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Meet the Camp Directors

Camp Maripai

Evelyn "Sparkie" Torrez-Martinez 480-710-9769

Favorite Camp Song: Fi, Fai, Fu

Favorite Camp Memory: Rappelling down waterfalls in Colombia. Also exploring caverns, hiking, and kayaking.

Fun Fact: I love survival skills, and I practiced those skills during a three-day backpacking adventure in Bogota, Colombia.

What would you do if you could spend a day with Chepi—the magical bird that lives at Maripai? I would love to go flying with her around Camp Maripai, so I could see what she sees when girls arrive at summer camp.

Parsons Leadership Center

Monica “Luna” Bravo  602-452-7185 

Favorite Camp Song: A Ram Sam Sam

Favorite Camp Memory: Making new friends and learning new skills.

Fun Fact: I grew up dancing Ballet Folklorico.

What would you do if you could spend a day with Charlie Chuckwalla—the magical lizard at Parsons Leadership Center? We would make some tamales, share stories and gaze at the moon together.

Shadow Rim Ranch

Courtney “Rocky” Bartlett  928-978-7177 

Favorite Camp Song: Linger

Favorite Camp Memory: The all-camp sleepovers under the stars in the field at Camp St. Albans in Washington.

Fun Fact: Camping is my favorite thing to do. I try to take my dogs camping at least once a month if the weather cooperates.  

What would you do if you could spend a day with Mogie—the magical creature at Shadow Rim Ranch? I would ask Mogie to take me for a walk on the Mogollon Rim so I could see all of his favorite spots!

Willow Springs Program Center

Michelle "Juniper" Balfe-Keefer  602-452-7041

Favorite Camp Song: Super California Surfer

Favorite Camp Memory: Inventing games to play with campers and staff, and anytime I hear another person’s personal story.

Fun Fact: I am a certified Forest Therapy Guide.

What would you do if you could spend a day with Willowmina—the Blue Chicken that lives at Willow? I would walk with her, find out what she eats and if she can fly, and listen to her past adventures.