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Cookie FAQs


FAQs for Cookie Sellers & Volunteers
Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?

All registered Girl Scouts – and all girls are invited to join in! Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist girls, it is the girl who makes the sale, sets learning and sales goals, and learns the entrepreneurial skills that are part of the program.

Non-registered members cannot sell cookies or benefit from proceeds. This is a safety and liability issue and is of the utmost importance in guaranteeing Council can support and safeguard cookie sellers.

When do Girl Scout Cookies go on sale?

The 2022 cookie season for Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) is Jan. 16 - March 5

GSACPC is one of two councils in Arizona. The cookie season for Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona (GSoSAZ) is Jan. 21 - March 12. 

When is cookie delivery to troops?
  • Extended Area: Jan. 6-13
  • Metro Phoenix: Jan. 14-15
Where does cookie money go?

If you are approached by someone who may not know how Girl Scout Cookie proceeds benefit all girls in Arizona, be prepared with this handout to display at booths – this will not only inform the customer, but it may also help customers feel more generous!

What cookie flavors does GSACPC offer?

We offer a crowd-pleasing lineup of six delicious and widely popular cookie flavors: Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Lemon-Ups, Adventurefuls, and Raspberry Rally (online only Feb. 27-March 5).

We also continue to offer our specialty cookies: Girl Scout S'mores and limited quantities of Gluten-free Toffee-tastics. Meet all the cookies.

What bakery does GSACPC use?

Our Council’s cookies are produced by Little Brownie Bakers (LBB). Visit their website for great tips and resources regarding Girl Scout Cookies for girls and volunteers!

Fun fact: The cookie lineup varies from Girl Scout Council to Council because there are two licensed bakers for Girl Scout Cookies nationwide. ABC Bakers is the second bakery used by other councils. That’s why similar cookie flavors have different names depending on where you buy them! For example, LBB’s Samoas are called Caramel deLites by ABC, Tagalongs are called Peanut Butter Patties, and Do-si-dos are called Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

If a customer asks for a cookie flavor that you haven’t heard of, it’s likely from ABC Bakers. Simply inform the customer of the two bakeries and recommend a similar flavor/cookie type offered by our Council.

Where can I find cookies?

Visit the Cookie Finder webpage ( to find a booth or troop digital order card (DOC) nearby. It’s simple – just enter a zip code and choose from a list of locations. 

If a Girl Scout receives her cookies before Jan. 16 can she start selling?

No, please wait until the season officially begins. Girl Scouts cannot sell cookies before Jan. 16. However, they may announce that cookie season is coming and when to expect order requests. DOC preorders are Jan. 6-15; this is a great opportunity for girls to practice their marketing skills and get a jump start on sales. 

What should I do if I encounter someone selling cookies early?

Girl Scouts, both girls and adults, are governed by the Girl Scout Promise and Law. We hope you'll remain faithful to these throughout the cookie program and remind fellow Girl Scouts to be honest and fair, considerate and caring, and respect the cookie program guidelines put in place to ensure a fun experience for every girl.

We know that conflicts can arise occasionally. We ask adults to remember they are role models for girls. Please do not argue. If you witness people behaving in a ‘not-so-Girl Scout’ manner and wish to inform the Council about it, our staff members will facilitate an open conversation with both parties.

Can a Troop Leader ask parents to pre-pay for cookies their daughter wants to sell?

No. Troop Leaders are not supposed to ask parents to pre-pay for cookies. Troops should monitor the number of cookies each girl takes. Troops should only give girls additional cookies after cookie money has been turned in.

Can a Troop Leader tell girls they must sell a specific number of cookies?

No. Troops cannot assign girls a specific number of cookies to sell. Girls should collaborate within the troop on individual and shared cookie goals. Girls and parents should only take the number of cookies they believe they can sell.

When should my troop pick up more cookies from a Cookie Cupboard?

Before going to the cupboard for more product, Troops should check every girl’s inventory of unsold cookies and also see if another troop may need to transfer unsold cookies. Only pick up more cookies from a cupboard when these alternatives are not available. Please check the cookie exchange in eBudde before going to a cupboard. 

Can parents sell cookies for their daughter?

No. Girls should always sell Girl Scout Cookies (not parents or non-registered siblings). Please remember this is a girl program and learning opportunity, and ensure girls get the full experience. If a family member would like to sell cookies at work, their Girl Scout should make a live or recorded presentation to the staff, write a letter or design a poster outlining her goals and aspirations, and then follow up with delivery, thank you notes, and call or email for additional orders.

