Thank you Girl Scout dads!

Posted: Jun 15, 2011

At Girl Scouts, we understand that dads can play a pivotal role in shaping and influencing their daughters’ development and leadership potential.  As we provide opportunities for girls to discover, connect, and take action to make the world a better place, countless Girl Scout dads provide support, knowledge and care.  It is through this special father-daughter connection that many Girl Scouts are able to flourish into women of courage, confidence and character. 

The stories of Girl Scout dads Terry Deguisne and Patrick Edwards show first-hand the value that dads add to their daughters’ journey in and beyond the Girl Scouts program.

Terry Deguisne

Terry Deguisne is a jack of all trades. Originally from Long Beach, California, Deguisne is a father, husband, and a contractor with his own construction business. Two years ago, he added co-leader of his daughter’s Girl Scout troop to the list.

“I was asked to take over as cookie manager two years ago and head up booths” he said. “No one really wanted to take charge and house cookies I said yes.”

As part of his daughter Harley’s Girl Scout experience, Deguisne manages the cookie cupboard, where Girl Scout cookies are stored before delivery and during cookie season. He also keeps and organizes the paperwork, and as co-leader, participates in all troop meetings.

He said he appreciates the Girl Scouts as an organization because it focuses on girl empowerment. However, Deguisne said that men who are considering becoming involved in Girl Scouts or their daughter’s troop should be careful about the role they play.

“I believe strongly that girls can take care of themselves.  I get involved and nudge them in the right direction, encourage them to do a little more, but I am not overbearing,” he said.

Patrick Edwards

Patrick Edwards took a different approach to Girl Scouting. He had made it a goal to be part of his daughter Emmi’s Girl Scout experience before she was even old enough to talk. Edwards said he has invested his energy in Girl Scouting for almost 17 years.

“My daughter just turned 18 and I decided Girl Scouts was going to be a part of her future a few months after she was born.”

He decided that the best investment he could make would be to serve on the board of directors for the Girl Scout–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. The board of directors is responsible for managing the business and corporate affairs of the council.

Outside of Girl Scouting, Edwards is a managing principal of an architectural practice, and has several businesses that range from land development to solar leasing.

“My interests are as broad as my investments,” he said. “I love to play poker, travel and have great interest in my two teenagers’ lives. I have a wonderful home and enjoy gardening.”
Edwards said that a father’s role is to support his daughter.

“Most men overlook Girl Scouting because it’s feminine,” he said. “But they should really be thinking what the best thing is for their daughter, because Girl Scouts is overwhelming with advantages. Engage in it and just invest in your daughter’s future.”

“Girl Scouts doesn’t need my help with providing the experience,” he said. “I love being able to set back and observe the power of green work its magic.”