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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Transform Garden into Gifts

    Troop 2009 of the Navajo Nation is doing a world of good by exercising their green thumbs! To earn their Bronze Award, the girls wanted to make a positive impact on the environment and raise awareness of how simple it is to create a vegetable garden.

    Troop 2009 wanted to demonstrate a vegetable garden can be grown almost anywhere and the vegetables can be prepared into simple, low cost meals. As a team, the girls came up with an idea to build a vegetable garden in front of Shiprock Medical Center. With the help of their troop leaders, the garden was watered, trimmed and harvested into delicious vegetables like corn, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, jalapenos and cucumbers.

    People were impressed to see the vegetables growing as they walked past the garden. As more vegetables grew, the girls harvested them, handed out vegetable recipes and donated the vegetables to the public.

    Troop 2009 is gaining patience, teamwork and gardening skills! We are proud of their achievement and hard work. Way to go, girls!

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  • Meet the New Camp Director

    Camp Directors lead the charge at camp, plan programs, manage the day-to-day details, communicate with parents and much more. So who is the new Camp Director at our beloved Maripai? Born and raised in Alaska, Annie Warner “Doc” has 15 years of camp experience—four years as a camper, and 11 years in leadership roles. We’re excited to have her here!

    Favorite thing about the outdoors and nature?
    Sunrise. I love the sights and sounds as the world begins to wake up.

    Favorite camp song?
    Old Lady Leary

    Favorite camp activity?

    Most unique SWAP you’ve seen?
    Camper Nights – it’s a small bag filled with glitter and stars. So when you’re missing your nights of camping, you can look down and remember a camper’s star-filled sky.

    Best Camp Memory?
    One of my favorite memories is leading a group of first-time campers on an overnight canoe trip. It was such an amazing experience. We spent the first day canoeing, then cooked out and camped on a sandbar that night under the stars. The next morning we got up and canoed the rest of the trip.  I loved seeing the girls so excited about this adventure and their feelings of accomplishment when the trip was done. 

    Your go-to camp food?
    Chicken Fingers

    Best part of the s’more?
    The toasted marshmallow!

    Best advice for first time campers? Help pack your stuff for camp. You’ll...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Diva Droids win in the world of STEM

    Girl Scout STEM activities introduce girls to a wide range of careers in science, technology, engineer and math fields and help them discover ways to make a difference in the world.

    Cadette Troop 967, aka Diva Droids, are staying busy by designing, building and programming robots. For the past two years, the girls have been participating in the Vex Robotics program. Recently, they won the Judge’s Award at the Fountain Hills Vex Robotics Competition, which recognizes a team’s exemplary effort and achievement throughout the season. Congrats, Diva Droids!

    Want to get involved in STEM-related activities? Get more information now!

  • Volunteers of the Month: Appreciating those who help girls lead

    Behind the cookie sales, the overnight camping trips, the weekly activities, the smiles and the lifelong memories, stand our devoted Girl Scout volunteers who selflessly lead and mentor girls in big, powerful ways.

    Prescott Valley volunteers, Jamie Summers, Rashell Wagner and Sara Weathersby, juggle multiple roles as parents, hold full-time and part-time jobs, serve on the leadership and service teams AND attend school. On top of these priorities, these ladies still find the time to do whatever it takes to give girls the gift of Girl Scouting.

    Recently, all three ladies reached a huge milestone by graduating with higher education degrees this spring! Amazing, right? Not only are they achieving this huge accomplishment, they are demonstrating leadership, compassion and determination for girls. Congratulations, ladies!

    Want to change girls’ lives by becoming a Girl Scout Leader? Learn how you can get involved!

  • Get Outdoors, Snap a Pic and Be Part of Something Big!

    Everyone knows Girl Scouts love the outdoors. There’s so much good waiting for us in every breath of fresh air, every ray of sunshine and every interaction with the magic of nature. Whether we’re protecting the environment or just having fun, getting outside is definitely one of our favorite things to do!

    As we’re teaming up with National Park Service, we want to encourage girls to take advantage of everything the great outdoors has to offer—friendship, adventure, learning and fun. So grab your Girl Scout sisters and head outside to discover the possibilities, then share your experiences with Girl Scouts all over the country through these three easy steps!

    1.  Find your park by visiting a national park. Every time you visit a park, snap tons of photos to capture the fun, learning and impact of your trip.

    2. Share your best shots on Instagram and Twitter using #gsoutdoors.

    3. To see your photos, visit and use the interactive trefoil map. Make sure to check out how other Girl Scouts across the country are enjoying their trips to national parks too!

    We can’t way to see your amazing photos to be...

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  • Thin Mint and Trefoil Desserts Dominate in Girl Scout Challenge

    Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts wrap up another successful cookie season

    The numbers are in, and Girl Scouts­—Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) is thrilled to announce the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge winners! Churn won for the Most Desserts Served with their Trefoil Butter Swirl Ice Cream desserts, and Olive & Ivy won for the Most Money Raised with their Thin Mint Gelato dessert.   

    For the third year in a row, chefs from around the Valley and Flagstaff reimagined Girl Scout cookies into a delicious new dessert. The challenge is a unique way for local entrepreneurs to support our budding entrepreneurs—our Girl Scouts!

    The desserts were featured on their menus throughout February, and the restaurants donated a portion of the proceeds to support Girl Scouting in our community. This year, 14 restaurants participated. Find the recipes at

  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 215 Bring Comfort to Breast Cancer Patients

    Having any kind of surgery can be a traumatic experience. Fortunately, Troop 215 came up with an idea to provide extra comfort for breast cancer patients recovering from surgery.

    As part of earning their Bronze Award, Troop 215 decided to create Pretty Pockets, a soft flannel pocket that secures post-surgical drains in a discreet way. After collecting and gathering materials from fabric stores, the girls hand sewed the pieces of fabric into beautifully made pockets. Together, they made a total of 215 pockets and delivered them to Banner Gateway Medical Center and Banner Baywood Medical Center.

    Troop 215 truly exemplifies the Girl Scout spirit of service and helping others. Great job, girls!

    Interested in joining Girl Scouts? Get involved now!

  • Troop Tuesday: Changing Lives One Book at a Time

    When Troop 951 discovered that one in four children in America grow up without learning how to read, they decided to take action by promoting early literacy in an effort of earning their Bronze Award.

    By approaching family and friends for donations, placing collection boxes at schools and hosting a book drive, the girls ended up collecting over 5,000 children’s books. Not only did the girls collect these books, they also wrote a play script and created puppets, which were all donated to Cops ‘N Kids Chandler.

    And it doesn’t stop there! Because of their remarkable efforts, Troop 951 received the Visionary Girl Award by Childsplay and the Phoenix Mercury. The Visionary Girl Award recognizes and celebrates incredible young women in Arizona who have a unique vision of creating new ways of engaging in the community.  

    Troop 951 is learning to reach out to make a positive impact on children’s lives. Fantastic job, girls!

    Looking for community service ideas for your troop? Check out these great opportunities!

  • These Girl Scouts Are Golden

    Prestigious Gold Award earned by Girl Scouts for their impactful community service projects

    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) is proud to announce that 32 Girl Scouts have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting.

    This prestigious award requires a girl to initiate meaningful, sustainable change locally, nationally, or globally through a unique “Take Action” project of her own creation. Throughout the process, she develops and enhances her own leadership, determination, creativity and confidence. Together, the 32 girls who have earned the Gold Award have demonstrated excellent leadership and citizenship skills and given more than 2,500 volunteer hours to complete their Gold Award projects.

    “The Gold Award challenges girls to demonstrate their vision and leadership through service," said Tamara Woodbury, Chief Executive Officer of GSACPC. “Not only is this accomplishment is an investment of their time and talents into the community, but it is a lasting example of how Girl Scouts truly do make the world a better place.”

    The 2016 Girl Scout Gold Award Ceremony will be held on March 19 at the Glendale Civic Center. This year’s ceremony is extra special because girls will also be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Gold Award. Although the award has undergone various name changes since its inception in 1916, one thing remains consistent—the girls who earn this award leave...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Make Shelter Pets Feel Loved

    Every year, approximately 7.6 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide. Living in a shelter can be stressful for animals, especially for those who stay for two weeks or longer.

    In an effort to earn their Pet badge and Animal Journey, Daisy and Brownie Troop 2152 decided to donate pet supplies to Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA so that animals can stay healthy, happy and comfy as they await for their new home.

    This project was extra special because two Girl Scout Cadettes, Marley and Emily from Troops 2639 and 1943, used their leadership skills to support the girls in completing the project. Together, they made over 100 dog and cat toys, 200 dog treats, three fluffy dog beds and three cat scratching towers.

    Marley and Emily are setting great examples for their younger Girl Scout sisters as they help the girls make a difference in the community. Simply amazing!

    Want to get your troop involved in a community service project? Here is a list of organizations!

  • 5 Reasons Why Toffee-tastic Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day

    Chocolates are over played, roses—overpriced, and jewelry—over the top. So what’s a savvy, thoughtful shopper to do? Here are the top reasons why you should treat your sweet to Girl Scout Toffee-tastics for Valentine’s Day.

    1. The most obvious reason? They’re DELICIOUS! Toffee-tastics are buttery cookies packed with golden toffee bits bursting with flavor.  

    2. You get a tasty snack, AND you get to invest in the community. How? Proceeds from this cookie (like all the Girl Scout cookies) go directly back to supporting Girl Scouting in Arizona.

    3. Toffee-tastics are available in LIMITED QUANTITY only, making them the most coveted of all the Girl Scout cookie flavors. When they’re gone—they’re gone, so act fast!

    4. When you buy Girl Scout cookies, you support the healthy development of confident, courageous girls who make our world a better place.  So, by gifting a box of Toffee-tastics, you’re saying:  “I love you so much, that I want to help create a better world and future for you!”

    5. Toffee-tastics are perfect for the last-minute shopper! Just visit, type in your zip code, and you’ll see a list of cookie booths near you! 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Launches One-of-a-kind Program with Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Championing Youth Wellness

    Collaboration Launches All About Healthy Living Patch

    The state’s largest locally-owned health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ), is working with Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus- Pine Council (GSACPC) to develop a special patch for girls that focuses on healthy living. The patch – available to all local Girl Scouts, from Daisies to Ambassadors – teaches the girls about several important aspects of wellness, including fitness, community, friendship, career and general health.

    The All About Healthy Living patch is a one-of-a-kind collaboration and will be unveiled during GSACPC’s World Thinking Day event on Saturday, Feb. 20. This patch program is the most comprehensive of its kind, providing progressive, age-appropriate, hands-on learning opportunities for girls from K to 12. It also incorporates a spectrum of activities focusing on key aspects of wellness with more than 70 local community organizations around the state.

    “This joint effort with the Girl Scouts is another way BCBSAZ is reaching Arizona youth about the importance of forming lifelong health and wellness habits. The program has the ability to impact more than 20,000 Girl Scouts from Maricopa County to the Navajo...

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  • Changing the World One Cookie at a Time

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program help girls learn skills that are essential to leadership, success and life. This program also provides another significant learning opportunity: Girls learn civic engagement through giving back to their community.

    After a successful cookie sale last year, Troop 216 decided to donate a portion of their proceeds to the Gift of Caring Program, a cookie donation opportunity in which girls can offer customers cookies as a donation for a local nonprofit organization.

    The troop donated 44 boxes of cookies to the Apache Junior Senior Center and 27 boxes to the Council Gift of Caring!

    Troop 216 is putting their cookie money to good use and gaining hands-on experience in service and philanthropy. GO GIRLS!

    Get more information about Gift of Caring here

  • 5 Cookie Program Tips for Parents

    Parents play a big role in their Girl Scouts’ cookie success by listening and coaching their daughters as they set goals, make decisions, handle money and deal with customers. It's tempting to simply write a check or manage the process for her, but then your daughter losses out on the learning AND the fun of working with others to achieve a goal. 

    1. Talk to your daughter about her goals. Ask her how she decided on her sales goal. Find out what’s motivating her. Ask about her plan for reaching that sales goal. Is she planning to do walkabouts, participate in troop booths, use digital cookies? The important thing is to listen to her answers to these questions. This may lead you to ask other questions to help her clarify her plans.

    2. Ask your daughter about her troop’s goals. Are they planning to use their cookie sales proceeds to fund a service project, go on a trip, or have a party? Hopefully, your daughter will share her excitement about the troop’s plans.                                                               

    3. Now that you know the goals of your daughter and her troop, you can find ways to help. It may be to accompany your daughter on several neighborhood walkabouts or chaperone a bo...

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  • Inside World Thinking Day with Troop 485

    Each year on World Thinking Day, girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 other countries. The festival celebrates international friendships, but is also a reminder that Girl Scouts are part of a global community. Nearly 50 troops will gather at Margaret T. Hance Park on February 20 to teach their fellow Girl Scout sisters about a country from around the world.

    This year, multi-level Troop 485 will host a Japan booth. It’s the third year these girls will host a booth. Every year they become more involved in the planning process and enjoy themselves even more. In preparation for the festival, the girls have brainstormed what type of info they wanted to teach people about, assigned responsibilities, researched topics and began building their booth. Talk about girl-led!

    World Thinking Day

    Margaret T. Hance Park

    1202 N 3rd St, Phoenix 85003

    Last day for online registration is February 5! 
    (Onsite registration is available)

    Register Now.


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  • Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge is BACK this February at Restaurants Across the Valley and Flagstaff

    GSACPC is pleased to announce the return of its award-winning
    Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge!

    For the third year in a row, chefs from top restaurants across central and northern Arizona will go head-to-head to create a winning dessert with one of the beloved flavors of Girl Scout Cookies into a custom dessert menu item. Chefs are using their culinary prowess to re-imagine a classic Girl Scout cookie into a delicious dessert menu item that will be featured on the menu from February 1-29, 2016. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from desserts sold will go toward supporting Girl Scouting in our community!

    The participating restaurants, and their creative desserts, are:

    Restaurant: 32 Shea
    Location: 10626 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix
    Chef/Dessert Designer: Theresa “Chef T” Willie
    Assigned Cookie: Samoas
    Dessert: Samoas Cookie Pecan Shortbread Coconut Caramel Trifle

    Restaurant: 5th and Wine
    Location: 7051 E. 5th Avenue in Scottsdale
    Chef/Dessert Designer: Enrique Sanchez
    Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs
    Dessert: Warm Tagalong Dulce de Leches Cake


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  • 4 Sweet Selling Tips from a Top Seller Girl Scout Troop

    As you and your troop participate in the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program, here are four selling tips from Troop 634 to increase your cookie earnings!

    1. During the sale, wear a lanyard around your neck with pictures of the cookies on it. People will see it and ask if you are selling cookies.

