Troop 390’s “green” efforts are making a big difference!

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

By Leigh Farr

For two years, Girl Scouts from Troop 390 at Rover Elementary School have worked on a service project to stamp out Styrofoam lunch trays in their school district. Having presented their research and recommendations to school administrators, district officials and even the Mayor of Tempe, the girls in Troop 390 are excited to learn that the Tempe Elementary School District has selected Rover to test a new environmentally friendly lunch tray. The trays, which now are being used by Rover students, are made in the United States from 100% sustainable and renewable resources.

If the trays are a success, they could be used district-wide as early as next year!

Amazing work, girls! Your advocacy skills and determination are inspiring.

Girl Scouts of Troop 390 with the sustainable lunch tray they have advocated for
From left to right: Tai Christensen, Juliet Farr, Denecia Palomino and Rebekah McFarland