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Summer Camp FAQ

Do campers need to be Girl Scouts to attend camp?

No! We welcome all girls to Girl Scout Summer Camp. It’s actually a great way to try Girl Scouting for the first time and make new friends.

Campers not currently registered as Girl Scout members will add the $35 membership fee to their camp registration. The Girl Scout membership will carry through the entire next membership year. Campers must have a membership to be covered for insurance purposes. Campers are eligible to participate in any Girl Scout activities they’d like to join through September 2022 without paying additional member fees! For more information about year-round Girl Scout opportunities, contact

How much does it cost to send my child to camp?

The price of each session varies depending upon the length of the session and the activities involved. On average, three-day residential sessions cost $275, and six-day sessions cost $450-500. 

A non-refundable deposit for each camp session is required at the time of registration. Deposits are applied to the total cost of the camp session and are non-transferrable. For more information, see Registration & Payment.

What is the policy on changes, cancellations, and refunds?

Cancellations, transfers, bus fees, or any changes to reservations must be emailed to Review our detailed refund policies.   

In the event Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus Pine Council finds it necessary to cancel an event or program, all troops/groups or individuals having submitted registrations and payments for that event or program will receive a full refund of all payments made via council check.  

Is financial assistance available?

Yes – we do everything possible to make sure all girls, who want to, can access a summer camp experience. Also called camperships, they require an application and are awarded based on financial need. Learn more. 

Does my camper sign up based on their current school grade or the one they enter in the fall?

When registering for a session, we recommend campers sign up under the grade they are going into in the fall, but this is up to your discretion. If you prefer your camper sign up for their current grade, that is completely fine as well.

What is the waitlist process?

When a camper is on the waitlist, no payment is required. When a spot becomes available, an email will be sent to the email address on file. You’ll have 24 hours to register and pay for the session to secure the spot. Please check your email frequently to ensure you do not miss an opportunity if a spot becomes available.

Can my camper bring their phone or smartwatch to camp?

Please DO NOT send phones, Apple watches, tablets, iPods, or other electronic devices to camp with your camper. Camp is an opportunity for campers to unplug and connect with themselves, their new friends, and nature. Any electronic devices brought to camp will be placed in the camp office until the end of the camper’s session. Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council is not responsible for any missing or damaged personal items.

Do you permit visitors at camp?

Visitors are not permitted on site while camp is in session.

What happens if I am late for camp or if my child can't make it to camp at the last minute?

As with any changes or notifications, please call the specific camp your child is attending – not the Council office (especially if you are calling on a weekend) to let the Camp Director know that you are running late or if a conflict has arisen. Please review our cancellation and refund policies.  

Where are the camps located?
What are the sleeping arrangements like at resident camp?

In all sleeping arrangements and at all our camps, Camp Staff do not sleep in the same cabin or room as campers due to the size and capacity of our cabins. They will be in a separate cabin, in very close proximity, much like a household sleeping arrangement with children and adults in different rooms. This will help your camper gain independence and self-reliance and meet the outcomes of developing a strong sense of self and gaining practical life skills. 

*In some circumstances where dormitory sleeping allows, two or more unrelated adults will sleep in the same area as campers to support campers' nighttime needs. *

Sleeping arrangements vary depending on which resident camp you attend. Potential arrangements include cabins and dormitory-style buildings – some groups may sleep in tents for all or portions of their session. Tent accommodations are specified in session descriptions.

Campers will be well educated on finding staff members before bedtime the first night at camp. Staff is ready and willing to assist in bedtime traditions to help our campers feel comfortable at night, including tucking in stories and songs.

What if my camper wets the bed?

Not a big deal! Being in a new sleeping location can be stressful, and it can be hard to adjust. Even children who do not have a history of bedwetting can struggle with it at times.

Please encourage your camper to tell a counselor; they can say to them discreetly, and no one else in their unit must know! Counselors are trained in procedures that help maintain your child's privacy and have a positive camp experience. Once a staff member is told about it, they will encourage your camper to leave their things on her bed, including any soiled clothing. 

As campers are at their activities, their bedding will be washed and dried and brought back to the unit as soon as possible, so no one is the wiser.

It is important to talk to your camper about their nighttime bathroom needs - for most of our camps' sleeping arrangements, it is a short walk to the bathroom, which is always lit at night. Additionally, if your child has a history of wetting the bed, please write that in the "camper information" part of the paperwork. Only the counselors in your child's unit will read it, and it will significantly help the staff member ensure your camper has a positive experience.

What if my camper needs special accommodations (allergies, medical, etc.)?

We are committed to ensuring that all girls have a positive camp experience. If your camper needs additional support to be successful, please contact the Camp Director, and we will work with you to make sure we can provide that support. This includes, but is not limited to, dietary needs, allergies, specific health care needs, and mobility limitations. Your camper must be able to shower and dress and be supported and supervised in the Girl Scout adult to camper ratio.

What if my camper has dietary needs?

If your camper has unique food allergies or special dietary needs, please contact the Camp Director. Since our food is ordered before each camp session and meals are typically planned well in advance, we recommend that you list dietary needs on the health history forms during the registration process. All our camps are “nut aware.” We do not serve peanut butter in our dining hall, and prepared meals are checked for items that contain any possibility of nuts. 