    2. DO WALKABOUTS! “I go door-to-door in my neighborhood with my mom,” says Sierra of Troop 634. “We still pull a wagon with the cookies in it! I sell 100-200 boxes this way and people love that we still use this tactic.”

    3. At booths, make a sign that says “Cookies, $4 per box” and “5 boxes for $20.” People think that 5 for $20 is a great deal, when in reality, it’s the same price.

    4. UPSELL! If a customer is buying three boxes of cookies and paying with a $20 bill, say “Would you like to buy two more and make it an even $20?” You’ll be surprised how often this works!

    Remember to have fun! This is a great opportunity for girls to become leaders and prepare for bright futures! Access fun cookie resources here!

  • Sweet News for Arizona Girl Scouts & Cookie Fans

    More than 15,000 Girl Scouts from GSACPC will participate in the largest girl-led business, the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

    Starting January 18 to February 28, girls will be selling delicious Girl Scout Cookies in local neighborhoods and stores AND for the first time ever, they will be selling digitally! Plus, the award-winning Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge, and one of our beloved cookie flavors is coming back.

    Digital Cookie 2.0
    GSACPC is excited to participate in Digital Cookies 2.0 for the first time! This enhancement gives girls a robust, hands-on, and entertaining learning experience, while also allowing them to become familiar with digital business and sales concepts, explore philanthropic ways to invest their cookie earnings, learn about Internet safety, and more.

    The Return of Favorite Flavors
    Savannah Smiles are back by popular demand! Customers love this crispy, zesty lemon wedge cookie dusted with powdered sugar.

    For the second year in a row, some girls will be selling a limited quantity of gluten free Toffee-tastics, at $5 per package. These are rich, buttery cookies packed with golden toffee bits bursting with flavor.

    These returning flavors join the traditional favorites: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, and Do-si-dos.

    Cookie Dessert Challenge For the third year in a row, chefs from 15 restaurants across the Valley and Flagstaff will go head-to-head to create a w...

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  • The Winter Issue of Listening Post available now!

    Want to know what’s going on in the GSACPC community? The Winter issue is full of information.

    To read full articles, view the online issue. If you’d like to be featured in the next Listening Post, submit your troop stories and shout-outs to

  • Transforming Camp Sombrero into the Parsons Leadership Center

    We’re excited to share the construction progress on the Bob & Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women at Camp South Mountain. Recently, the vertical framing of the cabins has begun, giving an exciting view of what the fifteen state-of-the-art cabins will look like. The foundation for the Parsons Leadership Center has been poured and underground utilities are being installed. Demolition of the existing lodge building is nearly complete and the vast interior is beginning to take shape!

    The Campaign for Girls in Arizona has raised more than $14.25 million as of the end of December, and our fundraising work continues.

    Check out the video and see the progress for yourself!

    Congratulations to the Holiday Card Challenge Winner!

    In November our girl members crafted holiday artwork for a chance to win a hard hat tour of the Parsons Leadership Center. Congratulations to our winner, Anjelina of Troop 1128, whose artwork was featured on the holiday card for our contractor and partner, The Weitz Company.

  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Learn to Knit so Toddlers Stay Warmer

    When girls participate in Girl Scouts, they have the opportunity to explore their own talents and discover the benefits of teamwork.

    To earn their Bronze Award, Junior Troop 2309 decided to donate hand-knitted hats to help toddlers stay warm and cozy this winter season. The girls used a portion of their cookie proceeds to purchase looms, yarns, hooks and needles. They learned how to knit hats and then they taught these skills to Troops 418, 681, 1866 and 2192. Together, they completed 122 hats!

    The troop donated the hand-knitted hats to Helen's Hope Chest, a non-profit organization, providing clothing and hygiene items to foster and kinship families.

    Troop 2309 not only demonstrated leadership skills, but they learned that working together makes a bigger difference in the world. What a great example of the Girl Scout principles of service and sisterhood!

    Want to get your troop involved in volunteering? Here is a list of organizations!

  • Service Project of the Month: Girl Scouts Help Turn Hunger into Hope

    In Arizona, one in five children go to bed hungry. Girl Scouts from the East Valley neighborhood wanted to join in the fight against hunger by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

    18 Girl Scouts joined other volunteers in assembling rice, soy, vegetables and vitamin mixtures into plastic bags. They also weighed the items, sealed them into boxes and help loaded them onto a pallet to get shipped to Thailand. At the end of the project, the girls and other volunteers packed a total of 109 boxes and 23,544 meals feeding 64 children for one year.

    Girl Scouts of the East Valley neighborhood are helping create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. These young ladies are truly making the world a better place!

    Looking for community service projects for your Girl Scouts? Check out these great opportunities!

  • This Winter Break, Get Out and Get Active, Girl Scout Style!

    Off from work for a week or two? Are the kids on winter break from school? This holiday season, spend some quality time with family and friends in the great outdoors, Girl Scout style!

    At Girl Scouts, outdoor experiences are offered to girls in a safe, all-girl space where they are free to stretch their minds, expand their skills and take on challenges. Specific to girls, research has shown that one outdoor experience a month benefits them. The outdoors is not just fun, it improves health and well-being—one of our favorite combinations.

    Did you know?

      Girl Scouts partnered with the National Park Service to encourage girls to visit a national park, monument, historical site or seashore near them. While there, they are encouraged to earn the Girl Scout Ranger patch. Girl Scouts is actively involved with the National Park Service initiative Every Kid in a Park, which offers all fourth graders in the United States unlimited free admission to any national park, historic site, seashore or monument for one year. At Girl Scouts, girls have access to more th...

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  • Digital Cookie is taking the Girl Scout Cookie Program to another level!

    Are you ready for cookie season? Girl Scouts across the country are once again kicking their cookie sales into high gear, and one of the ways they are selling these favorite treats just might change the world.

    With Girl Scouts’ first-ever national digital platform, Digital Cookie 1.0 gave girls the opportunity to dig deeper into the economics of cookie selling. By bringing twenty-first-century technology to the classic piece of Americana that is the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls use these basic building blocks that boosts her confidence and helps her see the relevance of STEM skills through “learning by doing” in her everyday life.

    Girls from GSACPC are excited to participate in Digital Cookies 2.0 for the first time during the 2016 cookie season. This will give girls a fun, hands-on and entertaining learning experience including more ways to connect with their customers, forecast troop earnings and analyze sales data.

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches the five essential life skills of goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics, and we are excited to incorporate a new layer of twenty-first-century skills to ensure this generation is STEM savvy and ready to take the modern working world b...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 1010 Spread Holiday Cheer

    Part of the Girl Scout Promise is to help people at all times. With the holidays approaching, Troop 1010 wanted to make things brighter for others.

    The girls put together care packages for foster kids in need and made holiday cards for troops overseas. They donated 16 care packages consisting of a hand-decorated bag containing a book, a comfy blanket and a stuffed animal to Homeward Bound. Also, they made 200 holiday cards and sent them to troops overseas to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

    Instead of thinking about themselves, the girls of Troop 1010 are thinking about the lives of others, especially during this holiday season. Great job, girls!

  • Troop Tuesday: Thankful Hearts, Helpful Hands

    During Thanksgiving, one of the best ways to show gratitude is to give back and that’s just what Troop 2791 is doing!

    Over the weekend, Troop 2791 took some time to warm the hearts of others. The girls teamed up with Desert West Community Center to serve an early Thanksgiving dinner to over 100 guests. They helped set up the room, served meals to families, assisted elderly guests to their table and cleaned up afterwards. The dinner included turkey, dinner rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes and desserts. 

    Troop 2791 has been helping at the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the past five years and are evolving into young women who contribute to their community. Great work, girls!

    Looking for community service ideas for your troop? Check out these great opportunities!

  • Ready…Set…Thin Mint Sprint!

    You’re lined up shoulder to shoulder next to your friends and family, shoelaces tied, race face on, and you might even be wearing a green tutu or your Girl Scout sash. Emotions run high, but you’re ready. You trained, you hydrated and you carb-loaded. Ready…set…GO!

    This could be you at the Fourth Annual Thin Mint Sprint & Samoa Stroll on December 13! Grab your Girl Scout sisters, a friend or family member and celebrate healthy living, sports, and fitness with a 5K run, or 1 mile stroll. 

    If you have a competitive spirit, come ready to post your best time – gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each age group. All participants will receive a T-shirt and an awesome patch to match!

    Can’t make it to Kiwanis Park on race day? Join the fun by registering for the online Marathon Program to track you and/or your troop's mileage! Get more info or register now.

    Event Details:
    December 13  |  1:30 - 4pm
    Kiwanis Park, North  |  Everyone welcome
    Girl Scout members $25 | Non-members $35      


  • Aluma of the Month: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

    Happy 92nd Birthday, Mae Sue!

    Mae Sue grew up in a household where she developed a strong foundation of courage, confidence and character. Solving problems always interested her and she was good at it, which led her on a path to success. Mae Sue designed an ejection seat for the Air Force, opened Phoenix Country Day School, partnered with Sandra Day O’Connor in fighting for women’s rights and so much more!

     “I was not of the belief that women had a place and they stayed in it. I just went on to do things that interested me”, says Mae Sue Talley.

    Mae Sue Talley is a leader, problem-solver, innovator and Girl Scout alumna. She remains one of our most inspiring role models, proving that girls can truly do anything.

    Read more Mae Sue’s full story on the Listening Post here.

  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Go Green!

    More than 100 billion aluminum cans are sold in the United States each year, but less than half are recycled. As part of earning their Bronze Award, Junior Troop 1079 wanted to make a positive impact on the environment by raising awareness on the importance of recycling.

    When Troop 1079 discovered that a local event center, Noah’s Event Venue, did not have a recycling program, they decided to take action. The girls contacted the manager of the event center to see how they can help start a recycling program. After meeting with the manager, the girls collected six recycling bins, re-painted them and donated them to the event center.

    Troop 1079 is learning about the value of reducing, reusing and recycling! We are proud of the girls’ achievement and hard work! Great job, girls!

    Looking for Gold, Silver or Bronze Award project ideas? Get more information now.

  • Invite a Friend to Volunteer and Win!

    As a Girl Scout volunteer, you introduce girls to fun new experiences every day. You’re their biggest fan, their guide, and their hero, and we need more amazing mentors just like you to impact even more girls!

    Volunteers who recruit a friend to start a new Daisy, Junior or Brownie troop will receive $50 to use at Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store. The troop leader you successfully recruit to volunteer will get a new Volunteer Resource Pack (a Girl’s Guide, a Journey set, a badge pack, a tote, and pins)! 

    Get started by…

    • Thinking of someone who would be an excellent role model and consider the girls they could encourage to become involved.
    • Reaching out to your community—church members, school volunteers, family, and friends—and show them the huge impact they could have on girls in the community and the wonderful experiences they’ll enjoy as a Girl Scout troop leader.

    The GREATEST BENEFIT of this offer is that more girls will be able to experience Girl Scouting. In order for us to continue to reach more girls we need to reach more volunteers - like you - who can help.

    Once your friend joins Girl Scouts as a troop leader, completes the volunteer application, and starts a new troop, head on over to to claim your prize.

    Hurry, this offer is only good  until November 30! Questions? Emai...

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  • Girls’ Choice Badges Are Back: Vote Today!

    Starting today and through November 15, girls get to vote for one of three awesome badge categories and select a badge topic of their choice. This year’s choices are full of learning, fun and adventure!


    • Art in the Outdoor
    • Camping Skills
    • Outdoor Cooking

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

    • Engineering
    • Coding/E-textiles
    • Life/Forensic Science

    Financial Literacy

    • Financing Your Fun Stuff
    • Watching Your Dollars Grow
    • Social Entrepreneurship

    Once the winner is selected, we will be working alongside subject matter experts to develop the badge content and test the activities with girls before final decisions are made. This will help us create badge activities that truly resonate with girls, and get them excited about joining in on all the fun and discovery.

    Girls will also have a chance to vote on the design of their badge. Stay tuned for more information and dates around the design poll. For now, we encourage you to empower every Girl Scout you know to vote!

  • ATTENTION: Calling All Extraordinary Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients!

    Over the last 100 years, young women have honed their leadership skills to earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

    We invite all Gold Award recipients to be part of the upcoming Girl Scout Gold Award Alliance Directory, Centennial Edition! This historic publication celebrates the thousands of inspiring Girl Scout alumnae who, over the last century, have used their extraordinary courage, vision and kindness to rally communities and take action to make the world a better place.

    Help inspire future generations of girls to carry on the Girl Scout tradition of thinking big and creating amazing change in the community and the world!

    To submit your story to be included in the directory, simply call our publication partner, Harris Connect, at 1-866-770-3079 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 10pm ET).

    Here’s to another amazing 100 years!

  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 1309 Thinks Pink!

    Breast cancer is one of the most misunderstood cancers in the world. It can affect both women and men, and claims the lives of more than 400,000 people every year.

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Troop 1309 wanted to show support for this important cause by volunteering at the 23rd annual Susan G. Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure. The girls helped put ice and bottled water in the back of trucks, passed out water bottles and cheered on participants as they crossed the finish line.

    Troop 1309 is learning about the impact breast cancer can have and how building awareness fosters a supportive environment for breast cancer education and research. Way to go, girls!

    Want to make a difference in the community? Check out our great community service ideas.

  • Brownies Change Lives One Meal at a Time

    Nearly 153 million children across the world have lost one or both parents and many suffer from malnutrition. As part of earning their Philanthropy Brownie badge, Brownie Troop 1667 wanted to help these children and fight hunger around the world.

    After researching different charities that help abandoned children, Troop 1667 decided to partner with Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization working to feed orphaned children where the need is greatest. They quickly organized a plan to collect money donations and invited their sister Girl Scouts from Troop 1750 to help out. After one month, the girls gathered all the rice bowls and ended up collecting $168.55! The money was sent to children in South America, Africa, India and the Philippines to receive food and care.

    Troops 1667 and 1750 are learning about the power of philanthropy and how working together can make an even bigger difference in the world. Great job, girls!

    Looking for community service ideas for your troop? Check out these great opportunities!

  • Girl Scouts' Campaign for Girls in Arizona gets $5 million gift from the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation

    Donation supports the Leadership Center for Girls and Women in South Phoenix

    The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has made a $5 million gift to the Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council’s Campaign for Girls in Arizona The goal of the campaign is to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to more girls throughout the state, including underserved communities, and to recruit and train adult volunteers to support the girls. A key component of the Campaign for Girls in Arizona is transforming the existing 14.5-acre Camp Sombrero property into a leadership center. 

    “Girl Scouts is one of the most forward-thinking organizations focused on issues that impact women and girls,” said philanthropist Renee Parsons. “We are happy to support the Campaign for Girls in Arizona and to help give girls the support and experiences they need to become confident, capable young women.”

