Girl Scouts Celebrate 100 years of Scouting and International Friendships

Posted: Mar 01, 2012

Every year at the Girl Scouts’ World Thinking Day, Scouts celebrate that they are part of a global community, one of the nearly 150 countries with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Girl Scout troops host booths representing various countries, and share food, crafts, activities and the culture of the country with other Girl Scouts and community members to enjoy.

At this year’s event on Saturday, February 25 at Margaret T. Hance Park in Phoenix, there was no shortage of fun: With food, dancing, music, homemade jewelry and games from countries stretching around the globe—the girls were eager to share what they had learned.

“A lot of kids play with this in China, it’s one of the main toys they have,” said Rylan, a Junior Girl Scout from Chandler as she demonstrated the use of a Chinese yo-yo she made. She enthusiastically spun and flipped the yo-yo with expert skill, and shared why she likes World Thinking Day.

“I like World Thinking Day because you get to see things that we don’t have here,” said Rylan.

At World Thinking Day, Rylan (left) from Troop 678 in Chandler demonstrates Chinese Yo Yo's, while other Girl Scouts (right) participate in a Chinese Watercolor Activity.

The next stop: Israel. Complete with Challah bread, and a traditional israeli ball game called “Ga Ga Ga,” Troop 2773 from Central Phoenix pulled out all the stops to share information about a country that Cadette Girl Scout, Marcy, had visited.

“Here I am riding a camel,” said Marcy, as she pointed to the picture board her troop created, “and here is the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is so hot! It has 10 times more salt in the sand than oceans here.”  

Marcy (left) from Troop 2773 points to a photo of her in Israel.

Troop 2773 (right) stops for a photo while at their booth.

At Turkey’s booth, Girl Scouts stamped visitors hands with traditional Turkish symbols, and shared information about the tradition of hanging two “evil eyes” at the doorway of homes in turkey.

“It protects them from evil,” said one Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts from Troop 2220 taught visitors about Turkish customs at World Thinking Day.

Troop 246's USA booth was festive as well—with red, white and blue galore, popcorn, and patriotic pins, they agreed that the best thing about the US, and Arizona, is the Grand Canyon.

A Girl Scout from Troop 246 in Phoenix talks with her Troop Leader about what's great about the US, and Arizona.