Camp Communication
E-mail to and from Campers

One way e-mail from you to your camper is available through "BunkNotes." There is a non-refundable fee associated with BunkNotes. Although we try our best to ensure BunkNotes are delivered daily, we cannot guarantee delivery due to the intermittent nature of the Internet at Camp.

Bunk Replies will be available for campers to electronically respond to family! Bunk Replies are purchased with Bunk Notes. Campers write their message on the Bunk Replies, the camp faxes the Bunk Replies to Bunk1, and then Bunk 1 will e-mail the Bunk Replies to the desidntated e-mail addresses. Bunk replies will not be faxed on Fridays.

Send E-mail to your campers by following the appropriate link:
Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed during any of our camp sessions. Aside from the fact that most cell phones do not have reception at camp, cell phones are expensive and can be lost or stolen. Cameras on cell phones may create privacy and legal concerns. Sending your camper with a cell phone intereferes with her ability to build trust and independence. Often a camper with a cell phone will call home or call an off-site contact to express a concern instead of talking to a camp counselor or staff member who can help. Any cell phone brought to camp will be secured in the camp office until the camper returns home. Please help us by ensuring that your camper does not bring a cell phone to camp.


Each camp will post a weekly blog to help parents stay connected to what is happening at camp. Our blogs might contain pictures and stories but we can, in no way, guarantee pictures or stories about every child. The blog is written with the intention of keeping parents informed of the weather and exciting activities that occur at camp.

Check out our blogs from last summer:
Phone Calls

Campers are not permitted to make phone calls while at camp. If there are any concerns or questions regarding your camper's experience a member of our staff team will call you. Although our staff take time to get to know each child, you are the expert when it comes to your daughter. If there is any indication that your child may not have a successful experience we will contact you to discuss the concerns and find the best solution.