    The new center - named The Bob & Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women at Camp South Mountain - will extend the 60-year legacy of the property by increasing services to local girls, regardless of their ethnicity, physical abilities, circumstances or economic status. The center will contain meeting spaces for large and small group activities, trainings, classrooms for STEM and other focus area programs, a pool, sports fie...

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  • Girl Scout Serves Others “Hear & Now”

    Since she was a young girl, Tess Grossman has been a pioneer for millions of people who are often defined by what they can’t do, rather than what they can. You see, Tess was born with a profound hearing loss in both ears.

    As a child, she was among the first generation of children to receive a cochlear implant. This electronic device gives a representation of sound by stimulating the auditory nerve of the brain system by receiving and transmitting electrical signals.

    Although this technology greatly increases Tess’s ability to understand speech, it doesn’t eliminate all difficulties. Someone who is deaf, and then receives a cochlear implant, must learn what sounds mean. Details like the mouth positions are necessary to make sounds or figurative language, must be taught, day by day, step by step. For Tess, it took an incredible amount of diligence and patience to master reading, writing and speaking. In fact, it wasn’t until seventh grade that she felt comfortable with these skills. Her dedication paid off--by the time she was a senior in high school, Tess was reading and writing beyond a college level and had risen to the top of her class.

    Tess’s experiences ultimately inspired her to become a leader and advocate for the deaf community through the creation of Hear & Now, a support group for deaf children and teens, and their parents.

    “Disabled people face so much enmity and bigotry in their lifetimes because the vast majority of people still...

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  • Calling All Fourth-Grade Girl Scouts: Let’s Go Exploring!

    When it comes to natural beauty, Arizona is second to none. And there’s no better way to experience this beautiful scenery, rich history and wild life of Arizona’s national parks and national monuments!

    Starting now, fourth-grade Girl Scouts can access educational programs at our national parks designed just for their age group. Encourage your girl to visit Every Kid in a Park and complete one of the educational activities. She’ll receive a downloadable paper voucher giving her and her family FREE access to any national park, seashore or historic monument/site for one year!

    Did you know there are almost 43,000 fourth-grade girls in Arizona? Imagine if all these kids took their families to an Arizona national park and experience the many splendors it had to offer. Research shows that regular exposure to and interaction with nature before the age of 11 has lifelong impacts on children and creates positive feelings about nature and the environment.

    Findings in our own More than S’mores report (2014) show that outdoor spaces support physical play, and that spending time in nature improves concentration and creative reasoning, and enhances leadership in girls by cultivating curiosity and a sense of discovery about the natural world.

    The G...

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  • 5 Super Selling Tips for Fall Product Program

    As you and your troop participate in the 2015 Fall Product Program Sale, here are five selling tips for a successful sale!

    1. Be prepared. Know all the different products you’re selling and be able to tell your customers about each variety. Don’t forget about the three NEW delicious flavors: dark chocolate caramel caps, honey mustard pretzel mix and black forest trail mix!
    2. Make a list. Write down names of who you would like to contact about the sale. The number one reason people don’t buy from the program is because they were never asked.
    3. Wear your Girl Scout gear. When taking orders or selling, make sure your customers know that you’re a Girl Scout by wearing your uniform and/or membership pin or Girl Scout clothing (e.g., a Girl Scout T-shirt). You want to make the best impression!
    4. Share your goals. Be able to share how your troop will use the money after making sales. It could be for troop supplies, uniforms/badges or community service projects.
    5. Be positive. Always be polite and say “Thank you” regardless if you make a sale. If you sell by phone, speak clearly and cheerfully. With face-to-face sales, make eye contact and smile.

    Remember to have fun! This is a great opportunity for girls to become leaders and prepare for bright futures!

    Don’t miss out on...

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  • Extra! Extra! The Back to School issue of the Listening Post is here!

    Want to know what’s going on in the GSACPC community? The Back to School issue has a special emphasis on Annual Meeting recap, resources for planning your Girl Scout year, campaign update and more!

      Annual Meeting Recap – 7 takeaways from this year’s meeting, which was led by the Design Team of 17 Girl Scouts! Get Started Now – Resources that can enrich girls’ experience in Girl Scouts. Seen & Heard - Are you or someone you know featured in this issue? Fall Product Program - Get the scoop on this year’s three NEW delicious flavors, important dates and resources. Alumnae Spotlight – Learn how Mae Sue Talley designed an ejection seat for the Air Force and fought for women’s rights. Women & Young Women of Distinction – Meet the 2015 honorees!...

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  • Why Dads Matter in Girl Scouts

    Dads play an important role in a daughter’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. In fact, numerous studies have found that when dads are involved in their daughters’ lives, she performs better in school, has stronger relationships and has more career options. Hear more about this research at the upcoming Father’s Only Breakfast on September 18.

    Participating in their daughters’ lives through Girl Scouting gives dads the opportunity to share quality time and watch them transform into young women with bright futures. As Girl Scout volunteers, fathers also benefit from the relationships they build with other Girl Scout fathers.

    “Scouting is clearly helping my daughters’ confidence grow,” says Matt Thesing, Senior Associate at GSACPC. “I am convinced that, as fathers, we have an even greater opportunity to positively impact our daughters’ lives by supporting their participation in Girl Scouts by volunteering.”

    Check out these fun father friendly programs coming this fall!

    Father’s Only Breakfast September 18 | 8:00am-9:30am $5 per person | Memorial Hall, Steele Indian School Park Hear the latest research on the important role fathers and father figures play in their daughter’s life. Learn how Girl Scouts can support dads in raising girls who thrive. Register now!...

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  • Jessica Peebles Leads Like a Girl (Scout)

    What does 16-year old Jessica Peebles have in common with Taylor Swift, Venus Williams, Katie Couric, Michelle Obama, and Madeleine Albright? Did you guess all these women were Girl Scouts? Well, it’s true!

    It’s no coincidence our Girl Scout alums fill some of the highest-ranking leadership roles around the world. Girl Scouts is designed to guide girls as they discover their talents, connect with their community and take action to help make the world a better place.  In fact, 62 percent of Girl Scout alums see themselves as leaders within their communities, according to a 2012 study from the Girl Scout Research Institute.

    And in Arizona, Girl Scout Jessica Peebles will receive the prestigious “Leadership Award” at the Women & Young Women of Distinction luncheon on October 17. This year, the luncheon will be held at the JW Marriot Camelback Inn and celebrates current and emerging female leaders whose remarkable service is making our community a better place.

    A Girl Scout for 10 years, Jessica embodies the confidence, dedication and passion that it takes to be an effective leader. She has volunteered more than 200 hours for numerous organizations such as Thunder Buddies, Special Olympics of Arizona and the...

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  • Help Girl Scouts “Grow a Garden”

    Be recognized for recruiting fellow troop leaders! Grow a Garden encourages current volunteers to help expand Girl Scouts’ volunteer base. Based on the number of troop leaders recruited, the volunteer is honored with a corresponding Daisy pin. (And you thought earning pins was just for girls!)

    Congratulations and thanks to our latest honorees (January 1 – June 4)! If you'd like more info about Grow a Garden, contact Shannon McDonald at

  • An Unconventional Path to Leadership

    Let’s be honest. Teenage girls are not lining up in droves to join Girl Scouts. The typical Girl Scout career begins in kindergarten or first grade, and fizzles out around fifth or sixth grade. But for Stephanie Banda, Girl Scouts was more than a fun after-school activity—it was a lifesaver. At 13-years old, Stephanie was faced with two options—juvenile detention or joining a Girl Scout program called Adelante Jovencitas (Young Women Moving Forward).

    Adelante Jovencitas serves girls in all areas of the juvenile justice system, including those in detention or newly released from detention, in residential treatment, on probation, at alternative high schools, or at risk girls. The program addresses issues affecting young women in areas such as education, health, homelessness, gang activity, substance abuse, violence and sexual exploitation. Perhaps more importantly, it provides them with a group of girls who they can build friendships with and caring, consistent adults.

    At the time, Stephanie had quit sports, was skipping school and lying to her family. Her plan was to attend Adelante Jovencitas until her mom forgot about the program. Then she could return to the life she was living.

    Although initially reserved and detached, something clicked for Stephanie as she participated in the program. She began to take advantage of an...

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  • Girl Scout Monday: Celebrating Earth with Service and Adventure

    Local Brownie Earns Girl Scout Ranger Patch

    The Girl Scout Ranger Program is giving girls the opportunity to participate in outdoor service projects all while earning fun patches and enjoying incredible experiences, thanks to our partnership with the National Park Service. 

    Local Girl Scout Brownie, Teylah, traveled to the east coast and dedicated more than 13 hours of exploration and volunteer service to earn her Girl Scout Ranger patch. During her visit, Teylah experienced a fun night of climbing at the Bodie Island Lighthouse. She also spent an hour each morning cleaning up the beach on Cape Hatteras National Seashore, collecting nine bags of trash, a rug and several wooden boards.

    Teylah walked away with a new respect for the environment and enjoyed all her outdoor activities along the way. Way to go, Teylah!

    And how fitting that the National Park Service Ranger, Nicole Loiseau, who presented Teylah with the Girl Scout Ranger patch, is a Girl Scout alumna!

    Want to become a Girl Scout Ranger like Teylah? Find out how you can.


    Annual Awards Luncheon Celebrates Leadership, Service and Paving a Bright Future

    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is proud to announce the honorees for its 2015 Women & Young Women of Distinction event, which will be held at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn on October 17. The Distinction Awards celebrate girls and women who are recognized leaders among their peers and whose actions have left a lasting impact in their communities. We celebrate the remarkable impact these girls and women have made in our community through their leadership and unwavering service. They also share a common bond: their values and leadership started through being a Girl Scout. 

    Join us to celebrate these remarkable women and young women and register for the luncheon!

    Meet the 2015 Honorees

    Young Women of Distinction

    Stephanie Banda recently graduated from Westview High School, though just five years ago no one would have imagined that possible, as she was headed down the wrong path. Faced with the options of juvenile detention or joining a youth program, Stephanie chose the latter and became a part of a Girl Scout program that drastically changed her life for the better. Although initially re...

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  • 5 Ways to Help Your Daisy Get Ready

    Whether your daughter is starting school or joining a troop, here are five ways to help your Daisy get ready.

    1. Practice following directions. Work on her ability to listen and follow directions by giving her two and three-step directions. For example: “Put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and pick a book to read.”

    2. Rehearse social skills. Even if she’s a social butterfly, she may need a little boost to help her interact with others in a new setting. Have her introduce herself by saying her name, grade and favorite animal.

    3. Practice sharing and taking turns. Make sharing fun by doing cooperative activities like completing puzzles or building a block tower. As you’re building the block tower, talk your child through the steps saying things like, “Now it’s your turn to add a block and then it will be my turn.”

    4. Come prepared. Help her get familiar with Girl Scouts’ rich history by reading to her about our founder, Juliette Gordon Low.

    5. Become a Girl Scout! Attend a recruitment rally information session to learn more about being a Girl Scout. Be prepared to laugh, do a craft or game and learn about how Girl Scouting impacts girls’ lives.

    Remember to have fun! This is an opportunity for your Da...

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  • Girls encouraging girls to lead, grow and take charge

    The Ahwatukee Service Team is taking new steps to foster girl leadership.

    Members of this service team decided to create a girl advisory board consisting of two groups called the Service Squad (Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors) and the Daisy’s Dames (Daisies and Brownies) that support all levels of troop leaders.

    The girl advisory board’s involvement includes hosting neighborhood events, offering service project ideas and leading troop activities. One of their biggest efforts is encouraging other girls to lead and take initiative.

    “Even our younger girls who were shy, now want to be upfront and in charge!” says Karen Meinerz, Troop Leader of Ahwatukee Service Team.

    A girl-led environment is so powerful that it is giving these girls the opportunity to gain practical life skills, develop healthy relationships and feel empowered to make a difference in the world. Simply amazing!

    Interested in joining Girl Scouts? Find out how you can here!

  • Troop Tuesday: Ambassadors help a family build a new beginning

    While most high schoolers are spending their summer at the movies or at the mall, two Ambassadors from Troop 1156 are spending theirs at a construction site to help build a new home for a family in need.

    Now retired and her home suffering from significant aging and structural issues, Maria Medina applied to Habitat for Humanity in hopes of a new home for her growing family and grandchildren.

    After learning about Maria’s story, Anna and Schuyler teamed up with St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Community and Habitat for Humanity to help work on the project. The girls volunteered 10 hours each painting the walls and doors and cleaning up general construction materials.

    "It was fun helping build a new home with my friends. I like knowing that we were improving the lives of a family," says Anna of Troop 1156.

    Combining their talents, interests and willingness to serve others, Anna and Schuyler from Troop 1156 left their mark in the community. Well done, ladies!

    Looking for community services ideas for your troop, check them out now!

  • Pope Francis Meets with Girl Scout Leaders in Rome

    In June, Girl Scout leaders Anna Maria Chávez and Kathy Hopinkah Hannan went to Rome for the International Catholic Conference on Guiding (ICCG) World Council and attended an audience with Pope Francis. The visit reaffirmed and strengthened the organization’s 100-year-old relationship with the Catholic Church. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) were two of the U.S. organizations attending the World Council alongside representatives from organizations from 42 countries. 

    Girl Scouts’ presence at the ICCG World Council reflects its continuing commitment to faith development for all girls, which is a fundamental component to Girl Scouting. GSUSA continues to raise awareness of the value of faith for every girl and family, while respecting all religions.

    Pope Francis spoke at the event and encouraged and recognized the leaders from around the world who are dedicated to helping girls explore their faith through Girl Scouting.

    According to Crux News, Pope Francis told representatives of Girl Scouting that girls must be educated in preparation for great responsibilities in the Church and the world. He continued, “Today, it is very important that women are sufficiently valued and can take their rightful place in the Church and in society.”

    Read more about the visit in these great articles:


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  • 5 Stories Showing How Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place

    Many people outside of Girl Scouts don’t know what we’re all about: building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. We already know how amazing Girl Scouts are, so it’s extra special to see them recognized in local media for their good deeds. Way to go girls, and thanks for making all of us proud to be a Girl Scout!    

    1. Arizona Silver Belt & Copper County News: Girl Scouts Donate Cookies to Servicemen and Women

    2. Apache Junction / Gold Canyon Independent & Queen Creek / San Tan Valley Independent, Project Earns Teen Girls Silver Award

    3. Man enough to be a Girl Scout

    4. La Voz, Joven impulsa la redacción de menus en braille en Puerto Rico A Girl Scout from San Juan, Puerto Rico convinced four chain...

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  • Exciting News about The Campaign for Girls in Arizona!

    Property Update
    During the process of envisioning what Camp Sombrero would become, both our girls and volunteers stressed the importance of respecting and preserving the natural, thriving desert landscape.

