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Financial Assistance

Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) strives to make sure that no girl is denied a Girl Scout experience due to financial need. GSACPC encourages girls and volunteers to contribute when able and to be active participants in their Girl Scout experience. Troops are encouraged to be as self-sufficient as possible in activity planning to ensure all girls can participate.

Funding for assistance is limited and not all requests may be granted. Beyond membership, GSACPC approves funds based on level of financial need demonstrated on applications whenever possible. 


The amount of assistance for an individual is dependent on the level of financial need based on the most recent National Poverty Guidelines. Be sure to fill out request forms completely. Incomplete forms will not be processed. All information goes directly to the GSACPC Financial Assistance Committee and will be held in the strictest confidence.

Questions about money earning projects, product sale participation, and service projects are not a determining factor of need. These questions are only used if an individual is between two levels of assistance.

Awards based on demonstrated need may range from 0 to 100%. If your application is denied based on your family’s income level, you will be given an option to inform us of any extenuating circumstances that your family is going through for further review.

 Types of Assistance
Membership Fees

Whether you're new to Girl Scouts or renewing your membership for the upcoming year, you can request financial assistance for the $25 membership  fee. Current members can do this within the online registration portal. New members, please use the new member registration portal.

As always, please contact Customer Care at 602-452-7030 with any questions.

Summer Camp

Any girl who lives within GSACPC’s jurisdiction is eligible to apply for financial support towards attending any Girl Scout Summer Camp session offered by one of our Council’s four camps. Camperships are limited to one camp session per season.

To apply, complete the Girl Scout Campership Application. Camp registration must be completed and a 10% deposit must be paid prior to applying for campership. Notification regarding financial assistance will be sent via email, which will arrive separately from the registration confirmation packet.

Travel Assistance

Individual Travel – Council-Sponsored

Requests for individual travel for GSACPC sponsored travel opportunities will be reviewed on a case by case basis after completing the Financial Assistance Application.

Individual Travel – GSUSA Sponsored Destinations

Except in cases of extreme need, it is expected that the funding for the experience will be:

  • 10% from the Girl Scout and her family
  • 30% from Volunteer Financial Assistance Committee
  • 60% split between the family and financial assistance

In other words, all Girl Scouts attending Destinations, will receive at least 30% support. After the needs-based review by the committee, those girls who have demonstrated significant need could receive as much as 90%. All girls approved for destinations must complete the Financial Assistance Application.

Troop Travel

Troops may plan trips that are within their means and must accumulate sufficient funds for domestic and international travel. An understanding of the  Girl Scout Travel Progression is necessary to ensure a successful trip.

Troops may request financial assistance if they do not have sufficient funds despite the efforts of the girls and adults who support them. Assistance will be no more than 10% of the total cost of the trip and will only cover the costs of the necessary adults as outlined in the GSUSA safety guidelines.

Please submit the Troop Assistance Request for the troop. Applications for individual girl and adult trips will not be considered.

Requests that include entertainment-based trips and those that are similar to family vacations will not be considered.

Viajes de Tropa

Las tropas pueden planear viajes que estén dentro de sus posibilidades. El dinero obtenido para los viajes deberá juntarse para acumular suficientes fondos. El desarrollo de habilidades y la práctica de progresión son necesarios para asegurar un viaje exitoso.

La ayuda financiera puede otorgarse cuando no se acumule lo planeado, a pesar de los esfuerzos de las niñas y adultos que las apoyan. La ayuda financiera nunca deberá ser parte del proceso de planeación. En caso de haya un contratiempo, la ayuda no será mayor al 10% del costo total del viaje y solo cubrirá los costos de los adultos necesarios como se describe en las pautas de seguridad de GSUSA.

Por favor envía la Solicitud para Asistencia de la Tropa (Actualmente, este formulario solo está disponible en inglés). para la tropa completa. Las solicitudes para los viajes de niñas y adultos individuales no serán consideradas.

Las peticiones que involucren distancias inapropiadas para el nivel, viajes a lugares de entretenimiento únicamente, y los que sean similares a vacaciones familiares no serán consideradas. 

General Financial Assistance

Complete the Financial Assistance Application for your desired request. You will then receive an email notification once your request is approved or denied.

Assistance is available in the following areas:

Uniforms and Books

  • Available for girls and adults
  • Girls members who are approved for financial assistance will receive credit in the shop for a Girl Scout Starter Kit. The starter kit contains a wavy flag patch, council ID set, troop numerals, insignia tab, Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouts, tunic/vest/sash, and a tote bag. Credit is awarded to the council shop. The credit can not be used for anything other than items in the starter kit. If one of the items is not purchased, that amount is forfeited.
  • Adults may request membership pins and insignias. Troops are encouraged to use troop funds to purchase resources needed by Troop Leaders. If a leader received resources through the financial assistance process, it is asked that they pass them to a new leader when they are done using them. Adults requesting assistance are encouraged to consider requesting It’s Your Journey, Customize It.


  • Available for girls and adults
  • Available for Council-Sponsored Activities, approved Service Unit events and adult trainings. Troops are encouraged to plan events within their troop budget, therefore requests for assistance will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Entertainment events are eligible for up to 25% of the cost and are limited to only one for each girl per membership year.
  • If assistance is given for an event and the individual does not attend the event without communication to council, no further assistance will be given.