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Cookie Contests & Events


2,000+ packages of cookies and you become a member of the Mighty Mints Club where you will receive special recognition at the 1,550+ Event!

Enter the 2023 Cookie Spirit Contest!

The creative spark that ignites during each cookie season is incredible – booths are blinged out, Walkabouts are made with colorful cookie wagons, and unique cookie marketing content is shared with family and friends. This season, share your cookie ingenuity by entering the 2023 Cookie Spirit Contest for a chance to win $75 in program credit and a Girl Scout goodie bag!

To enter, submit one of the following:

GSACPC Walkabout photos

o   A walkabout is what we call going door-to-door selling cookies! When you’re venturing out into your neighborhood, make sure to snap a few photos to submit for the contest.

General cookie spirit video (30-sec max)

o   Unleash your inner film director and submit a 30-second video that captures your vibrant cookie spirit!

Cookie flair photos

o   Get creative and level up your wagon or lemonade-style cookie booth! Show us your decorations and all that makes your booth stand out!

Four winners will be announced each Saturday from Jan. 16 – Feb. 26 on GSACPC's social media platforms, totaling 24 winners! 

Cookie Spirit Contest is closed. Stay tuned for 2024!