    As the construction begins, attention is being paid to the future landscape and re-vegetation of the property. Over the next few weeks, the existing plants will be surveyed, pruned and trimmed. Certain trees and plants will be excavated and moved into large wooden containers. These plants will remain on-site in a nursery setting, where they will be watered and cared for during the construction period. When the time is right, they will be reintroduced to the environment.

    We aren’t the only people who think this is awesome—check out the feature on  EVB Live:

    We appreciate the efforts of our construction firm, The Weitz Company, Landscape Architect, Chris Winters and the salvage team at Native Resources International for their work on this part of the project. We also want to thank the Steele Foundation, who generously provided $250,000 specifically for this aspect of the renovation.

    Fundraising Update We are...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Brownies brighten a difficult time

    When it comes to making the world a better place, even the youngest Girl Scouts can make a difference.

    Brownie Troop 758 adored Sierra Verde Elementary School’s staff member, Mr. Mark, who was always laughing, smiling and making students laugh. After he passed away in late January, the girls wanted to be sure that they sold enough cookies to donate money to the Outdoor STEM Lab that was being built in memory of him.

    At the grand opening ceremony of the STEM lab, the girls presented a $200 check to Mr. Mark’s family to show their appreciation and how much he meant to them.

    “Girl Scout Troop 758 is a true example of young adults who make a difference in the lives of others,” says Dr. Paula Tseunis, Sierra Verde Elementary principal. “Their selfless donation to the Outdoor STEM Lab in memory of our beloved plant foreman is an example of how these young ladies work together to give of themselves to others.”

    These Brownies may be small, but are definitely mighty! Troop 758 has truly embraced their loving act of kindness. Amazing work, girls!

    Interested in joining Girl Scouts? Get involved now!

  • Girl Scouts open their hearts to four-legged friends

    Troop 1213 earns $500 grant to benefit local animal shelter

    Girl Scouts has a rich history of empowering girls to help improve their communities. Who knew that Troop 1213 would be inspired by furry little creatures?

    Out of 125 groups nationwide, Troop 1213 received a $500 grant from Disney’s Friends for Change through Youth Service America (YSA) to turn their creative service project idea into reality.

    The troop’s idea was to beautify a pet adoption area at Friends for Life Animal Rescue. To start the project off, they used the grant money to purchase general supplies and equipment, cleaned and organized the storage area, and built comfortable pet beds for animals recovering from medical treatment. Then, the troop used proceeds from their cookie sales to purchase a table and chairs for prospective adoptees to use when completing the adoption process.

     “Girl Scout Troop 1213 is a true Friend for Change,” said Steven A. Culbertson, President and CEO of YSA. “They have found their voice and are taking action to make an impact on the vital community issues of animal welfare and pet adoption!”

    We are so proud of Troop 1213’s creativity and leadership. Whoever said, “Di...

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  • Girl Scout troop gives school principal a big surprise!

    During the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop money management skills with setting goals, taking cookie orders and handling customers’ money. For Troop 1252, the learning didn't stop when cookie season ended.

    The girls of Troop 1252 wanted to show appreciation to Oasis Elementary School for providing them with classroom space for weekly troop meetings for the past five years. The girls decided to use a portion of their cookie earnings to purchase brand new flags for the school.

    During a ceremony, the troop retired the school’s old flags and presented the new flags to their principal, Mrs. Gail Miller and vice principal, Mr. Stephen Balliet. Both principals were in complete shock!

    Troop 1252 walked away understanding the true significance of giving back to the community. Fabulous job, girls!

    Interested in joining Girl Scouts? Join here!

  • School’s Out, Summer’s In!

    Summer is in full force now, but that doesn’t mean that the Girl Scout fun has ended. Check out these fun summer programs for the whole family!

    Phoenix Art Museum
    Now through June 30 | Admission free on Wednesdays

    Check out an exhibit full of beautiful Girl Scout art! The pieces were created by Girl Scouts at World Thinking Day and were inspired by the theme, “creating peace through partnerships.”  All art work is displayed in the Children’s Art Gallery. Get details about the art museum here.

    GS Day @ Big Surf
    July 18 | $25 per person
    Grades K-12 and adults

    Everyone welcome! In an exclusive Girl Scout area, enjoy an all you can eat BBQ buffet and plenty of fun in the sun. Big Surf season ticket holders will receive an 80% discount. Register now.

    Phoenix Mercury Lock-in
    July 18-19 | US Airways Center
    $13-$51 per person | All ages

    This annual sleepover keeps getting better! Cheer on the Mercury and rock out in a post game concert. Then enjoy movies, crafts and pizza with your Girl Scout sisters. Plus, each girl gets a free patch! Get full program...

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  • New Changes at the Girl Scout Council Shop

    There will be a national price increase on core and essential merchandise including uniforms, insignia and earned awards starting July 1, 2015. This is a great time to plan ahead if you will be bridging or just need essential pieces. Come into the Council Shop to purchase  items for your next Girl Scout year before the prices go up!

    If you have any questions, please contact our Council Shop at 602.452.7137 or

  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts help foster kids' smile

    When holidays or birthdays come up most kids ask for a princess doll or the hottest video game, but Troop 481’s wish was much different. 

    Instead of thinking about themselves, the girls of Troop 481 thought about how they could make things a little brighter for foster kids in need. The girls hosted a Pajama Program donation drive and ended up collecting over 60 comfy pajamas and 90 brand new books. Their donations were presented to CASA Council of Mohave County, a non-profit organization that believes that foster children need and deserve what any child needs.

    By collecting these items and thinking carefully about the lives of other children, Troop 481 is learning to reach out and make a difference in the world. Great job, girls!

    Looking for community service ideas for your troop? Check out these great opportunities!

  • 5 Steps to Earning Your Girl Scout Ranger Patch

    Girl Scouts has joined forces with the National Park Service to launch the Girl Scout Ranger Program, giving girls everywhere access to monuments, seashores, urban sites, and so much more.

    The program is filled with opportunity for unique park experiences, awesome service and education projects, and even cool badges and patches to earn.

    Here are five easy steps to earn your Ranger patch!

    1.     Choose a National Park Service site.
    Visit and choose a national park or a monument. Explore nature, learn the history and read the stories to discover why it is important to preserve your park.

    In Arizona, there are places like the Grand Canyon, Hohokam Pima, Montezuma Castle, and Yuma Crossing that are worth exploring. Check out more national parks in Arizona, here.

    2.    Imagine Yourself in a National Park.
    Brainstorm activities that you might want to experience at a national park. Consider working outside with a geologist or inside identifying fossils. Maybe wildfire restoration, building a bridge or a night sky project interests you.

    3.     Contact the park and make a plan. Call the park (the phone number is on the park’s...

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  • G.L.O.W. – Girls Leading Our World

    It’s easy to get caught up in Girl Scout activities—volunteer and troop meetings, community service projects and cookies—just to name a few. However, it’s necessary to pause, and remember that Girl Scouts is much more. The sum of its parts is the Girl Scout Movement--a movement dedicated to guiding girls in becoming the women they aspire to be. These women are confident, courageous and limited only by the size of their dreams. The Girl Scout Movement is brought to life during the Annual Meeting, where Girl Scouts and volunteers celebrate the year’s accomplishments, and set the tone for where the movement is headed.

    This year the theme was G.L.O.W. – Girls Leading Our World. If you missed it, don’t worry, there’s always next year! In the meantime, here are the takeaways from the day.

    7 Takeaways from the 2015 Annual Meeting

      This is not your mother’s Annual Meeting. Or any adult’s Annual Meeting for that matter. For the second year, the meeting was 100% girl-designed and led. Even the way we talk about the meeting is changing. “There is no longer the dreaded ‘morning session’ of the annual meeting,” said Jordan Williams, Design Team member. This year the girls helped rebrand it “The Girl Leadership Session!” Girls still just wanna have fun…while they take the lead! Kicking off the day was the Girl Scout singing trio, “...

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  • Our Gold Awards in the News!

    The Gold Award is the highest, most demanding award a Girl Scout can obtain. This prestigious award requires a girl to stretch her skills and step forward as a leader to meet a local or global need and create a sustainable change.

    This year, 25 girls earned their Gold Award. These girls are making the world a better place through their Gold Award projects AND raising the visibility of Girl Scouts on a local level. Check out some of the stories that ran in local media!

      In the Zona: Girl Scout teaches children the joy of giving The SanTan Sun: Patricia Grahmann earns highest award in Girl Scouts The Fountain Hills Times: These Girl Scouts are Golden North Central News: Two local Girl Scouts earn Gold Award Glendale Today and Peoria Today: Two West Valley residents earn Girl Scout awards Scottsdale Independent:...

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  • Samoa and Thin Mint Desserts Dominate in Girl Scout Challenge

    Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts wrap up another successful cookie season.

    The numbers are in, and Girl Scouts­—Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) is thrilled to announce the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge winners! Grimaldi’s won for the Most Desserts Served with their Thin Mint and Samoa Cheesecake desserts, and The Henry won for the Most Money Raised with their Thin Mint Donut dessert.   

    This year, 20 restaurants and 31 locations participated in the cookie dessert challenge—twice the number as last year!

    For the second year in a row, chefs from some of the state’s most popular restaurants put their support behind Arizona girls and re-imagined one of the beloved flavors of Girl Scout cookies into a dessert. A portion of the proceeds from each dessert sold was donated to Girl Scouts to help transform Camp Sombrero into the Leadership Center for Girls and Women.

    Cory Latucca and Marissa Pintor accept the Girl Scout Dessert challenge trophies on behalf of Grimaldi’s and The Henry, respectively. Photos of desserts available here:...

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  • Girl Scout Camp: It’s More than S’mores

    Girl Scouts has always placed a high value on getting girls outdoors. Yet, in today’s world girls are spending less and less time outdoors due to increased use of technology devices, the many structured activities competing for children’s time and parental protectiveness.

    Last year, the Girl Scout Research Institute published More than S’mores: Successes and Surprises in Girl Scouts Outdoor Experiences that explored two questions: Are Girl Scouts still getting outside? What difference does it make if they do?  Based on a survey of nearly 3,000 girls from 8 to 14 years old, here are some of the highlights:

    Girl Scouts helps girls get outdoors.

    More than 70% of girls said they had their first outdoor experience through Girl Scouts. These outdoor experiences provide them with unique opportunities to try new things, improve skills, overcome fears and help other girls.

    Girls really enjoy outdoor activities in Girl Scouts.

    Among girls’ favorite activities are camping, swimming, horseback riding and archery.  When girls say camping is fun, there are several aspects to it:  People fun – building new friendships, team work and hanging out with friends.  Hard fun – having the opportunity for challenge, mastery and feelings of accomplishment.   Nature fun – being out in nature, exploring the natural world.  Girls also appreciate being independent and away from ho...

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  • Today's Shadow Rim Ranch

    “Enthusiasm reigns supreme amongst those who visit our camp!” This quote comes from a 1964 article in the Listening Post and is probably truer today than it was 51 years ago when the camp opened.

    Nestled just below the Mogollon Rim outside of Payson, Shadow Rim Ranch is a 40-acre camp situated at an elevation of 5,500 feet. Each summer, Shadow Rim Ranch provides girls with progressive outdoor adventures to develop skills and encourage growth through positive risk-taking opportunities.

    With much support from the community and membership, improvements are constantly being made to provide girls a valuable camp experience. In the last two years, Shadow Rim Ranch has undergone some exciting changes!

    • The Mountaineers Unit has new windows and stairs.
    • The Wayfarers Unit has been winterized.
    • The Ponderosa and Staff House buildings are newly refurbished.
    • A sand volleyball court has been added.
    • There’s a new zip line that runs from the Climbing Tower towards the lodge.

    “Shadow Rim Ranch sets the tone for adventure and opportunities for campers,” says Justina Burks, Shadow Rim Ranch Camp Director. “Providing safe, modernized facilities and more outdoor opportunities for girls and adults is the perfect platform to build courage, confidence and character.”

    This year at Shadow Rim Ranch’s open house, families will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, speak with the Camp Director and staff,...

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  • Changing the World One Pair of Shoes at a Time

    Girl Scouts and Goodwill Kick off Donation Drive

    Over 300 million pairs of reusable shoes are being tossed into the trash every year, when they could be donated to be reused, resold or recycled.

    In honor of Earth Day, GSACPC and Goodwill of Central Arizona are teaming up to host a recycling project, Scouting for Shoes. The drive kicked off this week and runs through Saturday, April 18.   

    To keep shoes from going directly to landfills, Girl Scouts are encouraged to collect unused shoes and donate them at select Goodwill locations. In exchange for their efforts, each girl will earn a Scouting for Shoes patch recognizing their commitment to our community and environment.

    For more information on how to participate, click here.

  • Happy Birthday Justice O’Connor: New Girl Scout Badge Supports National Icon’s Mission

    Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor turns 85 on Thursday, and Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is marking the occasion with the Sandra Day O’Connor Civic Leadership Badge. This badge supports Justice O’Connor’s long-held mission of educating the next generation about civic engagement.

    “Our nation can only be successful if all citizens understand how our democratic system works and get involved in it. The only way that can happen is through civic education for each new generation,” said Justice O’Connor.

    To earn the badge, girls participate in interactive activities that teach them about the Supreme Court, Arizona’s government and laws, and women’s suffrage. Girls will also learn about Justice O’Connor’s legacy, civic principles and what it means to be an active citizen in their community. Throughout the process, girls reflect on Justice O’Connor’s upbringing, her challenges and accomplishments, and her political impact.

    For more information about the badge, click here.  

  • Girl Scouts Earn Highest Award for Service and Leadership

    Prestigious Gold Award given to Girl Scouts for their impactful community service projects.

    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is proud to announce that 25 outstanding young women have received their Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

    This prestigious award requires a girl to stretch her skills and step forward as a leader to meet a local or global need, and to create sustainable change. In the process, she develops and enhances her own leadership, determination, creativity and confidence. The 25 girls receiving the Gold Award have given 2,360 hours toward their Gold Award projects and for many of these girls, this award is the culmination of more than 10 years in the Girl Scouts.

    The girls will be honored at the 2015 Girl Scout Gold Award Celebration on Saturday, March 28 at the Glendale Civic Center.

    The awardees are:

    Maddie Allen
    Rio Salado Habitat Restoration

    Maddie restored the diminishing wildlife habitat along the Salt River. She began by planting eight mesquite trees and installing irrigation so they could thrive. She also created an information board containing facts about the health and environmental benefits of the mesquite seed pods.

    Sierra Aranda Fam...

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  • The Leadership Center for Girls and Women Becoming a Reality

    GSACPC reached a new milestone on its 103rd birthday during the groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, March 12, at Camp Sombrero. Girl Scouts, government and community leaders gathered with shovels and hard hats to officially celebrate the much anticipated new Leadership Center for Girls and Women. 

