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Cookie Contests & Events


2,000+ packages of cookies and you become a member of the Mighty Mints Club where you will receive special recognition at the 1,550+ Event!

See below for more information on our cookie contests and how to participate.  All entries must be submitted by March 12, 2020. Please use the Cookie Contests Form to submit all entries except GSUSA Cookie Pro. Cookie Pro must be submitted through the GSUSA website.

Each contest is a drawing. FIVE winners will be randomly selected to win a $75 Program Credits for each contest with a total of 15 winners. Please visit our Program Credits page to see how to use program credits.

Mystery House

Mystery Houses are homes hidden across the Council that have a surprise waiting for the first lucky girl who asks them to buy cookies. Did you find one on your walkabout? If so, be sure to jot down the address and submit your entry using the Mystery House Cookie Contest Form. Pictures welcome! Prizes include movie tickets, animal plushes or Council Gift Cards.  Click here for Mystery House clues!

Design a Patch

Calling all artists! Design a Cookies for the Community patch and your creation just might be worn by Girl Scouts across the Council. 

How to enter:

  • Download the template or draw a big circle of your own!
  • Designs must include the title, “Cookies for the Community.”
  • Designs may be done on the computer or by hand.
  • Designs can have up to four colors (white not included). Designs with more than four colors will not be considered.
  • The design will be scaled to a 3” patch. 
  • Submit your entry by March 12, 2020.
Flat Stacie Photo Contest

Use the Flat Stacie template or create your own. Send us a picture of Stacie with her favorite Girl Scout setting up her Digital Cookie website, selling cookies or talking to customers. One entry per girl. 

Submit your entry.
Cookie Flair

Girls love to sell cookies in all different flairs. Do you bling your booth, dress up your wagon, or maybe you prefer a lemonade-style cookie stand… whichever it is, or maybe all three, take a picture and enter our contest. One entry per girl, per cookie ‘style’, and must include the girl, cookie signage, and a little bling.

Submit your entry.
Cookie Commercial Video

Are you a savvy cookie seller or entertaining entrepreneur? Make your own Cookie commercial video and show your audience why they should buy your cookies. You can post your commercial on your Digital Cookie website!

  1. Use your own topic or one of ours: Girl Scout cookies are delicious, why I love Girl Scouts, best selling techniques, a creative sales pitch, Digital Cookie, boothing, walkabouts, or a sales strategy.

  2. In the first or last image include written credits indicating the girl(s) name, troop or IGM number and email address. This can be as simple as the girl holding up a written sign. 

  3. Use the Cookie Contest form to submit your masterpiece!
Girl Scouts of the USA Cookie Pro Contest
Unleash your unique cookie business smarts!

Join the nationwide celebration by entering GSUSA's Cookie Pro™ contest from February 1 through March 31, 2020, and let us know!