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Willow Springs Year-Round Program

At Willow Springs, you can enjoy programs year round, including weekend encampment support, afterschool, or a FULL day on the weekends. Come to camp with your troop!

You can find information on Encampments/Troop Camps here.

Adventures at Willow Springs

For troops interested in coming to camp afterschool or for a full day, we have many program opportunities to fit your needs. Girls can choose from a variety of options. A complete list can be found here.

  • Location: Willow Springs Program Center – Prescott, AZ
  • Dates: Throughout the year Monday-Sunday
  • Time: Hours vary depending upon your needs
  • Fee: $5-$15 per girl *depends on program selections
  • Capacity: Minimum of 5 girls

Ready to sign your troop up for an Adventure at Willow? Complete the Program Use Request Form. Still have questions? Contact Willow Springs at 928.778.5127 or



How do I get more information?
Contact Willow Springs Program Center staff at or by phone at 928-778-5127 or view  Adventures at Willow Springs Program Descriptions.

What grade levels does the program support?
We have program options for all grade levels. Some programs (archery, challenge course) have a minimum age requirement.

Is there a minimum number of girls required?
Yes, 5 girls.

Is there a maximum number of girls required if I want to partner up with another troop? 
No, it depends only on the availability of staff and site use.

When is "Adventures at Willow Springs" offered?
Throughout the year - schedule a specific date with Willow Springs staff.

We want to sign up for Adventures at Willow, what is the first step?
Call or email camp at  or 928-778-5127 to schedule a date/time and then complete the  Program Request Form.