    The groundbreaking ceremony included remarks by Governor Doug Ducey and Congressman Ruben Gallego and a special blessing by Debra Thomas of the Tohono O’odham Nation accompanied by O’odham drummers.

    "It's no accident that all former female Arizona governors were also former Girl Scouts," says Governor Ducey.

    The Board of Directors developed a two-phase construction plan. The first phase includes the necessary infrastructure, renovating the existing small lodge and pool center, constructing cabins and three activity centers. Construction begins in May 2015 and will take about a year to complete.

    Investing in the healthy development of girls is the most cost-efficient and impactful way to ensure healthy Arizona families and communities in the future.

    We invite you to join us! Invest in girls. Change the world....

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  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 634 Brightens their Community through Cookie Funds

    When girls participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they learn new skills and help sister Girl Scouts and their communities all while having fun.

    Cadette Troop 634 made a change for the better! The girls donated 700 toothbrushes and 590 tubes of toothpaste to a dental clinic, $400 worth of clothes to a clothing drive, 206 pounds of food to a homeless shelter, 170 centerpieces for a retirement home, 50 care packages for troops overseas, and the list goes on and on!

    How did Troop 634 make this happen? They came up with a resourceful money saving idea by using their cookie funds to purchase clearance and off-season items. For example, during the fall, the girls bought 69 backpacks for $1 each and 523 hand sanitizer bottles for $0.04 each. What a deal!

    When Rocky Point Dental Clinic asked for help, the girls didn’t have the funds to buy toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. Fortunately, resourcefulness came to the rescue! The girls contacted their local dentists and orthodontists to ask for donations and they were glad to help.

     “If we all do a little, we can do a lot,” said a member of Troop 634.

    Troop 634 definitely knows how to create big results on a small budget. With some planning, shopping off season and holding item drives, these girls are making things better in their community. Way to go, girls! If you’d like to join Girl...

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  • GSACPC Makes Katy Perry’s Thin Mint Dreams Come True!

    Did you know that Katy Perry LOVES Thin Mint cookies? She was pretty open about it during her preparation before her huge Super Bowl performance. It all started with a tweet, which gave GSACPC an idea to get those chilled Thin Mints over to Katy!

    Just after her press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center, she got the best Thin Mint surprise of her life! Check out the full video here!

  • Girl Scout Monday: Local Girl Scouts Plan a Big Journey around the World

    When girls sell cookies, they’re doing more than just helping their customers stock up on delicious treats. They’re doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is a pizza party, a community project, or an adventurous trip with her troop, she knows how many boxes she needs to sell to make it happen.

    Local Girl Scouts, Ellie and Kendra reached their goal of traveling across the world to England and France!

    “We wanted to go because it’s an exciting way to meet new people, make friends from all over the world, and an opportunity to improve our leadership skills,” say Ellie and Kendra.

    The girls worked hard to raise money by selling cookies, holding fundraisers and applying for financial aid. Through the Oxford Youth Leadership Destination Program, they had the opportunity to travel with 20 other U.S. Girl who all share the love of adventure.

    To read their full story on the Listening Post, click here! 

  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 444 Gives Back to the Community through Gift of Caring

    Through Gift of Caring, a cookie donation program, Cadettes in Troop 444 donated 97 boxes of cookies to Phoenix Children's Hospital. The cookies were used to brighten up patients’ days when they were delivered on the hospital’s “Cookie Cart!”

    The Gift of Caring program allows girls to learn about philanthropy and service by giving them an opportunity to donate cookies to an organization of their choosing. Or, girls can donate the cookies to Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, where they will be distributed to community partners like Saint Mary’s Food Bank or the USO.

    We are proud that these girls are making a positive impact through cookies sales. Learn more about Gift of Caring here!

  • Make a difference when you shop – join eScrip!

    Join eScrip, a shop-to-fundraise program. It’s safe and easy!

    Earn donations to Girl Scouts with your everyday purchases when you use a registered debit or credit card at qualifying businesses. You’ll earn 2% for GSACPC whenever you shop and checkout with your registered cards.


    1. Sign up for free at

    2. Just register your credit and debit cards, and choose to support Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine when you shop.

    3. GSACPC will earn 2% from your purchases at eScrip merchants where you already shop.

    BONUS: Sign up in February and you will be entered for a chance to win one of five $100 VISA gift cards!

    Related article: Looking for additional, simple ways to give to GSACPC? ReadThree easy ways to support Girl Scouts (that you haven’t heard of until now)!

  • GSACPC Guinness World Record Update - We did it!

    In honor of Super Bowl 49 happening in Arizona, local Girl Scouts attempted to set the Guinness World Record for Most Money Raised for a Charity through the Sale of Cookies in 24 Hours, by each girl selling 49 boxes within the timeframe. 

    The record attempt ended at 2:59p.m., January 31, but Girl Scouts had officially surpassed the minimum required by Guinness to set the record by 1pm.         

    Girl Scouts reported $355,024 in the official Wells Fargo bank account holding all Guinness purchase deposits as of 2:59p.m, January 31. That’s roughly 88,756 boxes accounted for in 24 hours. We needed to raise at least $75,000 and had set a stretch goal of $100,000. Here’s the play by play of account updates from earlier today:

    • 11 a.m., $30,000
    • 12 p.m., $42,000
    • 1 p.m., $77,000
    • 2 p.m., $123,000

    So, unofficially, the Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus-Pine Council have attained the Guinness World Record, just in time for the big game in Arizona. The official verification process involves sending copies of all deposit slips along with pictures and written accounts of the Record Attempt to the official Guinness advisors handling the council’s submission, who are based in the U.K.

    Six hundred troops, amounting to thousands of Girl Scouts took part in this attempt and covered their neighborhoods, Super Bowl Central, hospitality venues, and every single Fry’s Fo...

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  • Explore the World at World Thinking Day!

    World Thinking Day lets visitors discover the world, without leaving Phoenix!

    Each year, this signature Girl Scout festival gives the opportunity for girls to participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 other countries. Not only does this event give girls a chance to celebrate international friendships, it is also a reminder that Girl Scouts is part of a global community.

    With this year’s theme, “We can create peace through partnerships,” the focus is on uniting worldwide within our own communities, for peace.

    Be prepared to dance, play games and try exotic foods! Plus, see a special performance from the Kawambe-Omawale African Drum and Dance Theatre troupe.

    World Thinking Day
    February 21 | Margaret T. Hance Park
    $10 per person
    Everyone welcome!
    Register now

    There’s lots of ways to get involved! These NEW activities allow you to creatively express yourself at Word Thinking Day!

    Speak, Drum, Dance February 14 | Arizona School for the Arts $15 per girl Grades 4-12 Take advantage of an extra-special opportunity to perform at World Thinking Day! Participants will learn a routine from the Kawambe-Omowale dance troupe. Girls will also make a d...

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  • Alumna of the Month: Grew up Green and Living her Dreams

    Teresa Miller, Girl Scout alumna and Director of Finance and Planning at the Arizona Cardinals, reminisces growing up green and how it impacted her life.

    When the University of Phoenix stadium was underway, Teresa was hired by Arizona Cardinals in 2006. They were expanding the finance department and she came on board as an accountant.

    She can’t help but credit her Girl Scout experience for her successful career.

    “Girl Scouting was really a foundation for learning - learning about myself, my interests and about others around me. I learned how to be a leader AND when to follow. It pushed me to be involved, because without it I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to serve my community the way I did.”

    To read Teresa’s full story on the Listening Post, click here! 

  • Troop Tuesday: Troop 2437 “Goes All In” to Help Cancer Patients

    Girls have the power to Discover, Connect and Take Action—and have fun doing it.

    Brownies in Troop 2437 working on their World of Girls Journey, participated in the We Are All In campaign with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. The campaign supports anyone battling cancer by sharing words of encouragement through a video.

    The girls recited a poem together and then each girl shared a heartfelt and hopeful message with the patients. These Brownies exemplify the Girl Scout spirit of service and helping others. Check out their video here!

    To support patients battling cancer, share your words of encouragement by visiting We Are All In

  • Portraits in Leadership—Girl Scouts Interview Women Members of Congress

    In a series of interviews with female members of the United States Congress, Girl Scouts across the country sat down with their Congresswomen to learn about their individual leadership journeys and discover what inspired them to take on leadership roles.

    The interviews gave Girl Scouts an opportunity to ask Members of Congress for advice about the skills and the character girls will need to develop in order to lead our world in the twenty-first century. Seventy percent of the women in the U.S. Senate and 57 percent of the women in the House of Representatives are Girl Scout alumnae; but regardless of whether or not they were Girl Scouts, each Congresswoman spoke of the value of having an organization such as Girl Scouts to help girls develop leadership qualities.

    Girls Scouts profiled women members of Congressboth Republicans and Democratsto highlight their advice to girls everywhere who aspire to become leaders in their communities.

    Watch GSACPC’s very own Girl Scout, Jordan, interview Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, of Arizona's 9th District:

    See all the Portraits of Lead...

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  • Happy Holidays from GSACPC!

    No matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate with, wishing everyone a joyous and merry Holiday Season!

    Because of the way the holidays fall this year, and in recognition for their work over the year, council staff is being given two extra days off: Dec. 26 and Jan 2. In addition, we are encouraging staff members to use their vacation time for the rest, so as not to lose it. Although the council offices and shop will be closed, essential staff will continue to check their emails and respond if necessary, as well as participate in previously scheduled council activities.

    Council Offices Closed Dec. 24 to Jan. 2

    Council Shop Closed Dec. 21 to Jan. 6

  • Volunteer of the Month: A Cheerleader, Guide and Mentor for Girls

    A troop leader works directly with girls to develop leadership skills, pursue outdoor experiences, Take Action in their communities and discover the world around them.

    Troop leader, Michelle, has been guiding Troop 634 for the past 10 years. This troop has accomplished many projects and activities by earning 10 badges, My Promise My Faith pins, a Leadership Award and a Silver Award.

    “I may set the stage and guide them, but without their big hearts and hard work, our troop would not be as successful as they are today,” says Michelle.

    One of the things Troop 634 learned from Michelle is to use resources wisely.

    For one of their Take Action projects, the girls decided to donate items to Packages from Home. They put their resourcefulness to use buying clearance and off-season items. For instance, they bought 69 backpacks for just a $1 each and 523 hand sanitizer bottles for .04 cents each!

    Michelle is definitely teaching these girls to develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.

    If you want to be the role model she’ll always remember, volunteer now!

  • Troop Tuesday: Brownies Take Action to Help Patients Fight Cancer

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Brownies of Troop 1010 made hand-crafted gifts to benefit patients fighting cancer. This troop set a goal of knitting 40 hats, but they did not meet this goal. In fact, they doubled this goal and made 75 hats! Way to go, girls!

    Breast cancer is one of the most misunderstood cancers in the world. It can affect both women and men, and claims the lives of more than 400,000 people every year.

  • APS Helps Girl Scouts Have a “STEM-tastic” Time

    In July, the APS Foundation awarded more than $1 million to nine nonprofit groups in Arizona, including GSACPC, to support STEM programs. We received $60,000 to support Imagine STEM, which includes workshops throughout the state, program boxes for use in troop settings, training for adult volunteers and parents, and two additional Lego League robotics team for girls. We are grateful to have APS Foundation, who understands the value of Girl Scouting and its long-term impact on girls.

    Check out the next STEM event, funded in part by APS!

    Imagine your STEM Future
    December 13 | Arizona Science Center
    Grades 4-12 and adults

    Engage in hands-on workshop experiences in biology, chemistry and other science fields. Interact with the new “Earth Explorers” exhibit, earn an “Imagine Your STEM Future” patch, and spend a day exploring the Arizona Science Center! Sign up now before registration closes on December 8 (!

  • GSACPC will not be participating in Digital Cookie pilot program from GSUSA

    Arizona Cactus-Pine council is enthusiastic about the advancements Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is making in many areas of the Girl Scout experience, including the Digital Cookie program announced by  GSUSA through this press release yesterday.

    While Digital Cookie represents an exciting enhancement of the Cookie Program, the virtual sales platform that launches in the 2014–2015 cookie season is simply phase one of what will become a much broader and more robust program, and Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus-Pine (GSACPC) is not among the councils participating in this initial phase of the program. GSACPC will evaluate phase one of the Digital Cookie platform at the end of the current cookie season and make a decision about its implementation in our council for the 2015–2016 cookie season.

    This means for the 2015 cookie season:

      GSACPC girls will not be accepting payment for cookies over the internet GSACPC girls will initiate sales through an email marketing platform (Cookie Club) to accept cookie orders, then collect payment at time of delivery GSACPC girls will utilize social media (following internet safety guidelines) to encourage customers to find cookie booths with the...

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  • Bring the Power of Girl Scouts to More Girls

    Today, thousands of girls want to join a Girl Scout troop, but they are on waiting lists because there is a shortage of Girl Scout volunteers to offer the necessary support, encouragement, and guidance that all Girl Scouts need along the way.

    Volunteers are the heart and soul of Girl Scouts— they are our everyday heroes. Volunteers enable girls to dream big and to realize that they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. And because volunteers play such a vital role in delivering the Girl Scout experience, they deserve top-notch resources and training, and all the support we can provide for them.

    But right now, we’re also facing a shortage of funds needed to identify, recruit, and train new volunteers.

    That’s where you come in. Your investment will help us support new volunteers and bring the best to our 11,000 volunteers in central and northern Arizona. Whether they are moms, dads, college students, or Girl Scout alumnae, they need your support to empower the next generation of girls.

    When you invest in Girl Scouts you’re helping us recruit and keep volunteers who impact the lives of countless girls by generously offering their time and talents.

    After all, girls can’t change the world when they’re stuck on a waiting list.

    Here are two steps you can take today to help increase the number of volunteers and bring the power of Girl Scouts to more girls:

    1. Invest in Girl Scouts locally with a donation to suppo...

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  • OTM: Volunteers Get Recognized for Offering the Girl Scout Experience

    Congratulations to Melissa Siaotong, Angela Bargon, Carissa Deciccio, and Amy Montogomery for being the first four recipients of the “Grow a Garden” pin! With this program, these dedicated volunteers are helping our Council grow with our adult volunteers in offering the Girl Scout experience to a greater number of girls in Arizona.

    We appreciate all they do for Girl Scouting! For more information on how you can get involved with this program, click here.

  • Exciting Changes for Arizona Cactus-Pine!

    Arizona Cactus-Pine is launching a Member Engagement Initiative this membership year. This exciting initiative is aimed at improving the volunteer experience and bringing Girl Scouting to more girls. To fulfill these goals we are launching an updated website and Volunteer Toolkit!

