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Cookie Contests & Events


2,000+ packages of cookies and you become a member of the Mighty Mints Club where you will receive special recognition at the 1,550+ Event!

See below for more information on our cookie contests and how to participate.  All entries must be submitted by March 11, 2021. Please use the Cookie Contests Form to submit all entries except GSUSA Cookie Pro. Cookie Pro must be submitted through the GSUSA website.

Each contest is a drawing. FIVE winners will be randomly selected to win a $75 Program Credits for each contest with a total of 15 winners. Please visit our Program Credits page to see how to use program credits.

Cookie Flair

Girls love to sell cookies in all different flairs. Do you bling your booth, dress up your wagon, or maybe you prefer a lemonade-style cookie stand… whichever it is, or maybe all three, take a picture and enter our contest. One entry per girl, per cookie ‘style’, and must include the girl, cookie signage, and a little bling.

Submit your entry.
Cookie Commercial

Are you a savvy cookie seller or entertaining entrepreneur? Make your own Cookie Commercial and show your audience why they should buy your cookies!

How to enter:

  • Create your own topic or use sample topics like “Girl Scout Cookies are delicious,” “Why I love Girl Scouts,” best-selling techniques, Digital Cookies, boothing, walkabouts, a creative sales pitch or sales strategy.
  • Videos must be uploaded to our shared Google folder for consideration. You must have the link to upload –
  • The first or last image must include written credits indicating the girl’s name, troop or IGM number and email address. This can be as a girl holding up a written sign. 
  • You can post your commercial on your Digital Cookie Website.
  • Five winners will be randomly selected. 
Cookie Scavenger Hunt

Want to go out exploring? Ready to get up and moving? Try the new Cookie Scavenger Hunt!

How to enter:

  • Take a picture of each item listed. If you can find multiple items at once, there must be a picture for each task.
  • Girl must appear in the picture with the item.
  • Get one point for each picture.
  • Don’t forget to have fun with creativity and originality!
  • Five winners will be randomly selected.