Fall Product Sale

Welcome to the 2013 Fall Product Sale! 

Whether you are getting involved in your first Product Program or saving for a big trip, the Fall Sale is a great learning and earning opportunity. Here you will find links to interactive learning materials and great ideas to help you achieve your goal. 

Ready to get started? Get everything you need right here! 

For beginners…

What is the Fall Sale?
The Girl Scout Fall Sale is a “friends and family” sale where girls can sell candy, nuts and magazines to their close community, while earning proceeds and recognitions.

Who can participate?
All GSACPC Girl Scouts at any age level are allowed to participate. Just make sure you are currently registered, and if you are in a troop, make sure your troop is registered, too.

Why participate?
There are many fantastic reasons to participate in the Fall Sale:

  • Start earning proceeds to fund a trip or various activities throughout the year.
  • Younger or new girls can gain more experience with a Product Program BEFORE the big Cookie Sale.
  • Practice the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Five Skills: Goal Setting, Money Management, Decision Making, People Skills and Business Ethics.


2013 Key Dates

  • Fall Sale Kick-Off: September 14
  • Pre Orders: September 28 - October 12
  • Delivery: October 19-25
  • Additional Orders: October 26 - November 9

Cupboard Hours            

  • Monday–Friday  //  October 28 - November 9  //  9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday  //  October 26 and November 9  //  9:00am - 1:00pm