    • The website will launch November 19! Not only will it be easy to navigate, but its fresh new look is consistent with the Girl Scout brand and aligns Arizona Cactus-Pine with other councils across the country.
    • The Volunteer Toolkit is currently scheduled to launch in March. Leaders will be able to easily plan and manage troop activities for the year, and have access to important resources to help deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Continue checking your email for more information and details on this new resource as we get closer.

    Be sure to take a look around!

    *Note: Some of you may remember that we launched a new website last April. However, we were unable to integrate the Volunteer Toolkit with this website. For this reason, we have decided to use GSUSA’s new website template. 

  • Girl Scouts Honors Current and Emerging Leaders

    From left to right: Kaily Toney (representing Diane Enos), Kate Gallego, Mitzi Montoya, Hannah Stevenson, Ariel Carr, Brittanee Hustad, Judy Mohraz, Harry Papp and Pam Hart (representing Wells Fargo).

    Hundreds of GSACPC community supporters gathered at the Arizona Biltmore on November 15 to celebrate current and emerging leaders at the Women and Young Women of Distinction luncheon. The distinguished honorees set a powerful example of “what could be” and gave an inspirational glimpse into a future led by our most valuable asset—our girls.

    Girls who receive the Young Woman of Distinction honor stand out on college and scholarship applications, have the opportunity to network with prominent community leaders, and are featured in the media. Nominate a Woman or Young Woman of Distinction for 2015 by contacting Leslie Friedman at

    The event was a result of enormous effort and generosity by many people and organizations. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, for their continued support and belief in the Girl Scout mission. We also thank Carstens Family Funds, Arizona Lottery, L. Roy Papp & Associates, Wells Fargo and Arizona State University, Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

    View more photos from the ceremony on ...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Wear Uniforms for the First Time

    Families, friends and community members attended the Investiture Ceremony for Troop 2747 in Kykotsmovi Village, home of the Hopi Tribe. Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes received their official Girl Scout pin, girl guide and backpack as they were welcomed into the Girl Scout Sisterhood.

    The girls had big smiles on their faces as they wore their uniforms for the first time. This meaningful ceremony symbolizes the girls’ first step of building courage, confidence and character to ultimately make the world a better place!

    If you’d like to join Girl Scouts, get involved here

  • Girl Scout Monday: A Daisy Makes a Special Connection with a Former Girl Scout

    A Daisy begins her Girl Scout journey by discovering herself, earning recognitions and connecting with new friends. Kayla, a Daisy from Troop 819 definitely started her Fall Product Sale on the right foot. While selling Fall Product, she met her neighbor, Ellie, a former Girl Scout during the late 1930s.

    Ellie shared stories with Kayla about her scouting experience during the Great Depression. Some of the things her troop members made were blankets for troops overseas and rationed food staples like butter, sugar and flour. 

    “It’s nice to know that some things don’t change…like Girl Scouts helping others and using resources wisely!” says Leticia, Kayla’s mom.

    Throughout the long history of Girl Scouting, traditions remain meaningful and important, and are still practiced today. After connecting with Ellie, Kayla learned this first-hand!

    If you'd like to learn more about Girl Scout history, check out our very own historical museum here!

  • Community Members Recognized for Modeling Girl Scout Values

    Promise Award honorees help girls build a brighter future. 

    Women and Young Women of Distinction celebrate current and emerging female leaders. But we will also recognize three community members with the Promise Award. This award honors a woman, a man and an organization, who although are not Girl Scout alumni, have modeled the Girl Scout values in their work. Through their tremendous efforts and willingness to embrace the next generation of leadership, they are helping girls build a brighter future! 


    Meet the Promise Award honorees now! Judy Jolley Mohraz is the first president and CEO of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, and now a Trustee. She furthered the vision of Virginia G. Piper and built a vibrant foundation supporting arts and culture, children, education, healthcare, older adults and religious organizations throughout Maricopa County. Harry Papp, the Managing Director of L. Roy Papp & Associates, is a dedicated servant whose charitable endeavors touch every sector of the community, including the Phoenix Zoo, Arizona State University, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and GSACPC.  With two daughters of his own, he is passionate about expanding and providing opportunities to all girls....

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  • Troop 82 Takes Their Leadership “Roles” Seriously, Dressing up as Princesses!

    Ambassador Troop 82 is taking action to make the world a better place. These ladies focused on making reading fun for Daisies and Brownies by creating Storytime with the Princesses. By dressing up as princesses, reading stories, taking pictures, signing autographs, and even signing in American Sign Language, they are making reading fun for their sister Girl Scouts! 

    Due to their outstanding efforts, APS Electric Light Parade and UMOM Walk for Homeless Families have invited the girls to march in the parade and greet onlookers. To ensure their work lives on, Troop 82 has taught another troop how to host princess reading events.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to see the girls first hand walking in this year’s APS Electric Light Parade on December 6. It will be the fourth year the girls have marched in the parade.

    Learn more about the Take Action Project here!

  • Former Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place

    Women of Distinction honorees impact stretches far beyond us.

    Women and Young Women of Distinction celebrate, recognize, and honor outstanding women and young women who have experienced the power of Girl Scouting in their lives and made significant contributions to their community. They are recognized leaders among their peers and serve as role models for us all!

    Meet the Women of Distinction honorees now!

    Diane Enos is the president of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and the second woman to hold this office. She was the first member of the Salt River Indian Community to become a lawyer.  She has spent her entire professional life in community service, promoting education and creating opportunities for the traditional O’odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) way of life to flourish. Kate Gallego is the first woman to represent District 8 on the Phoenix City Council. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Plan Phoenix initiative and is focused on economic development for the city.  She is also an avid volunteer serving on a number of boards and is an advocate for volunteers and national service programs. Mitzi Montoya is the new Vice President and Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group at Arizona State University and serves on the board of the Center fo...

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  • Girl Scout Monday: Third Grader Starts and Runs Her Own Newspaper

    Sophia Braccio, of Troop 700, could be the youngest newspaper reporter, manager and publisher, ever. Sophia’s first newspaper was launched when she was just in third grade.

    A naturally curious person, Sophia loved hearing the opinions of others. This eventually led to the desire to share those opinions with others, so she created a newspaper called The 3rd Word.  

    Her class loved the newspaper, so she continued to publish it monthly. Now in fourth grade, Sophia has releasedThe 4th Republic, which she has expanded to include a sports column, poll section, comic strip and much more! Along with the expansion, came a team of students passionate about journalism. Sophia puts the leadership she learned in Girl Scouts into action while managing a comic strip artist, sports writer and reporters. Wow!

    Learn more by checking out the Q&A with Sophia from In the Zona.

  • Girl Scout Leads On and Off the Court

    Hannah Stevenson honored for bringing greater recognition to women’s sports.

    “Leadership isn't a one-time thing. It’s a character trait that can be demonstrated anytime and anywhere,” says Hannah, this year’s honoree for Girl Scouts’ Women & Young Women of Distinction Leadership Award.

    And Hannah should know. She is a leader in nearly every facet of her life. From the classroom, to the volleyball court, to her community at-large, she naturally gravitates toward leadership roles. A Girl Scout since the age of 6, being part of a troop provided valuable lessons in team work and advocacy that have molded her into the leader she is today.

    An ambitious student, Hannah shatters stereotypes that assume girls aren’t good at STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). With dreams of majoring in engineering after she graduates from Perry High School, Hannah is in the STEM Scholar Program and takes advanced STEM classes. Her academic efforts are balanced with being a star-player on her volleyball team. This is where she is most proud of her leadership, both on and off the court. 

    On the court, Hannah has helped lead her team to their first-ever State Championship tournament. Despite her team’s success, Hannah noticed a lack of support from fellow classmates and the community....

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  • GSACPC Chief Financial and Operational Officer named one of Business Journal’s 2014 Outstanding CFOs

    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council’s (GSACPC) Carol Ackerson has been selected as one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Outstanding CFOs” for 2014.  This honor identifies the best CFOs in the Valley, those who have compiled a track record of financial success in their organizations. They are based on accomplishments, business ethics, leadership, education, community involvement, entrepreneurial spirit and other positive traits.

    With nearly 40 years of nonprofit management under her belt, Ackerson has served GSACPC as Chief Financial and Operational Officer – or, C-FOO as she dubs it – for nearly ten years. She works in close partnership with GSACPC CEO, Tamara Woodbury, to lead the entire organization toward goals to ultimately “serve more girls, and serve girls more.” Since joining GSACPC, she has led the council to a 52 percent growth in total operating budget while supporting the launch of the Campaign for Girls, a capital campaign with the goal of raising $15 million in philanthropic support. 

    From a number of qualified nominations Ackerson is one of ten people being honored by PBJ’s advisory board of judges. She will be recognized at the Outstanding CFO luncheon on Oct. 23 and in a special print supp...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Collect Teddy Bears for Kids in Crisis

    It's never easy if your home catches on fire, but it can be especially hard for children. That’s why Troop 613 is giving back to the community by collecting teddy bears for kids in crisis. 

    "I know a lot of people lost their homes and I thought I would be sad if I lost something, so what better to comfort a child than a teddy bear?" says Girl Scout Junior, Emily. 

    Troop 613 came up with the idea when they were exploring ways to earn their Bronze Award. The girls worked diligently. They spent a year planning and learning how their work could benefit the community. They ultimately decided to host a teddy bear drive benefitting Phoenix Fire Station 42. 

    For their remarkable efforts, Troop 613 was featured on News Channel 12 and Arizona Republic.

    Learn more about the Bronze Awards!

  • Phoenix Girl Scout Channels Courage from Grief

    Brittanee Hustad knows that courage isn’t always simply overcoming fear. 

    “Sometimes courage means having the gumption to stand up for what you believe in and fight hard for someone who can’t fight for themselves. It’s looking past road blocks and taking your sadness and grief and not letting it break you, but letting it lift you up and make something better and full of hope,” Brittanee says. 

    She will be one of the Girl Scouts honored at the Women and Young Women of Distinction luncheon in November. 

    A junior at Shadow Mountain high school, Brittanee has found the courage to help those who are unable to help themselves. 

    Brittanee says her sixteenth birthday, in February 2014, was the worst day of her life. The phone call she received with the news of her best friend’s suicide changed her life forever. What followed was profound grief and obsessive wondering if she had done everything she could to help her friend. 

    “At some point during my sadness, I realized that I needed to be courageous and strong for myself if I was ever going to get over his death.” 

    From this tragedy, came Brittanee’s idea for her Girl Scout Gold Award service project, “Stifle the Silence.” Her focus is not only to raise awareness about teen suicide, but also on how to recognize warning signs, and how to...

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  • Stroll Down Memory Lane with Girl Scouts

    For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has been making a positive impact in the lives of girls. The Barbara Anderson Girl Scout Museum explores the rich history of both Arizona Girl Scouts and the Girl Scouts organization as a whole. 

    A former Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) staff member, Barbara Anderson was inspired by the heritage of Girl Scouts. In 1986, she donated her large collection of Girl Scout memorabilia to GSACPC, where she led a small group of volunteers and staff called the Historical Society (currently known as the History Committee) in cataloging and preserving the items. With Barbara’s lifelong commitment to Girl Scouting, her ultimate goal was to open a museum to showcase Girl Scouts’ proud history. As her collection grew over the years, archives went from being stored in a room, a warehouse, and now in the Heritage Center. Finally, in 1999, her goal was achieved. The Barbara Anderson Girl Scout Museum opened at the Girl Scout Council Shop on Third Street and Clarendon in Downtown Phoenix. 

    To this day, members of the History Committee continue Barbara’s legacy through curating memorabilia and making it accessible to the community. If you want to be part of preserving Girl Scout history, the History Committee meets at the Heritage Center from 9am-2pm on Wednesdays. New volunteers are welcomed. 

    The museum features a unique exhibit each year. Don’t miss out on this year’s 

    theme: The Outdoor G...

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  • Alumna of the Month: Lifelong Girl Scout Member

    “Many thanks to Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council for 12 years of Scouting experience as a young girl and developing the courage, confidence, and character that I have carried throughout my adult life,” says Gretchen Erickson, Girl Scout Alumna. 

    Gretchen Erickson remembers the exact day she became a Brownie in 1969. It was a day that linked her in becoming a lifelong member of Girl Scouts. 

    Throughout Gretchen’s 45 years of active scouting, she has achieved many accomplishments. Not only did Girl Scouts provide her with lessons of leadership and citizenship, but it taught her how to be a sister to every Girl Scout. 

    After graduating as a Senior scout in 1980, Gretchen continued her commitment to Girl Scouting. She got married into the military life with her husband, Mark, which enabled her to travel to five different Girl Scout councils around the nation. 

    She started a patch program called The President’s Patch in 2011, which was earned by submitting Girl Scout stories. Within two years, Gretchen collected 500 stories. 

    “It was at this point I became a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouting. I was hooked on sharing the experience with not only girls, but adults to make this world a better place,” Gretchen says. 

    Now, with more than 16 years at the Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle (GSCFP), Gretchen has served as a troop leader, trainer, association chair, national delegate, board secretary,...

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  • Peoria Girl Scout Plans to Change the World, One Good Turn at a Time

    Ariel Carr earns prestigious recognition from Girl Scouts for her visionary leadership.

    On any given Friday during her junior year, Ariel Carr could be found sneaking into her high school’s office, concealing a bouquet of flowers in a big black trash bag. The flowers were handed off to a secretary, who then selected a teacher at random to receive them. Filled with happiness knowing that her kind act would bring a smile to someone’s face, Ariel would go on with her day as usual.

    Out of this routine, Ariel’s idea for her Girl Scout Gold Award service project was born. “Keep it Kind” is a pay-it-forward kindness initiative. It works like this: Ariel does a kind act for someone. Then she hands the recipient a “Keep it Kind” card, challenging the recipient to perform a kind act for someone else and pass the card along. Thus, Ariel’s first kind act creates a thread of kind gestures that could, in theory, last forever.    

    "It's rare to see people go out of their way in everyday life to make some else's day,” Ariel says, adding that doing a good deed can be as simple as asking how someone’s day is going, and then really listening. “The gratitude that you feel after receiving a random act of kindness is special. I want to share that feeling with as many people as possible,” Ariel says. 

    A busy student, tennis player and avid volunteer, Ariel knows how easy it is to get caught up in the routines of day-to-day...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Collecting Donations

    Girl Scouts are constantly giving back to the community. Troop 1957 has partnered up with former Girl Scout, Dr. Jeannette MacLean, at Affiliated Children’s Dental, to collect non-perishable food items at her office through November. The donations will benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank. What a great way to get an early start collecting donations before the holiday season! Help out by dropping off some goods at ACD.

    Keep it up, Troop 1957!

    Check out other service opportunities with our community partners!

  • Have you seen the latest issue of the Listening Post?

    Check out the 2014 fall issue of the Listening Post to see what’s going on in the GSACPC community!

