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Member Resource Center

Welcome to your Member Resource Center!

You can visit the Council Shop, located at 1611 E. Dobbins Road
in Phoenix, or call 602-452-7137 or 800-352-6133 ext. 7137 for more information. 


Flags can be borrowed to make your ceremony or parade complete. Flag stands, podium banners, parade belts and a parade banner are also available.

Available Flags:
American (2x3 and 3x5), Arizona (2x3 and 3x5), Girl Scout Contemporary Logo (2x3 and 3x5), Girl Scout Traditional Logo (2x3 and 3x5), WAGGGS (2x3 and 3x5), Brownie (2x3), Daisy (2x3), International flags (call to inquire - more than 50 countries available)