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Program Credits

Program Credits work similar to your typical gift card, and is a girl reward earned through selling Girl Scout cookies. Girls may choose Program Credits instead of selected Cookie Reward items and can be used to pay for a variety of Girl Scout products and activities. Program Credits expire 15 months from issue date and can only be transferred between siblings. Program Credits can offset costs for…

  • Items at the Council Shop
  • Resident or Day Camp
  • Girl Scout sponsored programs
  • Membership Dues
  • A Lifetime Membership
  • and Travel!

Program Credits can be used directly at the Council Shop, like a typical gift card; however, if Program Credits are used for registration or membership fees, a Redeeming Program Credits Form must be submitted.


Program Credits and Traveling with Girl Scouts

How do you use Program Credits to pay for travel not sponsored by Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine… i.e. how can a girl pay for her portion of a troop trip to let’s say… Savannah, Georgia?

First, girls, as a troop, decide where they want to travel. The Troop Leader then has the trip approved by the MSE, completes the  Trip Application Form and submits it to the MSE. The form will ask the Troop Leader to calculate total cost per participant. Please see the Troop Trip Application Form for Girl Scout policy, procedures and safety regulations.

An individual girl may use her Program Credits to pay for her portion of the trip; however, it is important to remember that  Program Credits belongs to the girl,  not the troop, and a girl may spend her Program Credits as she and her guardian sees fit.

If a girl wishes to use Program Credits to offset her traveling expenses, the troop leader will submit the signed Trip Application Form, the Redeeming Program Credits Form (for each girl using Cookie Dough) and a trip itinerary to The Product Program Team will issue a check to the appropriate vendor.

GSUSA Destinations, Getaways, and International Events

Girls must submit the Acceptance Letter received by the sponsoring Council to The Product Program Team will issue a check to the appropriate vendor.

Girls can now use Program Credits to pay for Council Sponsored Girl Scout Travel up to two years in advance. Please see the Girl Scout Travel and Destination page for details on exciting trips! Program Credits must be redeemed using the Redeeming Program Credits Form BEFORE the expiration date.