    • Program Basics - Get basic information about our programs and upcoming activities.
    • Coucil Shop News - Since it’s a new Girl Scout year, why not get some new gear? Order the Girl Scout Starter Kit and see how you can get the latest GSUSA catalog (full of coupons!)
    • Seen & Heard  - Are you or someone you know featured in this issue’s Seen & Heard? Find out now and browse troop notes and event highlights!
    • Volunteer Spotlight - A Girl Scout dad shares his story about the impact Girl Scouting has on his relationship with his daughters.
    • Women & Young Women Distinction honorees announced - Meet them now!

    To read full articles, check out the online issue here! If you’d like to be featured in the next Listen...

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  • Girl Scout Monday: Arizona Girl Scout Recognized as “Caring Kid” on ABC’s Sonoran Living

    Girl Scout, HollyAnne, of Troop 634 has created a district-wide phenomenon through her volunteer work with Color a Smile, a non-profit organization that focuses on distributing colored pictures to nursing homes, military troops overseas, and anyone in need of a smile.

    “Color a Smile is a very fun way for kids to volunteer, and some of them don’t even know it, because they’re just having a lot of fun coloring,” said HollyAnne.

    HollyAnne decided to work on a service project with her Girl Scout troop by coloring a ton of pictures, which ended up being distributed all over the nation.

    For her efforts, HollyAnne was recognized by AmTrust Bank and featured on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living for making a positive impact in the community. It’s all part of the AmTrust Caring Kid Contest.

    For being a Caring kid, Hollyanne received an AmTrust Bank Kids Account funded with $150. And what did she do with the money? Exactly what any Girl Scout would do – she donated it all to Color a Smile to help with coloring supplies for volunteers!

    We know that Girl Scouts are making BIG differences in their communities every day. Share what you or a Girl Scou...

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  • Girl Scouts Feed Hungry

    Cadettes and Ambassadors from Troop 1156 spent an afternoon helping those in need at the Paz de Cristo Community Center in Mesa. The girls helped prepare and serve the daily meal provided by the center in addition to assisting with clean up duties.

    If your troop would like to volunteer, check out these service opportunities with our community partners!

  • Through Leadership and Service, Girl Scouts Pave Way to Bright Future

    Annual awards luncheon celebrates current and rising female leaders in Arizona.

    Girl Scouts—Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) invites everyone to celebrate the remarkable impact girls and women have in our community at their 2014 Women & Young Women of Distinction luncheon, on November 15 at the Arizona Biltmore. The honorees are outstanding individuals who are paving the way to a brighter future through their leadership and service to the community. They also share a common bond: their values and leadership got started through being a Girl Scout.

    The luncheon, GSACPC’s only fundraising event during the year, presents an excellent opportunity for the community to celebrate current and rising female leaders and for Girl Scout alumnae to reunite with fellow Girl Scouts or their former troop members. The event will be a time to revisit memories, network and find out what’s new in Girl Scouting in Arizona.

    “Girls represent our greatest under-utilized talent pool with the greatest potential to positively impact our future,” says Lisa Urias, this year’s event chair and president and CEO of Urias Communications.” The luncheon is the perfect way to get off the side lines and be part of the girl movement. It’s an opportunity to support girls as they develop the courage, confidence and skills needed to step forward and lead the next generation,” Urias says.

    The Distinction Awards celebrate girls and women who are recogniz...

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  • Girl Scouts Re-define Leadership and Take the Lead at the 2014 Annual Meeting

    Every year, Girl Scouts and volunteers gather at the Annual Meeting to celebrate the year’s accomplishments. The 2014 meeting, held in April at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix, was unprecedented – it was 100 percent girl-led and girl-designed. And when girls lead, great things are accomplished. 

    Not only is the meeting the culmination of a fabulous Girl Scout year, but it also sets the tone for what girls hope to achieve in the coming year. And the girls were clear: they plan on continuing the Girl Scout tradition of building strong, female leaders.  However, this time they had some words of advice for the adults in their lives. 

    “Our team talked a lot about what adults can do to help us learn to lead and be independent. There’s no real background required. It’s more about attitude,” says Ellie, one of the girls on the planning committee for the Annual Meeting. 

    For the rest of us, the message was clear. Our smart and confident young women are absolutely redefining leadership to build momentum for the Girl Scout movement. As we continue to move forward, we'll lean into our sisterhood and community connection for renewed energy to achieve our vision.

    Are you, or do you know, a Senior or Ambassador who would like to stretch her leadership skills and work with a group of dedicated Girl Scouts on designing, planning and implementing the 2015 Annual Meeting? If so, contact Amanda Martin at ...

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  • Girls Earn Bronze Award with Support from Sister Scouts

    Lyn, Rose and Erin, members of Troop 1594, are being recognized for their incredible Bronze Award service project! Their project was extra special because they used their leadership skills to garner the support of Girl Scouts from Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek. The three girls taught a group of 32 scouts to sew bags and then donated the homemade bags to foster children and veterans. Way to go girls!

    What are Girl Scout high awards? Find out here! Or, participate in a webinar!

  • Arizona Girl Scout to be Honored as National Young Woman of Distinction

    Girl Scout alum Morgan Serventi from Page, Arizona, continues to earn accolades for her humanitarian service project, “The Power of Poo” — this time from Girl Scouts of the USA.  GSUSA has named her a 2014 National Young Woman of Distinction, an honor only bestowed on 10 girls across the country. 

    “We are delighted to see Morgan recognized nationally with this great honor. Her commitment, innovation and leadership have resulted in a sustainable solution that brings water and heat to a small Kenyan village and beyond," said Tamara Woodbury, CEO of Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council.  

    Last November, Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council recognized Morgan with their Young Women of Distinction Award, which celebrates rising female leaders. This year’s Women & Young Women of Distinction award luncheon will be held on November 15 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

    Morgan’s project brought heat, light, and pure water to the small village of Wamba, Kenya, and has also been adopted by a community on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Her project is sustainable, ecologically brilliant, and affordable for families who live on less than we can imagine.

    Morgan had firsthand knowledge about cattle since she raises steers, sheep and lambs in 4-H. So she decided to design and build a methane biodige...

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  • #TroopTuesday: Ambassadors Donate Leftover Money toward Camperships

    As Ambassador Troop 881 heads off to college, they are leaving a huge gift for future Girl Scout campers. The troop, who earned money through cookie sales over the years, decided to donate their remaining funds of $1,250 dollars to go toward camperships. The girls said they had been hugely impacted by Girl Scout camp and are thrilled that they are able to give the camp experience to sister scouts. Their generosity is exemplary of the Girl Scout spirit, way to go girls!

  • Both Girls and Volunteers Benefit from Their Experience in Girl Scouts

    Girl Scouts really is great for everyone! While there are possibly too many positive outcomes associated with being a member of Girl Scouts to list, there is some compelling research which illustrates just how good Girl Scouts is.

    Results of a summer 2014 pulse poll conducted with more than 3,500 volunteers and parents of Girl Scouts in the K−5 age range show positive effects on members of all ages. Ninety-seven percent of parents agree that Girl Scouts has been a positive activity for their daughter, that she has had fun and exciting new experiences (95 percent), and that she has learned or tried something new (96 percent). In addition, 94 percent of parents say that because of Girl Scouts, their daughter feels special, has more friends (95 percent), is more confident (90 percent), and is happier (89 percent).

    While GSUSA boasts more than two million members nationwide, there are more than 30,000 girls on waiting lists who want to join Girl Scouts but can’t because there are not enough volunteers in local communities to help deliver the Girl Scout experience. Data shows it is not just girls who benefit from participating in the organization: 94 percent of volunteers have made new friends, 88 percent believe their life is better because they volunteer with Girl Scouts, and two-thirds believe their volunteer experience has helped them professionally. Ninety-five percent of Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making girls’ lives better.


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  • Get Ready for Fall Product!

    The Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored money earning activity which supports Arizona Girl Scouts and girl learning! Proceeds from the program fund the troop and council wide operations, all while girls learn key skills.

    Why should my troop participate?

    Participation in the program provides girls an opportunity to generate funds for troop fun and adventure. The program also encourages budding entrepreneurs to practice goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. 

    How does it work?

    Girls sell nuts and candy, magazines subscriptions and photo keepsakes to friends and family. Girl Scouts at any age level are allowed to participate. Just make sure you are currently registered and if you are in a troop, make sure your troop is registered, too.

    Where do girls sell?

    It’s a “friends and family” sale. So, girls can reach out to their close network face-to-face and/or through a secure online program. 

    When is it?

    September 20 - November 9

    For more info about the sale, click here.

  • #Love: Volunteer and Daughters Strengthen Bond through Girl Scouts

    When Nichelle Williams signed her daughters up for Girl Scouts, she had no idea how deeply her family would be affected.

    “I signed my daughters up for Girl Scouts to help develop their leadership skills, give them opportunities to try new things and make lifelong friends. Initially, I did not choose to volunteer for Girl Scouts. I was one of those moms who just wanted to help,” says Nichelle Williams, who has now been a GSACPC volunteer for more than 13 years. “Over time, a helping mom naturally becomes a volunteer,” she adds.

    Nichelle is currently a troop leader, a trainer for other volunteers, and a member of her Community Practice Team. She has two daughters, Jordan and Justice, who are both Girl Scouts. She says that one of the biggest benefits of volunteering with Girl Scouts, is the opportunity to spend time with her daughters as they develop their values and morals.

    “Jordan, Justice and I have an awesome relationship! Now that they are both teens ready to graduate high school, I really love that they feel so comfortable to talk to me about anything and everything,” Nichelle says, adding that not too many parents get to experience this type of honest and open communication with their teenage daughters.

    Girl Scouts asks all parents and adults to consider becoming a volunteer. To get connected to the Girl Scout community and more information, visit http://girlscout...

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  • Get up. Get active. Play GirlSports. Win big!

    Hey, you! How do you get in the game? Are you a rock star goalie who guarantees nothing hits your team’s net, or a track champ who helped your relay team get the gold? Girls across America are getting out and getting active, lacing up those sneakers and playing some of their favorite sports. Are you one of them? Show off your skills in our new challenge!

    Through GirlSports, a partnership between Girl Scouts and Nestle, we’re dedicated to showcasing girls like you—girls who know the importance of staying healthy through physical activity. After all, the benefits of exercising and playing sports are endless. Not only will you maintain a healthy heart and stay fit, but through our GirlSports challenge, you can win BIG!

    Here’s how to participate:

    • Upload a creative photo to the GSUSA Facebook page of you staying active through sports.
    • Rally your friends and family to vote on your photo. 

    Pretty easy, right?

    Keeping in line with the sports theme, we’ll be picking three winners of the GirlSports challenge—third, second, and first place, or bronze, silver, and gold, if you will. These champs will win:

    • First place: $300 gift card plus GirlSports merchandise bundle
    • Second place: $150 gift card plus GirlSports merchandise bundle
    • Third place: GirlSports merchandise bundle 

    So what are you waiting for? Get up. Get active. Play GirlSports. Win big!

  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Win Award in FIRST LEGO League Competition

    Every year, the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) challenges children and teens ages 9 to 14 to critically think about real-life problems and how they can be solved. This year, the theme was “Nature’s Fury.” Participants had to come up with innovative solutions to problems caused by natural disasters. Of the six Girl Scout teams that competed last season, Got Cookies and The Lego Ladies earned accolades from the judges. 

    The Lego Ladies consisted of eight Juniors and Cadettes from Troops 362 and 436. The girls chose to focus on avalanches and worked to solve the problem of young adults ignoring safety advisories at Kachina Peaks in northern Arizona.

    stacle course required for the project, researching possible solutions, laughing over their favorite snacks and working as a team.

    Their hard work paid off. In the South Phoenix regional tournament, the Lego Ladies took home the Robot Showcase Award, which recognizes initiative in promoting technology and innovation.

    Tournament Regional Director, Levar Patterson, said “The Lego Ladies received the award, in part because of their gracious professionalism. They demonstrated poise and the spirit of friendly cooperation throughout the competition. They also had such beautiful things to say about one of their coaches. In fact, their persuasi...

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  • Girl Scout Monday: Ambassadors Win Scholarships

    Girl Scout Ambassadors Kaylynn and Sommer each won a scholarship at the Juneteenth Scholarship Competition at last month! 

    Juneteenth is the combination of the words June and nineteenth, and is a time to come together and celebrate the rich cultural history of African Americans in the U.S.

    The day celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. It specifically celebrates the state of Texas announcing the abolishment of slavery in 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued in 1863.

  • Expert says; get your kids to camp this summer – needed most in age of technology


    “Around the U.S., and even right here in Arizona, people spend far less time in nature than even 25 or 50 years ago. Urbanization and technology has drastically changed people’s relationship with nature,” says Dr. Denise Mitten, Graduate Chair of Adventure Education at Prescott College. Dr. Mitten has spent many years studying the positive effects of nature on people’s overall well-being, and in turn, the declining rate in which we take advantage of the world around us.

    She says, “Many aspects of our culture now teach people not to spend time in nature. Parents have become fearful about their children playing outdoors, and children who grow up in primarily built environments often fear nature, largely because it is unfamiliar.”

    Experiencing the outdoors is not just about getting active. The real benefits of nature come through what experts call ‘unstructured play’. This is unscheduled time, where a child is able to be outside, relying on her or his imagination for entertainment. Free play, as opposed to games or structured activities, is the most essential type. Many research studies have shown that it leads to positive physical, cognitive and emotional brain development.

    Outdoor activity in the form of ‘unstructured play’ is not as common for today’s children due to technology, safety concerns and busy schedules. The Children & Nature Network notes that just 6% o...

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  • Girl Scouts and Google Inspire Girls to Code

    Google announced an exciting new initiative—and Girl Scouts of the USA is excited to be part of it. Made With Code aims to change the way girls think about coding, and inspire them to consider careers in computer science. The program includes:

    • A new site where girls can try Blockly-based coding projects like designing a 3D-printed bracelet, learning to create animated GIFs, and even building beats for a music track.
    • A directory where volunteers, girls, and their parents can find additional coding resources and opportunities, such as camps and clubs.
    • Video profiles of girls and women who are using computer science in new and exciting ways.

    Here at Girl Scouts we know that Computer Science and coding is a critical skill that will give girls great power to create, to innovate, and quite literally change the world - but surprisingly few girls see Computer Science as part of their future. Girls simply don’t think coding is cool and they don’t connect it with things they are interested in.

    Our goal is to demonstrate how coding can help girls to pursue, and reach, their dreams. Made with Code will encourage girls to write their own future and show them that it can take them anywhere!

