl Scout simply means you are not affiliated with a Troop. That can change at any point in time – it’s up to you!

Not every girl’s experience in Girl Scouts is the same–you can customize experiences to meet your unique interests. Mix and match special events, weekend workshops, leadership projects, work on awards, or travel.

All girls in grades K-12 can register as an IGM, and participate in everything open to her grade level.

Create Your Own Girl Scout Experience


MEMBERSHIP – Complete annual member registration to participate.


PROGRAM – From cookies and camp to travel and awards, learn about everything you can do through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.


MORE INFORMATION – Download the IGM Experience Guide to walk through the basics of getting started as an IGM, step by step.


Ready to sign up as an IGM?


Stay connected!

Interact with other Girl Scouts, council staff, and see what’s coming up to plan your schedule:


Attend programs and events! Browse the activity calendar to find what interests you.


Engage with the Girl Scout online community! Get real-time updates and ideas, or share your story on FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram. Plus, see what other IGMs are up to on the IGM Facebook Group.


All neighborhoods in GSACPC’s jurisdiction fall into what we call a “Service Unit.” Service Units are a team of volunteers who support local girls and offer events/activities. Call 602-452-7000 to find your local representative.

If you need assistance at any time contact: Carole Glenn, IGM/Member Placement Coordinator at 602.452.7031 or