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Girl Scouts Monthly Supply Box

Your Awesome Year as a Girl Scout Volunteer

Complimentary monthly supply boxes are here to support you every step of the way!

We’re excited to participate in a national pilot program, providing new Daisy Girl Scout (K-1) troop leaders with an amazing resource. Starting in Fall 2023, new Daisy troop leaders in our council will receive a monthly supply box filled with step-by-step instructions, ready-to-go supplies, and thoughtful script suggestions. 

This complimentary resource will follow the Daisy First Year Troop Plan and be delivered directly to troop leaders.

Kick-off a great Girl Scout year with your first monthly supply box!

This month’s Daisy supply box is all about giving new Girl Scout volunteers, Daisies, and their families a big Girl Scout welcome. Girl Scout volunteers receive everything they need to lead their first troop meeting. Girl Scouts play games to get to know one another, learn a few favorite Girl Scout traditions and earn their first badge, the Promise Center. While Daisies have fun, their parents/caregivers meet one another, discuss shared goals, learn about the world of Girl Scouts and ways to help the troop.  

Check out the resources below to help prepare for the first troop meeting:

Get Connected

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you’re part of a community. Whether you have questions about creating memorable experiences for your troop or the logistics of setting up a meeting, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Service Units

Did you know you have a network of local volunteers who are part of your Girl Scout team? Tap into the larger Girl Scout community by connecting with your service unit.

What's a service unit? 
A service unit is a group of Girl Scout volunteers working in your local area to support troops. The service unit (or SU) team is an essential support system that organizes training, mentorship, Girl Scout events, and membership support for volunteers, Girl Scouts, and families.

Why should I connect with my service unit?

The local volunteers on your service unit team provide an extra layer of support. When you connect with your service unit, you’ll meet fellow new leaders and experienced Girl Scout volunteers who will support and guide you. You’ll also be in-the-know about local program opportunities you can use to supplement your troop meetings and help your troop members meet other local Girl Scouts! 

Events for Daisies and Their Grown-Ups

There are many ways for troops, individual Girl Scouts, and their families to have fun, learn, and grow throughout the year. Each month you’ll receive your box with all the supplies you need to run your troop meetings. Additional fun awaits through our council- and community partner-led events. Check out our highlighted programs below!


We’re part of an exciting national pilot program! New Daisy Girl Scout troop leaders (brand new or experienced volunteers who are starting a new troop this year for Girl Scouts in grades K-1) will automatically be included in this program. 



Learning Together

You don't have to be an expert on every topic to be an amazing leader. Gain confidence with tips and tricks from other leaders.

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