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For Cookie Parents/Guardians

Thank you for being part of the Cookie Program. Families are an important part of a girl’s experience in Girl Scouts, especially in the Cookie Program! Parent engagement helps enhance the girl experience and to be successful to achieve her goal. Not to mention, it is also an important part of tradition, values, and fun!

Here are a few ways families can support their girl scout during the Cookie Season:


Encourage Goal-Setting – It is an important life skill. Ask the Troop Leader what the troop goal is and help your girl set her individual goal. Work together and create a plan with stepping stones to achieve her goal! There are printable goal setting documents in the Resource tab.


Support Her Sale – Practice with your Girl Scout on her sales pitch and listen to her message. Encourage her to talk to customers and remind to include her goal! Ask your work if she can have a Milk and Cookies presentation at your work. Or help her create a video (you can upload into her Digital Cookie Site) or poster to take to your work. Remember, the Cookie Program involves the whole family, however the registered Girl Scout makes the sale.  Work together to earn the Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin


Volunteer – Although the Cookie Program is fun, there are many moving parts for girls to achieve their goal. Volunteers are needed to chaperone cookie booths, cookie pickup at delivery day and cupboards, and more. Ask the Troop Leader how you can help.

Important Dates
Nov. 10 Exclusive Booth Round (8pm)
Nov. 13 Booth Round – 2 Slots (9am)
Nov. 20 Booth Round – 2 slots (9am)
Dec. 4 Booth Round – 3 slots (9am)
Dec. 11 Open Round (9am)
TBD OdySea Aquarium Event
Dec. 12 Troop Initial Order Due
Dec. 13 DOC Access for Parents
Jan. 7 DOC Presale Opens 
Jan. 7-14 Extended Area Cookie Delivery
Jan. 15-16 Metro Phoenix Cookie Delivery
Jan. 17 2022 Cookie Program Begins
Jan. 18 Cookie Cupboards Open
Feb. 1 1st ACH
Feb. 14 2nd ACH
Feb. 18-20 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
Feb. 27 DOC Closes for Girl Delivery
Feb. 27
2022 Cookie Program Ends
Mar. 7 Final ACH
Mar. 10 Cookie Contest Entries Due
May-Aug. Cookie Rewards/Events
IGM Resources
Cookie Booths
Digital Cookie