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COVID-19 Information

The safety of our campers, staff, and volunteers is the highest priority.  

We will be utilizing our learned experiences and the continued guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), and the American Camp Association (ACA) to keep the camp experience as consistent and magical as possible.

The protocols and information here are designed to give families a general idea of camp operations and are subject to change. We’ll continue to monitor the fluid situation and make updates regularly on our COVID-19 page.

Should I come to camp this summer? 

Please review the questions below for yourself and with your camper to make the best decision for your family.

  • My camper and I will do our part and conduct the 14-day pre-screening symptom health check prior to coming to camp, to ensure ours and everyone’s safety.
  • My camper understands the importance of hand hygiene and is comfortable washing  hands several times a day.
  • My camper understands the importance of daily health checks while at camp and will inform their camp counselor if they are not feeling well.
  • My camper knows to keep their belongings organized and to not share any personal items with others.
  • We will consider how attendance at camp may affect someone in our family with a compromised immune system.
  • My camper understands the importance of asking for support or getting answers to their questions or concerns whenever needed. The camp staff are responsible for the care of their campers.
  • My camper and I are comfortable to be separated from each other for couple of days (up to one week or longer depending upon the session)
  • As a parent/caregiver, I understand I must be available via phone during my camper’s session.
  • My camper is comfortable sleeping in the same cabin with other campers that do not live with them (for residential camp).
  • We understand and feel comfortable with adults (camp staff) sleeping in a separate cabin from campers, nearby the camper cabins (for residential camp).
  • My camper can take showers on their own and is able to dress themselves (for residential camp).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my camper and camp staff have to go through a pre-screening process?

To foster a healthy camp community, all campers and staff will complete a pre-screening health check form. This form will help you track your camper’s temperature, monitor for symptoms, and signs of a communicable disease. 

The pre-screening health check would be conducted by the parent/guardian daily for 14 consecutive days (two weeks) prior to their camp session date. 

Please reschedule and do not send your camper to camp if they are feeling ill.

If you are attending consecutive weeks at camp, whether at the same camp or a different GSACPC camp: Camp staff will be administering daily health checks to monitor signs and symptoms and this will count as part of your 14 pre-screening process. Make sure during check-in day you mention to camp staff the camp you just attended so they are aware of where part of your pre-screening was completed. 

What happens if my camper develops signs and symptoms of communicable disease during their 14-day pre-screening health check?

Contact the Camp Director and Customer Care team. Reschedule to another session if possible. 

If you cannot reschedule, discuss the refund process with Customer Care  

Is there going to be a health check when arriving to camp?

Every camper will have a health check upon arrival. The health check will include temperature, head check for lice, and signs/symptoms of illness or injury. Camp staff will also verify that the 14-day pre-screening health check was completed by parent/guardians prior to coming to camp.

During the camp session, campers and staff will be screened for fever and other symptoms daily. Any person with signs or symptoms of communicable disease will be treated by the Health Supervisor and isolated. The parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to arrange for camper pick-up.

Will my camper be required to wear a mask?

Campers will be required to follow the current mask requirements as posted on our Council’s COVID Webpage. Mask wearing is dependent on the community threat level as outlined by the CDC and can change at any time. Please ensure you are sending your camper to camp with 2-3 masks if there is a change to the community threat level mid-session. 

How will meals work?

Indoor and outdoor eating spaces will be used as needed. Day campers will be served breakfast, snack, and lunch service. Residential campers will be served all meals and snack. 

What are you doing to clean and sanitize facilities?

All camp staff are responsible for the cleaning and sanitization of camp areas on a regular basis including high touch surfaces. Cleaning protocols are in place for program spaces and equipment between activity groups. In addition to current hand washing stations, additional hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the camp. 

Campers will also be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer between activities. Increased ventilation will be utilized in all cabins and indoor activity locations, which may include fans and open windows. For activities that require campers to use equipment or materials, equipment will be assigned when possible. 

Bus transportation procedures

Buses are available for our northern camps. 

Follow the most up to date mask policies as outlined on our COVID-19 page.

What happens if a camper and/or staff present symptoms/signs of any communicable disease while at camp?

Signs and symptoms will be monitored daily for campers and staff. Any signs or symptoms of illness the camper or staff person will be isolated, monitored, and treated by the Health Supervisor. Camper parent/guardian will be contacted immediately.  

If signs and symptoms persist, isolation will continue at camp until the parent/guardian picks-up their camper. We recommend any camper exhibiting symptoms of illness be seen by a health care provider. 

If your camper comes into contact with someone who has tested positive at camp, they will be quarantined and parents/guardians will be notified (the name of the individual will be withheld for confidentiality). Daily sign and symptom health checks and monitoring will continue at camp.  

What steps are taking for the prevention of communicable disease?

We review health history forms prior to camp arrival, screen all staff and campers thoroughly upon arrival, and conduct daily health checks while at camp. 

Camp staff training follows recommendations by the American Camp Association (ACA) and CDC standards and protocols for behaviors and precautions campers should abide by to prevent the spread of communicable disease (Flu, COVID-19, etc.). Some of which include the following:

  • How and when to effectively wash and sanitize hands
  • Which symptoms to look out for and when/how to report them
  • When to stay home
  • Coughing/sneezing etiquette
  • Cleaning/disinfection techniques

We will promote healthy living conditions, drinking water, the importance of adequate sleep, and promote good personal hygiene habits with kapers in units and program areas. In addition, campers will sleep in opposite directions on cots and bunk beds (head to foot) and cannot share drinks or personal items.