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About Our Programs


Day Camp

Learn and practice swimming, archery, cooking, outdoor skills, leadership, arts & crafts, games, songs and more!


Resident & Mini-Resident Camp

Spend a week at overnight camp where you can explore the outdoors Learn exciting skills like archery, boating, rock climbing, outdoor skills and nature appreciation and make lifelong friends, all with caring and trained camp counselors on hand

Some options include:

  • (New) Mini Residential – 3-Day Overnight – 3 days, 2 nights
    Experience camp on your own or with a buddy! This program is recommended for first time campers or campers who aren’t as comfortable spending long period of time away from home. Some of these programs include overnight out-of-camp.
  • 5-Day Overnight
    For girls who are comfortable spending time away from home and want to sample all the special programs and activities at camp.
  • 13-Day Overnight – 13 days, 12 nights
    For girls who more comfortable spending longer periods of time away from home and want to experience more advanced outdoor camping adventures! Some of these programs include overnight out-of-camp and/or trip and travel.  
Am I Ready for Overnight/Resident Camp?

We are so appreciative when families and girls ask this question. We share your desire to find the best camp experiences possible, and for this reason, we offer a rich progression of sessions. You can choose from a variety of options – from day camp and mini-residential options to shorter sessions, weekend sessions with your troop, or traditional, weeklong and multi-week overnight sessions. Girl Scout camp has something for every level of readiness!

Although age plays a big role in determining a camper’s readiness for overnight/resident camp, maturity and openness to a new adventure are also important. We suggest reviewing and discussing the following list of skills and abilities to decide what is best.

  • I can ask for help when needed.
  • I can follow directions in a group setting.
  • I’m excited to make new friends.
  • I’m comfortable being outdoors in nature.
  • I have been away from home overnight.
  • I take a shower and brush my teeth by myself.
  • I’m good at keeping track of my personal belongings.
  • I’m good at using my camp equipment (i.e., water bottle, mess kit, sunscreen, etc.)

If you and your camper decide she's not ready for a full week of resident camp, consider the day camp or the mini-resident camp (3 days/2 nights) options at The Parsons Leadership Center, or troop camp or Daisy & Me at Shadow Rim.




Troop Camp

Opportunities for Girl Scouts to experience camp with their family members or their troop are available year round. Some of the camps have special themes and all of them provide age-appropriate activities based on what each camp has to offer. Most family and troop camps are 3 days, 2 nights.

Some of the programs that have been offered include:

  • Family Camp: Family camp is an opportunity for families to enjoy a camp experience together. Each family will be housed in their own cabin and meals are included (Friday night snack/Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast). Each camp has a variety of activities to choose from such as archery, arts and crafts, hiking, games, and more! Children under the age of 4 are free to attend.

  • Troop Camp: Troop camp is an opportunity for troops to enjoy a camp experience together. Troops can experience specific activities based on the individual camp programs including arts & crafts, hiking, slingshots or archery, teambuilding, labyrinth walk and in many cases working on grade-specific program. Troops live in a cabin with your troop and nearby cabins house in the unit house other troops. All meals are included (Friday night snack/Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast). Troop Leaders and registered parent/guardians may register. Adults are required to attend for supervision. Please follow girl/adult ratios. Each troop must bring a certified adult in CPR/First Aid and Troop Camp Certification 1 (TCC1). Camp staff will lead program activities.