Campers and Camp Families! An Update for You!

Posted: May 24, 2012

Driving to camp:

If you are driving to Prescott:
There is some construction along SR 69 Near I-17 that may cause some slight delays

If you are driving to Maripai:
Senator Highway/Mt Vernon Rd into Maripai will have ongoing construction throughout the summer.  In addition to equipment, road crews and barricades, the road may be reduced to one way travel at various parts of the day.  Be prepared for possible delays on the traditional route if you are traveling to Maripai as you may be diverted to another route.

For the latest on State wide travel please check with ADOT at or call 1-888-411-ROAD (7623) or 602-523-0244

Prescott Utility Project Hotline for Senator highway: 928-541-7825 (updated weekly)

If you have additional questions for council staff, please contact David Rivera at 602-452-7110 or

An update on the Wilfires up north:

Over the recent past, wildfires have been both a man-made and  natural event that we must deal with.  As always, your campers safety is our number one concern. Please be assured that we are in regular communication with the National Forest and respective County Emergency Management divisions. Unfortunately, this year’s fire season has started early, but as always, we will continue to monitor all fires throughout the state. As of June 6th, the Gladiator Fire is 85% contained and still does not pose an immediate threat. The Sunflower fire is out.  Unless the situations drastically change, there will be no further updates on these two fires.  

You can follow the latest on all fire news at or