Can girls use electronic bulletin boards, like Craigslist, to sell cookies?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents or guardians. Girls may use the internet to share their Cookie Program sales links, stories, and learnings on PRIVATE social media accounts to help them meet their goals. Please follow these guidelines when marketing cookies online: 

  • Girls should only use the internet to market the Girl Scout Cookie Program to friends and family. For clarity, "friends and family" are people whom the girl or her family personally know. 
  • Girls who are 13 or older may use Facebook or other social networking sites to let friends and family know that it is Cookie Time again! 
  • With parent consent and supervision, girls may also market on community groups they are active in including private Facebook community groups and their neighborhood online community like Nextdoor.
  • Sale links should never be posted to online resale sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Swap, Offer Up, Craigslist, etc. All sales must take place via Digital Cookie. 
  • Be aware posts on Facebook containing the use of a dollar sign ($) may automatically move the post to Facebook Marketplace. To prevent this from occurring, you must disable to automated function. 
  • Social media ads should not be purchased or donated to promote sales links. 
What should I do if my troop shows up at our booth and there is another troop there?

Always bring a copy of your eBudde Troop booth sign-up list. Booths scheduled in eBudde take priority. If two troops show up at the same location, the troop scheduled in eBudde has the booth, and the other troop must graciously depart.

What should I do if I have a conflict with a Troop Leader at a booth?

Adults should remember to behave respectfully and properly and refrain from fighting over booths. Girl Scouts, both girls and adults, are governed by our Promise and Law. All Girl Scouts are expected to remain faithful to these principles throughout the cookie program.

If I have a conflict with a Troop Leader at a booth and can’t get a hold of Council, should I speak with the store manager?

No. Store managers should NEVER be asked to mediate a dispute between troops. We are guests at their storefronts and fighting among ourselves damages our reputation and relationship with the store.

If you can’t reach the Council Product Program staff, contact your Service Unit (SU) Product Program Manager or your Council Staff MSE. You should leave the store and contact the Council at a later time to resolve the issue. If you witness people behaving in a ‘not-so-Girl Scout’ manner and you wish to inform the council about it, please submit what you witnessed and we would be more than happy to have an open conversation with both parties. If a presented issue is anonymous, the Council will not pursue the complaint.

What should I do if a store manager asks me to move our booth away from the front entrance?

Please follow all instructions from the store manager, even if you do not agree with their rules and regulations. Remember, we are guests at their stores, and failure to abide by their requests could damage our reputation, our relationship with the store, and future booth opportunities.

When at a booth, can the girls approach customers as they enter the store?
No. Stores have asked that their customers only be approached when leaving the store. Remember, we are guests at their stores, and failure to abide by their rules and regulations could damage our reputation and relationship with the store.

What if six girls show up at a booth shift at one time?

Please have two girls leave the booth and rotate them in during a later shift. Booths should have only two to four girls and two adults at a time. Stores request that no more than six people are outside their store at one time. We need to abide by this request.

Can my girls sing and dance at booths to entice customers to make a purchase?

Although it can be fun to make up songs and dances to encourage customers to make a purchase, read your audience and ensure you are professional in whatever you do. What you deem rowdy may be different from a customer's or store manager's point of view. The stores have asked that girls approach customers graciously. Remember, we are guests at their stores, and failure to abide by their rules and regulations could damage our reputation, our relationship with the store, and future booth opportunities.

Can I bring a Trader Joe’s or Fry’s bag to carry jackets (or other supplies) to our booth at Safeway?

No. Please be aware of the small details that make a difference to the stores that support us. Troops should never bring a competitor’s merchandise to the store at which they are boothing.

Can I booth at a liquor store or marijuana dispensary?

Girl Scouts cannot booth at any location that may negatively impact the cookie program experience for girls and volunteers, and/or negatively impact our brand. Therefore, girls cannot sell in or in front of establishments that they themselves cannot legally patronize, including marijuana dispensaries. Please email if you are unsure whether a location is girl-appropriate. Remember, all self-scheduled booths must be entered into eBudde for Council approval.

Can I booth with my daughter?

Juniors (grades 4-5) and above are allowed to booth at a 1:1 ratio. This includes boothing with a parent or guardian who is a registered, background-checked Girl Scout. These booths should be self-scheduled at lower volume stores and entered into eBudde for Council approval by the Troop Product Manager or SU IGM Coordinator. Council-sponsored booths should not have a 1:1 ratio no matter the grade level and should be staffed with at least two girls and two adults. 

Are you Girl Scout Cookie booth ready?

Want more information to prepare for boothing? Check out our Cookie Season Readiness Guide – you’ll be ready in no time!

Looking for supplies to deck out your troop’s cookie booths? Look no further! The Council Shop has all the essentials for a great cookie season including table covers, cookie carts, yard signs, and more! Check out Cookie Booth Kits here! 

What to do if a customer asks me about Girl Scout issues that I’m unaware of?

