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Fall Product Line-up

Participating in the Fall Product Program is fun and easy. Girls will:
  • Become an Entrepreneur! Participating girls will develop skills in financial literacy and business management. 
  • Get ready for the Cookie Program! Surveys show that 70% of troops who participate in the Fall Product Program will reach or surpass their cookie goal. 
  • Earn amazing rewards! Based on girl input, rewards inspire girls to set big goals.
  • Learn about ecommerce! Girls are able to set up their own online business.
In person, girls can sell:
  • Delicious snacks, nuts and chocolates
  • Military Snacks
Online, girls can sell:
  • Magazines 
$6 Items
  • butter-toasted-peanut

    Butter Toasted Peanuts
    (Gluten Free)

  • dill-pickle-peanuts

    Dill Pickle Peanuts

  • fruit-slices

    Fruit Slices
    (Gluten Free)

  • salsa-mix

    Salsa Mix

  • sweet-salty

    New! Sweet & Salty Mix

$7 Items
  • caramel-apples

    New! Caramel Apples

  • dark-choc-caramel-caps

    Dark Chocolate Carmel Caps

  • mint-penguin

    Dark Chocolate
    Mint Penguins
    (Gluten Free)

  • pecan-cluster

    Deluxe Pecan Clusters

  • butter-toffee

    English Butter Toffee

  • pb-bears

    New! Peanut Butter Bears

$8 Items
  • PBTrailMix

    Peanut Butter Pretzel Mix

  • chocolate-covered-almonds

    Chocolate Covered Almonds

  • peppermint-pretzels

    Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

  • ruby-medley

    NEW! Ruby Medley

  • cashews

    Whole Cashwes

$10 Items
  • honey-roasted-mixed-nuts

    Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts

  • nut-seed-blend

    NEW! Nut & Seed Blend

  • mint-treasures-tin

    Mint Treasures in Girl Scout Tin (Gluten Free)