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Virtual Girl Scouts

Welcome to Virtual Girl Scouting – a fun way to participate in Girl Scouts from home. Explore outside from inside, experiment with coding, create beautiful art – your adventure starts now! New programs for you to enjoy will be added weekly.

Badges and patches and some materials associated with activities outlined here can be purchased from our Council Shop with free shipping. Order GSACPC in-store only items through this form,, or 602-452-7137.

Share what you are learning and the fun you are having on social media! Tag @gsacpc and hashtag #GSACPC on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or submit your stories for GSACPC to post! 

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Stand Beside Her Movement

Let’s create a world where all women and girls are appreciated for their talent, strengths and uniqueness. We invite you to join the movement and #StandBesideHer so every girl and woman can reach her fullest potential. During the month of November girls can earn the patch for free by completing the Patch Program Guidelines or participating in three virtual workshops.

Arizona Humane Society Service Project
PetSmart Paw Patch & Pet Care Badges

We challenge you to join us in this Council-wide service project by making homemade pet supplies that can be donated to the Arizona Humane Society. By participating in this community service project, girls would earn the PetSmart Paw Patch and advocacy rocker.

Helping Others During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s in the Girl Scout DNA to help in a time of crisis. For those that are healthy and want to help others, there are multiple ways to do that safely and responsibly during the novel coronavirus outbreak. You don’t even need to step outside your home to help in a meaningful way.

Check out our featured GSACPC Program Partner!
Desert Botanical Garden 

Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts get outdoors and explore your backyard while earning Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden's Brilliant Bugs Patch! Learn about bug homes, where to find them, and their life cycles. Brownie Girl Scouts can apply this to their Girl Scouts Bugs Badge.

Exploring the World Wide Web

Check out these amazing websites and earn Badges as you explore! 

100,000 Stars

Space enthusiasts look no further! 100,000 Stars offers a 360-degree, immersive exploration of our galaxy, the Milky Way! Girls working on their Space Science Badges or studying astronomy in school will appreciate what this site has to offer! 

Access Mars

Girls, are you working on your Space Science Badges? Take a virtual field trip to the surface of Mars! You may also download any star gazing app to find Mars in your own night sky!

Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

Explore the Sonoran Desert by visiting the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum online! Girls can earn our Council's Own, Getting to Know the Desert Patch by learning about the plants and animals living in the Sonoran Desert. Watch videos, and play a food web game!

Bowers Museum 

Visit the Bowers Museum and take a virtual tour with full audio in multiple languages! Bowers Museum offers virtual tours in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Learn about history and the variety of exhibits they have from across the globe, celebrating world cultures through their arts! 

The Bug Chicks

Working on your Brownie Bugs Badge? Interested in a career studying insects? The Bug Chicks is a free resource and also offers live online workshops for $5 per household!

Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures

Junior Girl Scouts working on the Musician Badge, and any girls who just love music, should visit Carnegie Hall's Listening Adventures! Please know this site requires Adobe Flash and the creation of a free account. 

Children and Nature Network

Families looking for activities and ideas to keep your girl connect with nature, the Children and Nature Network has shared a great article with numerous ideas, such as Got Dirt?

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Take a home safari with the Cincinnati Zoo! Daily live animal interactions and many fun activities! Visiting the Cincinnati Zoo will support girls earning the Daisy Journey: 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals, Junior Animal Habitats, and Senior Voice for Animals Girl Scout badges and awards. Girls may also complete all the Art Badges by visiting Rico, the Prickly Porcupine! 

CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark is an online platform designed to support Girl Scouts working on their Coding for Good Badges. Girls can sign-up for free 24-hour access, and there is no limit to the number of times the site can be visited.

Curiodyssey Science Playground and Zoo

Take a virtual trip to Curiodyssey and learn how to make a gravity painting, take water for a walk, or make a hoopster! Curiodyssey offers many online STEAM activities, that are perfect for girls working towards any of the Girl Scout Art Badges or Mechanical Engineering Badges. 

Discovery Education

Take a Virtual Fieldtrip with Discovery Education. Visit the frozen tundra, learn about mining and metals, and boost your financial literacy! There are many options to choose from.

Georgia Aquarium

Cold ocean waters teem with fish and marine mammals! Beneath our waves curious animals like Australian weedy sea dragons, garibaldi damselfish and Japanese spider crabs hang among rocky ledges and kelp forests. These live webcams and galleries are home to some of the world’s coldest ocean animals, including sea otters, penguins and more. When girls view this page and webcams, think about future Take Action projects that may support oceanic conservation!

