We’re sad to see you go! A thank you to Cassidy Carlisle

Posted: Oct 26, 2011

Cassidy has worked at GSACPC since the summer of 2006, when she was hired as a camp director at Camp Sombrero.  After the summer session concluded, she became a Membership Program Specialist—focusing on providing Girl Scouts programming to girls in the downtown Phoenix area that otherwise may not be able to experience the Girl Scouts.  Some of the girls have family members in prison, are children of teen moms, and the majority live in extreme poverty. 

Cassidy provides these girls with traditional Girl Scouts programming, tailored to the girls’ needs—focusing on building life skills, confidence, and self-esteem.  She hopes to empower these girls to believe in their ability to achieve success.  She notes that she loves watching the girls “blossom” and that they are simply “amazing people.” 

Cassidy will be leaving her position at GSACPC in order to be a full-time stay at home mom.  Her last day is October 28th.  However, even as her time at Council is coming to a close, she has remained 100% committed to making a difference for the girls in our community.  Recently, she began a troop at a school for homeless children, and has ensured the troop will be sustained in her absence. 

Her work reminds us why we do what we do here at GSACPC. As she puts it: “these girls see that we don’t have to be there, but we are. That someone cares and wants to be there with them, it means so much to them.”

Thank you, Cassidy, for your wonderful contribution to our Girl Scouts! Please keep in touch!