Go Green! Run a recycling drive!

Posted: Oct 17, 2013

Girl Scouts, Go Green!

Attention Girl Scouts in Metro Phoenix and Prescott! During November 9 thru 17, join the green movement! Team up with Goodwill Arizona and ask your family, friends and neighbors to recycle their gently used clothes, books, shoes, electronics and household items that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  Registration closes October 24.
To sign up:
STEP 1: Sign up! Submit your registration form one of the following ways: Mindy.Pieper@goodwillaz.org, 602-535-4341 or mail to 2626 W Beryl, Phoenix, AZ 85021 ATTN: Mindy Pieper
STEP 2: Pick up donation bags starting October 26 at your pre-selected Goodwill store and to your family, friends and neighbors. You are also welcome to use any other plastic or paper bags to collect donations.
STEP 3: Collect donation bags and return them to one of the Goodwill Donation Centers listed by Sunday, November 17. Then, don’t forget to order your patches!
STEP 4: Submit patch orders via email indicating how many Girl Scouts participated and which local Goodwill store you’d like to pick up from.

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