We’ll work with you to find the best possible solution to your camper's needs, but in some instances, these solutions may include families supplying unique and hard-to-find foods to supplement your camper's diet.

How can I stay in touch with my camper while they are at camp?

Your camper would LOVE to get mail while at camp! Send packages and letters a week before their camp session to ensure they arrive on time. They will be distributed throughout the week. Please clearly label all items with the camper’s name, session name, and day of delivery. Remember, no food with nuts.

What will my camper gain from coming to camp?

Your camper will gain new practical skills (e.g., cooking, taking care of themselves and their belongings, making choices) as well as gaining several of the outcomes described in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This includes developing a strong sense of self, seeking challenges in the world, developing healthy relationships, promoting cooperation and team building, as well as becoming resourceful problem solvers. Your camper may also participate in activities at camp for the first time or in a different way that will build confidence and interest, including hiking, archery, exploring nature, arts and crafts, STEM projects, and many more.

All girls will earn and/or work towards earning badges and patches while attending camp. Girls will also be provided with information for future events and activities to continue their Girl Scout experience after summer camp ends.

Can my camper be in the same unit as their friend?

A camper may request up to one “buddy” when registering for camp. All campers must register for the same program or session at the same camp. Make sure your camper and their buddy (and parent/guardian) are planning this together. We cannot accommodate larger requests for buddies due to cabin sizes and the intention of campers making new friends.

What types of meals are provided at resident camp?

Meals served at camp are nutritious meals appropriate for children. This includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and breads. Salad items are available at lunch and dinner, and snacks are provided in the afternoons.

What types of activities will my child participate in?

Program descriptions you see upon registration refer to specific experience focuses and activities during that session. No matter which session your camper registers for, they’ll experience all general summer camp fun  included at their camp location. 

Will my camper leave the camp property during their session?

Unless stated in the description of your child's specific session and program, your camper will not be leaving camp. Our northern camps are bordered by national forest and trails within. Our campers frequently use these trails for a hike. The only other scenario would be in case of a medical emergency, and you would be promptly notified.

What happens if my camper needs medical attention while at camp?

A Health Supervisor is on-site at each camp and oversees the routine health care and administration of medications for all campers and staff. A physician is on call. Medications are distributed in the morning, at lunch, at dinner, at night, and if required at a specific time. Make sure you note this in your camper’s health form. Parent/guardians will be notified in the event of an emergency, if their camper requires additional medical attention at the nearest hospital/clinic, or if their camper spends a night in the Wellness Center.

Can I call camp to check on my camper?

Of course! If you have any questions, concerns, or need reassurance that your camper is doing well, call or email the camp director. Rest assured that we will reach out to you if we need to provide extra support for your camper due to missing home, illness, behavior, or (in rare cases) serious injury.

What happens if my camper gets injured while at camp?

A Health Supervisor is on-site at each camp and oversees the routine health care and administration of medications for all campers and staff. If immediate support is needed for any high-risk conditions, local emergency services will be called. Parent/guardians are notified in the event of an emergency or any other concern regarding their camper.

Do I need to report my camper’s absence?

As with any changes or notifications, please call the specific camp your camper is attending (not the Council office) and let the Camp Director know that you are running late, if a conflict has arisen, and your camper will not be attending camp.

Can my troop sign up to be together and be in the same cabin or unit?

We have summer sessions available for troops where they can be in the same cabin or cabin unit. However, during our residential sleep-away camp sessions, requests for more than one buddy cannot be accommodated.

When does my camper receive all the pre-orders?

Upon arrival to camp, your camper will receive all pre-orders (patch, t-shirt, and postcard) made during the registration process/system. Any earned awards or patches will be placed in the camper’s return envelope at the end of their camp session. 

What is ACA (American Camp Association)?

American Camp Association is a community of camp professionals who, for nearly 100 years, have joined together to share our knowledge and experience and ensure the quality of camp programs. All of our camps are ACA accredited. For parents, the ACA-accredited camp sign symbolizes excellence and our accountability and ongoing commitment to the children we serve.

If I transfer my Camp Voucher to Program Credits, what are my options?

Program Credits can be used for camp session fees, bus, Trading Post, membership fees, Council Shop, and travel. See our Program Credits page for more details.

What do I need to know about Summer Troop Camp?

Adults must register and attend to supervise their troop.  

Troops will need to register the required number of troop adults per the GIRL Scout grade level. Please do not register additional adults beyond the required number. A registered parent/guardian (chaperone) can attend with the troop and must complete the background check process as a volunteer, to meet the required adult ratio.   

Camp Staff will deliver activities if program is delivered within the summer. Meals will be provided. 

One leader must be Troop Camp Certification (TCC1) certified and another adult First Aid/CPR certified. 

The Trading Post/camp store will be open for troops to visit in small groups.  

A troop trip application must be submitted to the neighborhood’s Member Service Executive.  

Individual Girl Members are welcome to register for Troop Camp. Options include attending with a troop from their service unit/neighborhood or other Individual Girl Members. Registered and background-checked adults must accompany the Individual Girl Members.  

The minimum number from the troop is two. The maximum number for each troop will be based on the current availability of space of the camp and anticipate 20 maximum. Troops will be housed in the same living unit and have sperate cabins.