Troop 631 help police investigate a robbery!

Posted: Feb 27, 2012

Girl Scouts Kaylee, Kaitlyn and Aileen of Troop 630 were holding a cookie booth at the Safeway at Grand and Reems on Saturday night when they saw a few gentlemen that seemed out of place...What they discovered later is that the men had robbed the Wells Fargo bank inside the store.

When the police arrived, the girls were able to direct the police to the general direction of which they ran and give them a description of the men. The girls were a big help to the police, who were later able to find viable evidence on one of the suspects based on their description, including a trench coat that was worn by one of the men, and left behind the store.

One of the police officers stayed and spoke with the girls, and answered questions about being a police officer. She also let the girls tour her police car. Troop 630 has invited the officer to join them at a Girl Scout meetings in the near future.

After hearing about this story, Channels 3 and 15 interviewed the Troop! Click on the video below to see the interview and article from Channel 15!

Great work, girls! 

From left to right: Phoenix Police Officer with Kaylee, Kaitlyn and Aileen of Troop 630