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Authoring Your Own Life

Your Leadership Story

Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is dedicated to building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. A strong sense of self creates the basis for meaningful connection with peers and community. Self-awareness gives rise to thoughtful action, proceeding out of one’s core values and purpose. Authoring Your Own Life is structured to immerse participants in personal and collective practices that support the development of strong, selfaware leaders, within the Girl Scout community.

Authoring Your Own Life invites you to:
  • Step out of your usual environment and slow down the habitual rhythms of daily living
  • Dedicate uninterrupted time and attention to exploring your own leadership story
  • Operate from a place of unconditional acceptance and non-judgment of self and others
  • Learn to interact within a trusted community and to build authentic relationships with peers.
  • Experience self-reflection that can help you lead from your own inner compass.
  • See your own life more richly through the stories of others.
By doing so, you will gain skills and knowledge that will assist you in helping girls discern how to:
  • Pursue their own independent and unique identity
  • Follow their own authentic personal calling
  • And be a leader in their own lives and the world

For more information or registration questions –

Robin Haney at 602-452-7048 or