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Arriving at Camp

Pre-Camp Screening Health Check Policy

Prior to arriving at camp, each camper and camp staff are asked to complete a daily pre-screening health check for 14 days (two weeks). A form will be provided in your registration confirmation packet that will help you track camper’s temperature, monitor for symptoms, and signs of illness. If your camper is experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness, please stay home and reschedule your session. 

Camp Arrival Health Check Procedure

Whether you transport your camper to camp, or they arrive on the bus, a health check will be conducted on check-in day. 

  • Make sure your camper is wearing close-toed shoes and socks, has a hat, water bottle, and face mask. 
  • We’ll verify the camper's name and confirm the following: program registered, trading post account credit, buddies, authorized pickups, and completion of the 14-day pre-screening health check.

The health check at camp will also include:


Temperature check (must be under 100°F).


Lice, observable illnesses or injury (running noses, rashes, sprains, etc). 


Has your child taken Tylenol or any other fever reducing medicine today?


Does your child have: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea? 


Are there any members of your household with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or any other communicable illness?

If the answer to any of the questions is “YES” then your child cannot be admitted to camp today, and camp session should be rescheduled.

Additional Check-In Procedures 

  • Medication Drop Off: Check-in all medications to the Health Supervisor or at bus stop, (Includes emergency medications, prescription and over the counter medications—all medications MUST BE in their original containers – this includes vitamins, melatonin, and herbal medicines. Emergency medication such as epi-pen and inhalers will be placed in a fanny pack and given to the camper and/or their counselor.
  • Bag Check: all campers will be subject to a bag check. We will be looking for prohibited camp items such as:
    • Prescription medication
    • Over the counter medications
    • Vapes
    • Drugs
    • Cell phones
      • To see a full list of prohibited camp items, please see you Camper Confirmation Packet.
  • Mail drop off: any mail that you will like us to give to your camper during the stay will be drop off during check-in or at the bus. Remember to label the mail with your camper’s name, preferred day of delivery, and their program session. Recommended for resident campers.
  • Luggage drop off: Camp staff direct you to the designated area for luggage drop-off for residential camp.