Take the time to learn about common rumors and prepare to effectively communicate in uncomfortable situations that may arise during cookie season. There is also a handy flier for volunteers and parents/caregivers to review and keep on hand. 

When asked about issues you are unaware of, keep in mind the following key steps:

  • Please refer the inquiring party to or Council Communications staff.
  • Remind them our priority is to let the girls learn and have fun. Ask adults to keep adult conversations to themselves. Approaching girls with salacious materials at a cookie sale is not acceptable, should be reported to Council and will be investigated.
  • Safety is important. We don’t want members putting themselves in an untenable situation. This is especially true if a person becomes agitated in conversation – please remove yourself and girls from the setting.
Cookie Booth Essentials: How to Handle “What If?” Situations:

If you are still unsure how to answer certain questions, prepare yourself with this Cookie Booth Essentials Sheet. Take it with you when you’re boothing so that everyone has something to refer to if a situation arises.

How do I get featured in GS Connections or social media?

We’re always looking to tell the community about what GSACPC Girl Scouts are doing! Whether it’s a successful cookie sale, special service project, or a new leadership experience – we want to know about all the things your girls are learning in Girl Scouts!

Please email with details, as many clear photos as possible, first names, and troop number if applicable. To share directly from social media, tag us – @GSACPC or use the hashtag #GSACPC.

Digital Cookie FAQs
How does the Digital Cookie app work?

It’s a lot like buying your cookies at a traditional cookie booth, but with an online twist:

  • In true Girl Scout style, the girls initiate the cookie sale, whether online, via email, or in person at the cookie booth with their Digital Cookie mobile app.
  • A Girl Scout you know may invite you to visit her personalized cookie website where you can place your order, pay using Visa Checkout or credit cards, have your order shipped or delivered by a Girl Scout*, or even donate cookies to charity.
  • Some Girl Scouts may take in-person orders using a mobile app that also allows them to securely accept payments using credit cards.
  • Select your cookies, place your order, and complete your transaction. Boom, just like that, you’ve got delicious Girl Scout Cookies coming your way!
With Digital Cookie, what happens to funds that used to go to the local council?

As with the traditional Cookie Program, with Digital Cookie 100 percent of the revenue earned from cookie sales will remain in Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. Girls decide how to spend their troop cookie money and reinvest it in their neighborhoods through service projects and learning experiences, including travel. 

Are you taking door-to-door sales away?

Far from replacing this aspect of the traditional Cookie Program, Digital Cookie expands and enhances girls' experience by giving them a fun new way to learn 21st century skills while providing another channel through which to sell cookies. So this cookie season, a Girl Scout could approach you through a door-to-door sale or booth sale with a digital device, or send an email invitation to visit her Digital Cookie website or to stop by her local cookie booth.

What new skills do girls learn with Digital Cookie?

This enhancement adds a fun, digital layer that expands and strengthens the ways girls learn the essential 5 Skills of goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Digital Cookie will expand girls' knowledge of and hands-on experience with online marketing, app use, website customization, and e-commerce.

How does Digital Cookie enhance your Girl Scout Cookie buying experience?

First and foremost, you are supporting girls' use of technology, which is vital for success in today's world. In addition, girls can take your order digitally, facilitate direct shipping to your location of choice, and you can pay with a credit card. 

Is participating in Digital Cookie safe for girls?

Digital Cookie emphasizes the safety of both girls and customers. Girls and their parents/caregivers take an Internet safety pledge before using the web-based platform, and parents/caregivers must approve all updates and changes girls make when customizing their Digital Cookie site. Girls using the mobile platform will adhere to the same safety standards as those participating in traditional Girl Scout Cookie sales.

Are consumers able to find girls' Digital Cookie sites online?

Digital Cookie was designed with each girl's safety in mind, and therefore she must initiate contact with people she knows to sell cookies. Girls in Arizona Cactus-Pine Council will market their online cookie business by inviting customers via email to visit their personalized cookie websites. There, consumers can order cookies from the comfort of their living room. 

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

Your personal information will not be shared outside of the Girl Scout organization. We will use your contact information primarily for transactional communications pertaining to your cookie purchase and occasional Girl Scout related updates.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information on girls' Digital Cookie platforms? Is there a guarantee that there will be no data breaches?

Both Digital Cookie systems are fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and consumers can feel absolutely confident that their financial information is not stored. Both the online and mobile platforms of Digital Cookie transmit financial data to the respective credit card processors and "scrub" credit card and other identifiable information from the systems

Can girls still participate in Cookie Club?

No. Cookie Club is no longer available at GSACPC. 

Where are the cookies shipped to?

Girl Scout Cookies purchased via the Digital Cookie platform can be shipped within the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, and to military bases with an APO/FPO address, however, there is a $5.00 surcharge.

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