    Google has also collaborated with other youth-serving organizations, along with leaders in the tech industry and celebrities like Mindy Kaling. “Less than 1 percent of high school girls see computer science as part of...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Give Back

    Girl Scouts from Troop 491 gave back to communities around the world by packing meals for Feed My Starving Children. The meals are specifically formulated for malnourished children and are shipped to almost 70 countries.  

    Girl Scouts deserve to be recognized for good deeds like this! That is why YSA is calling on young change-makers to apply for a Summer of Service Award. Winners receive a $1,000 award to help make a lasting, positive change in the world. Get more info or apply now!

    Do you want to get your troop involved in volunteering? Here is a list of organizations that have asked for Girl Scout volunteer participation.

  • Troop Tuesday: Cookie Dough for Camp

    Anything is possible with hard work and dedication! Troop 2259 reached their goal to earn and save enough money through Cookie Sales to pay for summer camp. Here they are “Up in the Trees” at Willow Springs!

    The nonstop smiles on their faces and the never ending stories of adventure and fun certainly support the evidence that outdoor experiences will increase competence, build confidence and create a positive self-image!

    Learn more about how you can spend your cookie dough at camp or on other Girl Scout activities.

  • GSACPC’s First Annual Interfaith Tea was Big Success!

    Approximately 50 Girl Scouts were honored at the first annual Interfaith Tea for earning their My Promise My Faith pin and/or Religions of the World patch. They enjoyed the support of nearly 150 family and friends and refreshments too!

    Haven’t heard about faith-centered Girl Scouting? That's ok!

    Faith-centered Girl Scouting encourages a girl to be herself while learning who she is and what she values, study prominent women of her faith, participate in faith traditions and celebrations, put her faith into action to improve her community, and so much more! Imagine what an entire generation of girls can do, when given the skills, leadership experience, and a solid grounding in the principles of their own faith.

    For more information on faith-centered Girl Scouting, visit

  • June 14 is National Get Outdoors Day!

    Participants from federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and the recreation industry are again teaming up to host the 7th annual National Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun at sites across the nation. On Saturday, June 14, 2014, these diverse partners will offer opportunities for American families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities. Prime goals of the day are reaching currently underserved populations and first-time visitors to public lands, and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors. GO Day is an outgrowth of the Get Outdoors USA! campaign, which encourages Americans, especially our youth, to seek out healthy, active outdoor lives and embrace our parks, forests, refuges and other public lands and waters.

    Along with getting outdoors and having a great time, every girl in Girl Scouts can show her nature, conservation and parks spirit with a colorful patch developed for National Get Outdoors Day. Check that out here.

    What should you do to celebrate? Here are some ideas:

      Take advantage of this deal for Salt River Tubing. Take a hike with some friends. Go for a...

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  • New Research Affirms the Overwhelming Benefits of Outdoor Experiences for Girls

    According to a new study by the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI),  More than S'mores (2014), girls benefit immensely from time spent outdoors. Girls who regularly spend time outdoors eclipse their peers who spend less time outdoors in environmental stewardship, more readily seek challenges, and are better problem solvers—all important traits in twenty-first century leadership.   The study also found that Girl Scouts are twice as likely as non–Girl Scouts to say they take action to protect the environment (51% versus 23%) and that they’ve had a personal experience in nature that has made them appreciate it more (49% versus 29%).   “There is a moment when a child connects with nature, and it changes their identity, and it is our identity that impacts how we treat others,” says Dr. Denise Mitten, an outdoor expert at Prescott College and researcher who works closely with GSACPC. Dr. Mitten was 8-years old when she first attended Girl Scout camp, which was the starting point of a life-long commitment to nature and outdoor education.      Dr. Mitten’s says that according to her research, one of the best ways for girls to learn...

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  • Gilbert Girl Scout spells her way to success

    Cadette wins Arizona Spelling Bee and earns opportunity to compete in National Bee.

    After 14 rounds of intense spelling competition at the Arizona Educational Foundation Spelling Bee, the finalists were whittled down to two competitors: Nila, a Cadette from Tnd Christopher, the returning champion from last year’s bee.

    Nila and Christopher faced off in the final spell-off, which lasted six rounds. When Christopher misspelled the word “effraction,” Nila corrected his spelling, and spelled her word correctly: “salvific.” 

    Her reward was $800, a dictionary, a Rosetta Stone language course and an all-expenses paid trip to Washing D.C. to compete in the 87th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    May 28 marked the first day of the national competition, where Nila placed 47th out of 281. This is a huge feat, considering students from around the world compete to be in the bee. She was four points shy of making it to the semi-finals. The competition ends May 29.

    Nila has quite the resume for a 12-year old seventh grader. In addition to being one of the top spellers in the nation, Nila has been a Girl Scout since she was a Brownie, is in the National Junior Honor Society, the drama club, the color guard and plays the French horn and viola.Her dedication, hard work and courage are exemplary of the values taught through Girl Scouting. Way to go Nila!

    Fun facts about the Scripps National Sp...

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  • “Love Your Selfie”: Girl Scouts Appear on TODAY + You Can Make a PSA and Win an iPad Air!

    “Love Your Selfie ‘cause it’s the only one you’ve got!” This is the key message the troop of Girl Scouts from the Northern New Jersey Council decided to make the center point of the body image public service announcement (PSA) they created.

    This morning, the TODAY Show featured the GSNNJ troop and their PSA as part of its week-long focus on body image. The girls partnered with Jordana Mollick, who is part of the Sundance Institute Women Filmmakers Initiative, to help with shooting and editing the PSA.

    Check out the clip to see the Girl Scouts in action, filming and editing their powerful PSA, as well as sharing their thoughts about body image!

    If you enjoyed seeing these Girl Scouts have fun making a positive PSA about body image, why not make your own?

    GSUSA, in partnership with the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Dove, has launched Free Being Me—a global leadership program developed to give girls a safe space to strengthen their self-confidence.

    With ...

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  • $288,000 Grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation Helps Arizona Girls Break the Intergeneration


    PHOENIX (April 30, 2014) – The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has awarded $288,000 to Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council to sustain and expand the capacity of the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) program. Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, a groundbreaking prevention program, empowers girls to not only reconnect with their imprisoned mothers, but also break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration.

    In Arizona, 96,000 children have a parent in jail or prison on any given day. These children are among the most vulnerable populations at-risk. Ashamed and often isolated these children are 5-7 times more likely to end up behind bars themselves.

    Girl Scouts Beyond Bars helps girls bond with their incarcerated mothers to decrease the impact of parental separation during critical development years. Girls get to see their mothers regularly and work with them on activities that are designed to help develop leadership skills, build confidence and encourage healthy decision-making. Through this shared Girl Scouting experience the program nurtures, and in some cases reestablishes, mother-daughter relationships. Additionally, girls participate in a troop, which provides opportunities to build supportive friendships with other young women in similar circumstances.

    Girls with incarcerated parents may face unique obstacles, but through GSBB they are simply Girl Scouts. They participa...

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  • It’s official: 2014 Cookie Sellers made history with GSACPC’s biggest sale ever!

    The numbers are now in, and we are thrilled to announce that 2014 was the biggest cookie sale in the history of the council. Just over 17,600 Girl Scouts sold more than 3.2 million boxes of cookies throughout the 6-week cookie sale in central and northern Arizona. That’s a 9.9 percent increase from last year as a result of big changes to their sales model and generous Arizonans!

    Here are some of the highlights from this year’s sale:

    • Girls sold 3,242,713 boxes of cookies
    • On average, each girl sold 184 boxes of cookies
    • 20 girls sold 2,000+ boxes
    • The top seller sold 5,002 boxes
    • Thin Mints are still the top sellers! They received 34% of sales, followed by Samoas® at 24%, Tagalongs® at 16%, Do-si-dos® at 10%, Trefoils™ at 9% and Savannah Smiles® at 7%. 


    Where does the cookie money go...?

    On top of individual and troop goals the girls set each year, GSACPC worked toward an extra special goal of raising enough money to build two cabins at Camp Sombrero in South Phoenix. Council proceeds from packages sold over 3 million were designated toward this goal which amounted to $555,800 dollars! So, the 2014 cookie sellers are now proud sponsors of the cabins. Go girls!

    In addition, girls sold 106,003 boxes of cookies for Gift of Caring, a cookie donation program that allows customers to buy an extra box of cookies to help local Girl Scouts reach their goal, and give...

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  • Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Mercury host Girl Scout slumber parties this summer!

    Slumber parties are a rite of passage for girls and this summer, GSACPC is teaming up with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Mercury for two separate sleepovers that Girl Scouts will never forget!

    Girl Scout Night and Sleepover with Arizona Diamondbacks

    June 20   |   Chase Field   |   Tickets start at $14

    (registration closes June 4)

    Participants will actually get to SLEEP on Chase Field after enjoying a game! Girls can arrive early (in uniform!) and walk in the Girl Scout Parade around the field. After the game, the night will be filled with fun activities like watching a movie on the jumbo-tron, fireworks and games. The sleepover portion is open to Daisies through Ambassadors and their friends. Space is limited.  Sign up today.

    Girl Scout Lock-in, Career Fair, Mercury Game and Concert

    July 26   |   US Airways Center   |   Tickets start at $12

    This overnight event is a Girl Scout favorite! Family and friends are welcome to attend the game and Girl Scouts and their friends have the opportunity to take part in a sleepover, dance clinic, a career fair, games and a pizza party! There is a limited amount of space left.&nb...

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  • GSACPC Social Media Guidelines

    Thanks for being part of GSACPC’s social media community! Some of you may also have Neighborhood or Troop websites or troop-specific pages across a variety of social media platforms—and that’s great! We welcome all opportunities for our girls and volunteers to connect and share their contributions with the community. However, we want your social media connections to be safe and effective, so please take a moment and review these guidelines and best practices.


    Be sure to check out all of our GSACPC groups.

    • Troop Leaders – This group is for leaders and co-leaders to share meeting ideas, troop stories, and service projects. Or, ask for suggestions from other troop leaders!
    • Service Team Members – Share ideas and best practices!
    • Independent Girl Members – Stay up-to-date on programs, connect with and get ideas from other IGMs and share stories!

    GSACPC is aware that many troop and neighborhood Facebook fan pages and groups already exist. When creating a closed group for your troop, make sure the settings are set to private so that personal information is not shared publicly. 

    Dealing with the media in a crisis or uncertain situation:

    It i...

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  • GSUSA and Catholic Church Relationship

    Girl Scouts of the USA is proud of its 100-year relationship with the Catholic Church and is very pleased the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has included on its website pages titled "Questions and Answers About Girl Scouts of the USA and About Catholic Scouting" and "Background on Girl Scouts of the USA and USCCB Conversations." The following documents and resources will help you better understand GSUSA's relationship with the Catholic Church and gain useful information about some of our programs.

      A  letter to the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry from GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chávez affirming GSUSA's commitment to the partnership and our 500,000 Catholic members. Independent third-party research resulted in the Alumnae Impact Study, which found that Girl Scout alumnae demonstrate positive life outcomes to a greater degree than non-alumnae with regard to several key indicators, in...

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  • 26 Girls Earn Highest Award in Girl Scouts

    Prestigious Gold Award given to Girl Scouts for their impactful community service projects.

    Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is proud to announce that 26 Girl Scouts have received their Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive.

    This prestigious award requires a girl to stretch her skills and step forward as a leader to meet a local or global need, and to create sustainable change. In the process, she develops and enhances her own leadership, determination, creativity and confidence.  For many of these girls, this award is the culmination of more than 10 years in the Girl Scouts, and countless hours of dedication to their community.

    The awardees are:

    Laura Abril

    “Reading Buddies”


    Laura’s Gold Award is a reading buddy program at Palomino Library that targets literacy issues and fosters a love of reading. Rather than a tutoring program, the project empowers teenagers and children through mentorship.


    Cori Ellen Ander

    “Going Green for the Gold”


    Cori discovered that the majori...

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  • Help Girl Scouts win up to $18,000!

    On April 9, Arizona will unite for Arizona Gives Day to recognize the valuable work non-profits do in our community and encourage people to donate to their favorite non-profit. Non-profits that receive the most donations can win up to $18,000. Girl Scouts would like to be that organization! And you can help us.

    You already know the important difference that Girl Scouting makes in girls’ lives and in our community, but we want you to tell your friends! Here are some ways you can help spread the word:

    • Use the images from our toolkit (below) to post about Arizona Gives Day.
    • Use hashtags #azgives and #girlscoutsaz on Instagram and Twitter.

    Can’t think of what to say? Here are some ideas:

      Share how Girl Scouting has had a positive impact in your or your daughter’s life. Your donation will make a difference! Ten dollars pays for the books a Girl Scouts needs, $15 pays for registration, $20 pays for her vest and $300 will give her a 6-day outdoor experience at one of our camps. But any amount will make a difference. If you donate on Arizona Gives Day, Girl Scouts could win up to $18,000! This money will go directly toward providing the programs that build girls of confidence, courage and character who make the world a better place. Donations of $10 or more can be made at don’t have to wait to...

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  • Happy 102nd Birthday, Girl Scouts!

    Founded by Juliette Gordon Low with 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912—102 years ago—Girl Scouts of the USA was chartered by the United States Congress on March 16, 1950. Today, there are 3.2 million Girl Scouts in the U.S.: 2.3 million girl members and 890,000 adult members working primarily as volunteers.

    The Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) will celebrate the national organization’s 102nd birthday by serving Girl Scout Cookies & ice cream to 400 kids and their families, after the evening dinner service at St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP). The birthday falls during national Girl Scout Week, after the end of cookie season, so it’s an extra special treat for the crowd.

    GSACPC formed Troop #5106 at St. Vincent de Paul seven months ago, which has grown to about 40 Girl Scouts of all ages. The girls are excited to celebrate what is, for many, their first Girl Scout birthday and take on a serving role for the center that has given them so much.

    How are YOU celebrating? Tell us on Facebook

  • Ban Bossy Today!

    Help our girls change the future by changing the way we talk about it. Find out more and Pledge to Ban Bossy today!

    When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don't raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys—a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead. As part of Ban Bossy, Girl Scouts of the USA and have teamed up in partnership with Lifetime television to create a PSA featuring Beyoncé, Jane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice, Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Garner and others that points out that girls are discouraged from taking leadership roles because of labeling and name-calling. Whether your are a parent, educator, or troop leader, there are great resources to help your daughter realize the importance of banning bossy and stepping into leadership roles.   Help our g...

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  • Troop Tuesday: Girl Scouts Leave their Mark, Transform Home

    Troop 130 is using their goodwill and passion to touch the lives of people in their community.

    Along with HandsOn Greater Phoenix, Troop 130 took part in Make a Difference Day, a day that celebrates of neighbors helping neighbors.

    The girls gave a beautiful makeover to a mobile home for a couple in need. After long hours of painting, Juniors of Troop 331 provided lunch for the girls.

    If you'd like to find community services ideas, click here!