The Great Wall of China

Take a trip to the Great Wall of China! This virtual field trip gives girls a chance to explore one of the wonders of the world! Did you know that girls can earn the World Thinking Day Award all year? Visiting the Great Wall of China is a great way to work towards earning the World Thinking Day Award

Houston Zoo's Webcams

Visit the Houston Zoo Webcams and enjoy a live look at animals that call the Houston Zoo home! See the herd of Asian elephants wander through their enormous habitat, watch as giraffes nibble lettuce, see the rhinos roll in their mud puddle, and the flamingos float next to a waterfall! 

The Louvre

Learning about history and art? Travel to Paris, France and visit the Louvre virtually! Girl Scout Brownies can work on their Painting Badge, while Juniors can work on their Drawing Badge, and Cadettes can work on their Comic Artist Badge using some of the most famous pieces of art in the world!

Metropolitan Opera

Do you love music? The Met is offering free live web-streams of various performances nightly! Experience professional opera from the comfort of your own home! Visiting the Metropolitan Opera will support Junior Girl Scouts working on their Musician Badge.

NASA Space Place: Art Challenge

NASA Space Place is launching an art challenge! NASA Space Place readers will be given a new drawing prompt each month and each month NASA Space Place will select a few of the drawings submitted to feature on the website! NASA Space Place hopes this will be a fun way to encourage learning and creativity.

National Geographic Kids

Explore the opportunities National Geographic Kids has to offer, including videos to learn about animals, history, space, culture, planets and more! Take their personality quizzes and play online games! Learn about how to reduce plastic use at home, plus download activity sheets from the NatGeo Kids books section. 

New York Academy of Medicine

The New York Academy of Medicine has transformed its entire collection of illustrations to coloring pages. If girls are looking for special and unique coloring pages while working on drawing and painting Badges, this is a great resource! 

North American Association for Environmental Education

The NAAEE is offering multiple resources that support learning at home. Sections include virtual field rips, plus grade-level resources and activities.

Oceans Initiative

Who doesn't want to explore the ocean?!? Learn all about the sea, dolphins, whales, and more! Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can earn their Eco-Advocate Badges by learning from these biologists.

Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta

Check out the Giant Panda live webcam at Zoo Atlanta for a fun-filled experience! If you are interested in learning more about Giant Panda Conservation, you can visit Pandas International and check out all of the global efforts to support these incredible animals! Visiting these sites may support all animal and conservation focused Badge and Journey awards.


Need some help with school work ? PhET is part of the University of Colorado and offers nearly 700 simulations in math, chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology! If you have trouble with fractions, understanding how genes work, or how electricity moves, this is the site for you! This site will also support both the Robotics and Mechanical Engineering Badges.

Redbird Virtual STEM+ Lab

Learn about aeronautics and experience aviation from home with our expert teacher. Redbird will be offering weekly classes on a range of topics to help Middle and High School students stay engaged with aviation during this trying time. The STEM+ Lab is free and open to the public.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic has excellent literacy resources for Daisy through Cadette girls. Daisies can read all about rabbits and learn about the weather. Brownies can ready about sound and learn why zebras have stripes. Juniors can read about edible insects and learn how other kids from all around the world get to school. Cadettes can learn about the chemistry behind our favorite candies! Each section also includes a variety of different at home activities! 


SciStarter is a nation partner that supports girls earning their Citizen Science Journey! SciStarter is an online database of thousands of Citizen Scientist projects that can be completed individually, by family, and by troops. If you are a troop leader, you can set up a troop account via the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit (VTK). If you are a family, feel free to jump right in and select a project that appeals to your girl! 

Sharing Nature Worldwide

Have you ever made a sound map or studied nature? Sharing Nature Worldwide offers immersive nature activities you can do from your own backyard. You can earn all the Art in the Outdoors Badges this way! 

Skill Share

Skill Share is a pretty cool place! If you are feeling crafty, want to learn a new skill, or are working on your Junior Jeweler Badge, you don't want to miss this. 

Virtually Badges

Attention Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors! Virtually Badges offers 21 Cadette, 9 Senior, and 3 Ambassador Badges online! Interested in completing your Animal Helpers, Book Artist, or Budgeting Badges? You can earn them all online by visiting Virtually Badges.

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip

Ready to explore Yellowstone? You don't have to wait for your trip out here. You can start exploring now by virtually touring some of the main attractions around the park. 

Program Partners Go Digital!

Check out some of our local and national Girl Scout partners here! 

Arizona Science Center

Visit one of GSACPC's Program Partners, the Arizona Science Center for Science at Home activities! Make milk dance, a musical instrument, or grow some "crystal" snowflakes! Brownies can work on their Home Scientist Badge and Juniors can work on their Detective Badge. 

