Heroes of the week: Globe-Miami Girl Scouts

Posted: Jun 23, 2011

Andrea Marcanti / Arizona Silver Belt

Girl Scouts from Globe and Miami have gone above and beyond this year to make sure our troops overseas get a batch of cookies. The Girl Scouts set up cookie sales at local grocery stores and placed a special sign up telling cookie lovers that they can donate their box to the SOS for future care packages. They collected over 800 boxes to send to our troops. Veteran Richard Reeves is also pictured below. Reeves served in the Air Force in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has been a recipient of a box of cookies from local Girl Scouts. Reeves wanted to let the girls know just how much it means to get a care package from them. “Cookies are like gold,” said Reeves. “These girls make a big difference in the everyday life of a soldier.”

The Silver Belt would like to recognize the Globe-Miami Girl Scouts for the hard work.