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Maripai Horse Programs

Camp Maripai in Prescott, Arizona is offering horsemanship programs on weekdays and weekends, during the spring and fall.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact the Camp Director, Evelyn Torrez-Martinez or the Horseback Riding Director.

2-Hour Junior Badge Workshops

Each 2-hour program works toward or completes a level of our Council’s Own Horseback Riding progression patch, while teaching valuable life skills through interaction with horses. One hour is dedicated to horseback riding and one hour to horse knowledge. Trail riding may be available for Girl Scout Juniors who have participated in a previous riding session at Camp Maripai or have equivalent experience. For the comfort and safety of the horse and rider, weight limitations are in effect, persons over 260 lbs. cannot be accommodated. All prerequisites are at the discretion of the riding staff.

Skills are taught based on experience of the group. The skills that girls will learn include:

  • Safely mount and dismount
  • Control horse at walk
  • Circle horse at walk
  • Stop horse
  • Ground lessons (if available)
Daisies Ride, Too!

Daisies (grades K-1) will participate in a short orientation on safety followed by an introductory ride in our arena. An adult must accompany each rider and be able to walk next to the rider. Adults will not ride in this program. We recommend checking for available opportunities for the Learn to Ride or Daisy Adventure program on our calendar page.

Interested in Volunteering?
Grades 9-12  |  FREE

Have you completed any of our leadership programs (BIT or CIT level 2 or 3)? If you have we would love for you to join us over the weekend. You will spend time hanging out with our horses and continue learning what it takes to keep up with their care! You will have an opportunity to clean and polish tack, groom horses, scoop poop, fill water troughs, and help out with other important barn chores. You will have an opportunity to shadow the instructors and if they clear you, you may be able to teach a lesson under their supervision!

Email to schedule volunteer opportunities. 

Specialized Program Opportunities

If your neighborhood has a currently scheduled weekend encampment at Maripai in April, September, or October, we would be happy to offer horse programming to your troop or group. Please note that girls will have priority and adults will only ride if youth spaces are not filled. Please complete the Horse Program Request Form. The riding director will contact you to confirm your request.

Some of the horse program opportunities we recommend for your encampment are:

  • Trailrides (if available): $40 person (Juniors and up)
  • Arena Lessons: $30 person (Daisies and up)
  • Paint a Pony:  $10 person (Daisies and up)
  • Ground + Grooming Lessons: 15 person (Daisies and up)
  • 2-hour Junior Badge Work: $40 person

Program available after your encampment on Sunday! We can schedule program for your troop after your encampment is over. Simply complete the Horse Program Request Form for your troop.

Additional Information

Required Dress

Long pants and socks must be worn. Participants should also wear a bandana to help maintain the cleanliness of our helmets. Shirts with sleeves are recommended for trail rides. Shoes or boots with at least a 1/4 inch heel and smooth soles are required, however a limited supply of loaner boots are available at camp. We do NOT permit sneakers, sandals, or fashion boots. Riding helmets are provided for all riders.


Leaders/parents in the recommended girl/adult safety ratio must stay at the riding arena while girls participate in riding activities, unless otherwise advised. Tagalongs/siblings are not permitted in area while lessions are taking place. All riding staff and volunteers complete an application, background check, and training.


If you are unable to attend the program you must submitted in writing a request of cancelation and send by email to The refund policy is as follows.

  • If the event requires a deposit, deposits are non-refundable
  • You may swap participants up to the day of the event
  • Refunds will not be given for programs or events under $5
  • All other events will be processed as follows:
    • 16 business days before the event – 100%
    • 11-15 business days before the event – 75%
    • 6-10 business days before the event – 50%
    • 5 or fewer business days before the event – no refund given

On rare occasions, we must cancel a program due to unforeseen circumstances, including weather (primarily monsoons) volunteer availability, and horse injury or illness. We will try to communicate cancellations with as much advance notice as possible. However, sometimes in the time it takes you to travel to camp, a storm can move in on an otherwise perfect day and force us to cancel program. If this occurs, we will refund your program fees and offer a complimentary 1-hour indoor educational program related to horses.

Equine Waiver

The Equine Waiver must be signed by every rider and a parent/guardian if the rider is under 18 years of age.

Become a Volunteer Riding Instructor or Trail Guide!

We are seeking adults with extensive horse experience to instruct arena lessons, ground/unmounted lessons, assist riding instructors with lessons, lead & drag trail rides, groom and tack horses, work horses during the week, and assist with general care of horses. Current First Aid/CPR certification is preferred. Free weekend accommodation for volunteers may be available. Email
for more information. Or complete a volunteer application.