As You Wish

As You Wish is offering Virtual Badge Workshops! Sign-up online, and select one of two options:

  1. Virtual program only and participate with supplies at home. 
  2. Participate in the virtual workshop and stop by the store and pick up the supply box to complete activities at home. is a national Girl Scout partner. Girls can choose from hundreds of fun introductory options to try coding! Spend an hour coding and work towards earning your Robotics, Coding for Good, and Cyber Security Badges!

Desert Botanical Garden 

Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts get outdoors and explore your backyard while earning Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden's Brilliant Bugs Patch! Learn about bug homes, where to find them, and their life cycles. Brownie Girl Scouts can apply this to their Girl Scouts Bugs Badge. 

Maricopa County Air Quality Department

The Maricopa Air Quality Department is offering a number of online resources for all ages! The activities listed will support the Daisy, Between Earth and Sky Journey, the Cadette Breathe Journey, and the Senior Sky Badge!


Visit NASA and scroll down to a whole section designed just for Girl Scouts! Explore space from home and work on your Space Science Badges!

The Phoenix Zoo 

Are you ready to take a digital safari? Badges you can earn by GS grade level:  

  • Daisy Journey: 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals 
  • Junior Animal Habits 
  • Senior Voice for Animals 

This is also a great resource for girls working on school projects related to wildlife! 

Explore the Outdoors from your Indoors!

Try different ways to explore the outdoors from home! 

Animated Knots

Animated Knots by Grog is the premiere website for learning how to tie knots of any kind! Let's see if you know how to tie a clove hitch or a lashing square knot! 

Leave No Trace

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace provide a framework of minimum impact practices for everyone visiting the outdoors to employ. Although Leave No Trace has its roots in back-country settings, the Principles have been adapted so that they can be applied anywhere — from remote wilderness areas, to local parks and even in your own backyard! Visit Leave No Trace indoor activities.

Listen to Ecosystems

Take an auditory adventure and listen to the sounds of ecosystems from around the world!

Nature Watch

Check out this cool animal tracks poster and instructors manual from Nature Watch and work on your animal tracking prowess!

Round the Campfire
video storytelling series

You're invited to share a personal story about your Girl Scouting experiences. We encourage stories that have meaning for you – times you deeply enjoyed, something funny that happened, and anything else in your memory that you cherish. Your submissions will be read by Michelle “Juniper”, Camp Director at Willow Springs and shared with our Girl Scout community. Looking forward to your stories!

Which Girl Scout Camp Director are you?

Take this fun quiz to find out which GSACPC Camp Director you are! 

Are you a camp song master?

How well do you know your camp songs? Are you a master, still working on them, or just starting to learn songs? Take the quiz and have fun!

Walks at Willow
Nature Connection and Grounding Invitations
Voice for All Girls
Resources to Meet Virtually

Here are free and low-cost tools troops and Communities in other councils are using for virtual meetings. While we cannot endorse or support specific online meeting tools, we encourage you to look at these and alternative options and discuss with parents and girls to determine what the best solution is for your troop or Community needs. 

Video and Audio-Conferencing Tools
  • Zoom  |  FAQ  (Meetings durations maximum of 40 minutes in free version)
  • Skype  |  Support  (Up to 10 participants free)
  • Webex  |  Help Center    (Limited file and content sharing in free version)
Chat and Collaboration Tools
Additional Low-Cost Tools
Meeting Tips
Additional Resources


Programas en Español
Reto Quédate en Casa

¿Cuántas actividades diferentes puedes explorar mientras estas en casa ? Prueba este desafío para ganar puntos según tu nivel de edad y gana un divertido parche para mostrar lo que representa este momento único en la historia. ¡Prepárate, lista, participa!

Toilet Paper Roll Art (Arte con rollo de papel)

No botes todo a la basura! Haz de ellos algo divertido! recicla los rollos del papel higuienico y crea cosas, tu imaginación es el limite. Desde un organizador de lapiceros hasta un pinguino para decorar tu escritorio. 

Garden at Home (Jardin en Casa)

Haz un huerto en casa! Utiliza reciclables como botellas de plastico, cartones de huevos, y mas. Unete a este projecto de construir un vivero en casa donde podras tus plantas crecer.  Despues, comparte con nosotros como te fue al finalizar con huerto con una foto o publicacion! 

Noche de juegos en familia

¡Participa en cuatro noches de diversión familiar mientras celebramos el mes de la Herencia Hispana! Reúna a su familia para un programa virtual de una hora. 



Special thanks to State Farm for sponsoring our Summer Adventures program, and for ongoing support of GSACPC STEM programming.