Brand Marketing & Publicity Guidelines
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Brand Marketing & Publicity Guidelines


Need to make a flyer? Design a poster? Share a Girl Scout story? We’ve got you covered.  Utilize these marketing and public relations resources to ensure we’re all unified and consistent when representing Girl Scouts.

Logo Usage

When making a flyer or other branded element that will be shared with the public, you are required to include the Girl Scout logo and obtain Council permission to use it. Use Flier Essentials for more detailed flyer guidelines and design tips.


Download and read through our Brand Graphic Guidelines.


Develop a mock-up of the piece for approval.


Download and fill out the One-Time Logo Usage Agreement.


Email to for approval.


Upon approval, you’ll receive the hi-res version of requested logo(s) and can finalize, print, distribute as planned.

Brand Checklist

Use this quick checklist to make sure your flyer, form, or other Girl Scout piece follows key Girl Scout brand guidelines and standards:


COLORS: All Girl Scouts materials should use three main colors: black, white and Girl Scout green. You can tell if it's Girl Scout green by the HEX number (#00ae58), RGB number (r0 g174 b88), or PMS number (355).


FULL NAME: Do not use Scouts alone – ensure all references to the organization and program use our full unique name, Girl Scouts. Before shortening our Council's name to GSACPC, use the full name the first time it is mentioned with the acronym in parentheses—Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC). Also note the proper location and use of the en dash and regular dash within our name.


FONT: Please use Arial for all Girl Scout branded materials.


PHOTOS: Use close-up photos on your materials. Focus on the action and ensure girls are depicted in strong, active and adventurous ways.


CLIP ART: Avoid clip art whenever possible. Use photography or illustration instead, but do not “borrow” any licensed or copyrighted art.


LOGOS: Put the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Servicemark (logo) on every external/public document/communication. Remember to review the graphic guidelines and get permission to use any Girl Scout logo needed, by sending the one-time logo usage agreement form for approval, along with a mock-up of your flyer or other material, to


CO-BRANDING: Ensure any public-facing material you create is branded Girl Scouts only, or obtain special permission from to promote partnerships.


Girl Scouts have many wow-worthy stories to share! Use the Volunteer Press Kit to connect with your local media and promote recruitment events, or how Girl Scouts are taking action, in your neighborhood. Please note, GSUSA handles all national media outreach and GSACPC staff reaches out to all major regional TV and radio. Focus on your local neighborhood newspapers and radio stations to avoid overlapping outreach. If you wish to contact other media, please coordinate with to avoid causing confusion for our media friends or duplicating efforts.

GSACPC Press Kit

Overview and How to Use
Local Media List
Best Practices for Working with Media
Recruitment Press Release Template
Story Submission Template

 Share the Adventure Patch

Follow our editorial guidelines to ensure we are communicating with a unified brand voice for Girl Scouts.

Editorial Style Guide

Be sure to keep us in the loop – when you share your Girl Scout story, GSACPC and GSUSA will use it in media outreach, publications, etc.

Share Your Girl Scout Story

Follow our social media guidelines when sharing on social media representing the organization.

Social Media How-To
Social Media Guidelines

Follow the electioneering guidelines provided by GSUSA when acting as a Girl Scout representative, employee, volunteer or Girl Scout in any electoral activities. 

Electioneering Practices 

  • 2019-recruitment_GIRL_troops-forming
  • 2019-recruitment_one-pager
Girl Scout Media Ambassadors

Council Media Ambassadors have been media trained and are ready to take part in all local and council-led media opportunities. Fill out this form if your girls are interested in becoming official Media Ambassadors.

Council is always looking for Girl Scouts of all ages to participate in media interviews and TV/radio appearances. If your girls are interested, please sign up here. We’ll invite you to media training and then keep you posted when opportunities come up.

Image Safety Guidelines

In order to keep girls safe, it's important to know whether or not you have permission to use images of our Girl Scouts!

Most Girl Scouts have already given permission for Girl Scouts to take and use their photos to promote Girl Scouting when they registered as a member or signed up for a council event. However, those who opted out, should be identified by the event organizer to ensure their photo is not distributed publicly.

A Media Release Consent form is required for all non-Girl Scouts being photographed at events. Include copies of signed forms for non-Girl Scouts who are pictured in a photo that is submitted to Council stories ( for use in media, publications, etc.