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Adult Awards & Recognitions

Volunteers are truly the heart of the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. Our volunteers work tirelessly day in and day out to mentor and inspire girls to change their lives and the world around them. Every single one of our volunteers deserve a sincere thank you for everything they do.

Here is your opportunity to formally recognize those special volunteers that go above and beyond. Below you will find several different awards along with links to the nomination forms.

Don’t forget to request your Girl Scout Membership Pin. This pin indicates total years as a registered member, including girl and adult years. The link to the form is below.

Deadline for all Award Nominations and Pin Requests is October 1.

Any questions please email

Peer Appreciation

Surprise a fellow Girl Scout volunteer with our online recognition program! Send a High Five, Fist Bump, or Pat on the Back to cheer on your peers and recognize a job well done!

Parent Appreciation

While we are talking about appreciation and gratitude... don’t forget to recognize the other adults in your troop for the help they’ve given this year. Here are a few ideas for showing your love through awards, but make it your own and get creative!

  • Family of the Year: For a family who has contributed outstanding service, such as supporting their troop, camp, special events, product sales etc.
  • Product Parent: For a volunteer who participated and helped the troop in a significant way with cookies or Fall Product program.
  • Magnificent Mom: For a troop mom who has helped the troop significantly.
  • Do-Dad: For an outstanding father who always seemed to be there when the troop needed him.
  • WOW: For a troop volunteer who always seemed to step up and help when needed or volunteered at an especially critical moment.
Check out these customizeable certificates!
  • certificate-v1
  • certificate-v2
  • certificate-v3
Girl Scouts of the USA National Awards
Volunteer of Excellence

For outstanding service providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls or supporting building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Potential Candidates: leader, assistant leader, day camp volunteer, service team member and many more. This award is given at the Service Unit level, please contact your MSE for more information.


Award Packet Requires: 1 – Nominator Form

 Volunteer of Excellence Nomination Form


Appreciation Pin

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to one service unit or geographic area. Potential Candidates: service unit facilitator, service unit volunteer support coach, service unit product sale consultant, service team member, service unit event coordinator. 


Award Packet Requires: 1 – Nominator Form, 2 – Endorsement Forms

Appreciation Pin Nomination Form
Appreciation Pin Endorsement Form


Honor Pin

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to two or more service units or geographic areas. Potential Candidates: outdoor education coach, multiple service unit event volunteer, volunteer serving on council or regional task group, board member.


Award Packet Requires: 1 – Nominator Form, 3 – Endorsement Forms

Honor Pin Nomination Form
Honor Pin Endorsement Form


Thanks Badge

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement. Potential Candidates: Council task group chair, board member, a volunteer who increased program opportunities for girls, council learning facilitator who developed new resources. 


Award Packet Requires: 1 – Nominator Form, 4 – Endorsement Forms

Thanks Badge Nomination Form
Thanks Badge Endorsement Form


Thanks Badge II

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement who has already received the Thanks Badge. Potential Candidates: Council task group chair, board member, a volunteer who increased program opportunities for girls, council trainer who developed new resources. 


Award Packet Requires: 1 – Nominator Form, 4 – Endorsement Forms

Thanks Badge II Nomination Form
Thanks Badge II Endorsement Form


Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Awards
 President's Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes and thanks Americans of all ages who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service. Visit for more information. Contact to register and log volunteer hours. Hours are counted for the “Girl Scout Year” October 1 – September 30.

Award Packet Requires: Volunteer contacts recognition team for details and login information. Volunteer logs hours into system.

Outstanding Service Team Award Description
 Outstanding Service Team Award Application
Membership & Years of Service Pins
Membership Numeral Guard

This pin indicates the total number of years as a registered member of Girl Scouts, including girl and adult years. The pin come in 5-year increments until 40 years has been reached, and then in 10-year increments until 60-years: 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, 60. The Council will recognize individuals with 40 years or more at the annual meeting. 


Award Packet Requires: Volunteer completes Membership Numeral Guard Request Form

Membership Year Pin Request Form


Years of Service Pin

Recognized a registered adult member for the numbers of years as an active volunteer. Individuals with 20 years and above will be recognized at the annual meeting. The pin comes in 5-year increments: 20, 25, 30, etc. 


