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Family Camps

Opportunities for Girl Scouts to experience camp with their family members are available year round. Some of the camps have special themes and all of them provide age-appropriate activities based on what each camp has to offer. Most family camps are offered on weekends from Friday through Sunday. Some of the programs that have been offered over the past years include:

  • Family Camp: Family camp is an opportunity for families to enjoy a camp experience together. This summer’s theme is “Around the World.” We’ll enjoy games and activities from many different cultures and meet camp counselors from across the globe. Activities will include archery, arts and crafts, hiking games, songs, and more! Children under the age of 4 are free.

  • Me and My Cowboy: Come to a fun-filled weekend at camp with your favorite male adult (dad, uncle, grandfather, or mentor over the age of 18 years old). Join us for a weekend of horseback riding, archery, fire-building, kickball, hiking, songs, and more! Cowgirls and Cowboys will get their own rustic cabin, with separate bathhouses for males and females.

  • Me and My Gal: You and your favorite adult female are about to embark on an overnight adventure of staying up late, learning new songs and games, and discovering the outdoor adventure playground at camp!

  • Big Sis/Little Sis: Spend the week at camp with the coolest person ever – YOUR SISTER! Experience all that camp has to offer, including canoeing, climbing, creak walking and arts and crafts. Most activities are done together. Sisters or cousins of various grades are welcome to attend together, although we can only accommodate pairs.

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