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Paying For Camp

Our camps are among the most affordable and we offer flexible pricing tiers to choose from based on your needs. If the session you want to attend is still too expensive for the family budget, we offer scholarships and camperships. Learn more!

And don’t forget that Program Credits can be earned by girls for selling Girl Scout Cookies and Fall Product and used to pay for summer camp.

How to Register for Camp

Choose your adventure (camp session) after reviewing the catalog


Choose your TIER pricing level


Choose additional options: Transportation (page 6), Pre-ordered items (back cover), Trading Post account (page 7)


Pay a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. All deposits must be paid with a credit card. Deposits are applied to the total cost of the camp session and are not transferable to another camper, and are not refundable. (10% deposit per camper for each 4-day+ session. $10 deposit per person for Family Camp and Troop programs.)


Decide how to make payments – Credit card online or by phone through GSACPC Customer Care. By cash at our registration office. Apply Program Credits and/or Camp Vouchers to camp sessions or bus/van transportation. Program Credits or Camp Vouchers can be earned through Cookie or Fall Product Programs. Review guidelines before redeeming program credits.

The balance of the camp fee is due two weeks before the start of each
selected session. An email reminder will be sent three weeks before the
payment due date. Please keep an eye on your email inbox!

As camp forms must be filled out in detail, phone registration is not available. Our Customer Care team is happy to walk through the process with anyone encountering problems registering online. Reach out for help by phone, email, or in-person (Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm):

What is Tired Pricing?

We are proud to continue to offer the Girl Scout Camp experience at an affordable price, significantly below the industry average. This is possible because a portion of the Council proceeds from the cookie program helps underwrite the costs of camp. In addition, many families choose to pay the rate reflecting the true cost of the camp session.

We offer a three-tiered pricing structure to provide families the opportunity to take an active role in creating sustainable camps for girls now and in the future. Each family chooses the pricing tier most appropriate to their needs. Every camper will receive the same high-quality programming you’ve come to expect from Girl Scouts, regardless of pricing tier selected. For each session described, three prices are listed representing the
following tiered levels:

  • TIER 1 – This rate reflects our historically low rate, made possible by grants, donations and the cookie program.
  • TIER 2 – This rate helps sustain camp and falls about halfway between the Tier 1 rate and the full cost of the camp session.
  • TIER 3 – This rate most closely reflects the true cost per-camper including relative costs for program supplies, insurance, facilities upkeep, food and camp staff salaries.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration for each camp session. Deposits are applied to the total cost of the camp session and are non-transferrable to another camper.

  • 10% deposit for each 4-day + session of camp
  • $10 per person for Family Camp or Troop Programs

The balance of the camp fee is due on the Monday two weeks before the start of the session.

Refunds, Cancellations & Changes

Cancellations, transfers, bus fees or any changes to reservations must be emailed to

Refund policy for all camp sessions (including weekend programs) will be processed as follows:

  • 16 business days before session – 100% less deposit
  • 11-15 business days before session – 75% less deposit
  • 6-10 business days before session – 50% less deposit
  • 5 or fewer business days before session – no refund

If a camper must leave camp early or cannot make it to camp due to unexpected circumstances:

  • If a camper cancels due to injury or illness, an email must be submitted to the Camp Director and Customer Care team to request a refund.
  • The camp fee less the deposit may be prorated and refunded.
  • Camp fees will not be refunded if a camper leaves a session due to misconduct.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for making all travel arrangements if a camper leaves camp early.

Requests for refunds will only be considered until the end of August after the camp season. Refunds cannot be given for no-shows. Please email refund requests to

Program Credits

How does selling packages of Girl Scout Cookies support the Girl Scout Camp Program? When a girl sells cookies, she is not only selling a package of deliciousness, she is investing in herself and her GSACPC sisters. Program Credits and Camp Vouchers can be redeemed for individual girl camp sessions, troop proceeds can be used for Troop Camp and Encampments, and a portion if Council proceeds are used to support camperships and maintain our properties. But did you know that she is also part of something even bigger—something thousands of awesome girls nationwide who are a part of too? When she participates in the Girl Scout Cookie

Program, she is part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world—and that’s a huge deal! All Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout Cookies and choose to earn Program Credits or Camp Vouchers as their cookie incentive reward. Program Credits can be used for camp session fees, bus, Trading Post, membership fees, Council Shop, and travel.

All deposits must be held by credit card before applying Program Credits and/or Camp Vouchers. For more information, visit the Program Credits page.

Financial Assistance – Camperships

We want to ensure that everyone who wants to attend camp can do so, regardless of financial situation. If you believe paying for camp would be a financial hardship, please apply for a campership.

  • Camperships are not guaranteed for the full amount and will
    not exceed $500. Once approved, it will be applied for one camp session per camper.
  • Recipients will be notified after cookie incentives are released at the beginning of April.
  • Campers applying for camperships must register for a camp session and pay the non-refundable deposit before submitting the financial assistance application (10% deposit for weeklong camps or $10 per person deposit for Troop/Family Camps).
  • Camperships can be applied to troop or family camp weekends up to the cost of the camp.
  • Trading post, t-shirt, patch, camp kits, and bus transportation are not covered by Camperships.
Trading Post – Camp Store

During their stay at our camps, campers will visit the camp store, called the Trading Post, at least once. Our Trading Posts offer a chance for girls to purchase a souvenir or a snack. We recommend $20 for a week’s stay and the money be placed in your camper’s Trading Post account during the registration process. We do not advise campers bring cash to camp. Prices at the Trading Post can vary between 50¢ to $2 for snacks, and $2-$25 for stuffed animal, t-shirts, sweaters, water bottles, flashlights, and more!

Be mindful of the amount chosen each session because Trading Post monies:

  • Can only be utilized for the session at that camp.
  • Do not transfer to other camp’s stores.
  • Any money remaining in the account is non-refundable (in whole or part).

Monies accepted for Trading Post purchases:

  • Credit card (with camp registration, at camp during check-in day, or by phone a week prior to session start date with GSACPC Customer Care Team (602) 452-7030.) Contact the camp directly to add more money to an account during a camp session.
  • Cash at camp or at bus/van locations.
  • Program credits, council gift card, or credit cards at camp or at bus locations.

If your camper comes to camp with additional money, we encourage campers to create a Trading Post account upon arrival to camp. Camp is not responsible for lost cash.