Award Packet Requires: Volunteer completes Volunteer Years of Service Pin Request Form

Years of Service Pin Request Form


Still need help? Check out the handouts below!

 Volunteer Nomination Flow Chart
 Writing a Strong Endorsement


Adult Awards & Recognitions FAQ
Who can nominate a volunteer for an award?

Anyone can! That’s right, parents/caregivers, girls, volunteers and even a community member may nominate a volunteer for an award. The nominator needs to know how the volunteer has impacted Girl Scouts or the community, the award criteria, and be willing to coordinate the nomination packet (ensuring all pieces of the packet are completed and submitted to the Girl Scout Council by Sept. 1).

What is the difference between a nominator and an endorser?

Nominator: A nominator needs to know of the volunteer’s service and is the coordinator of the nomination packet pieces. Each award nomination requires endorsements. The nominator is the coordinator of the people who complete the endorsement forms and is the main contact for the nomination if there are questions or missing pieces. Included in the nomination form is also information for endorsement. They also ensure all pieces of the nomination packet are submitted online before Sept. 1. Only one nominator is needed for each award.

Endorser: An endorser knows the volunteer’s service and can speak to the impact of the work. An endorser completes the endorsement form related to the award for which the volunteer is being nominated. They provide specific information about the volunteer’s service ensuring that it meets the award criteria and shows how the volunteer’s service impacted girls, volunteers, and/or the community. Different awards have different required numbers of endorsers. This is a separate person from the nominator. A nominator cannot be counted as one of the required endorsers.


When and where are awards given to volunteers?

Volunteers are recognized with both GSUSA and Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council awards in front of their peers at the annual Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition event. This event is planned and implemented by Council staff working together and usually takes place in October. Locations can vary.


Why does the volunteer need to be a registered member of Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouts is a membership organization, and this means that, to be considered, being a registered volunteer in any role is required. In the GSUSA Blue Book of Basic Documents, it states “to participate in Girl Scouts you must be a member.” Volunteers are participants; therefore, they must be a registered member to qualify for any nominated award or earned recognition.


The award criteria states that the volunteer must be a member in good standing. What does this mean?

Any volunteer receiving an award must be following the council’s policies and guidelines. As an award recipient, they are being held up as a role model. Good standing status: the volunteer has met all eligibility for being an appointed volunteer, including being a registered member and a current background check on file (if their role requires one). The volunteer has no outstanding cases or concerns related to their service.


How are award recipients chosen?

A volunteer selection committee with representation from all regions across the council reviews nomination packets, and makes a decision based on how the nomination information presented fits the criteria for the award. The committee remains anonymous, and keeps all information surrounding the review process confidential. If you would like to serve on this short-term volunteer committee, please email


What is the difference between a Girl Scout Membership Pin and the Years of Service Pin?

These two appreciations are earned recognitions by volunteers. They do not require a nomination or endorsement. The volunteer wishing to receive any of these two pins needs to complete the online request form.


Membership Year Pin—this is a numeral guard that is worn with the Girl Scout pin and recognizes both girl and adult membership years. Pins are given in 5-year intervals. Volunteers may submit this form themselves, or a Service Unit may submit the form if they are presenting the pin to the volunteer at a ceremony. Volunteers receiving 40+ year pins will be recognized at the annual Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition event held by Council. To be recognized at the event, pin requests must be received by Sept 1.


Years of Service Pin—this is a pin that recognizes years of service as a volunteer, and are given in 5-year intervals. Council will distribute this pin to volunteers who have served 20+ years, and recognize them at the annual Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition event. To be recognized at the event, pin requests must be received by Sept. 1.

Can a staff member nominate or endorse a volunteer for an award?

The philosophy of Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council award process is that the volunteer appreciation awards should be driven by volunteers, and all decisions related to the selections of awards is made by volunteers. This means that volunteers are nominated and endorsed by volunteers, the review of awards packets and the decision for awarding recognitions is done by volunteers. The only time a staff member should be nominating or endorsing a volunteer is when there are not enough other volunteers who know the volunteer’s service, or the service was done in such a way that it would be difficult to complete the nomination packet without their endorsement. Candidates that fall into this category include (however, not limited to): program facilitators, learning facilitators, board members, and council-wide volunteers.