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STEAM Challenge

Earn badges, work towards Journeys, and explore new things!

This program is being offered at no cost to Girl Scout members.

This program will be offered through the months of June, July, and August. The program will close on August 31. Patches and Rockers will be mailed out in mid-September. Make sure to check the Safety Activity Checkpoints before starting any activities.

Girls should challenge themselves to both learn and experience how Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) exist within unexpected places. This challenge is designed to support critical thinking and maintaining a growth mindset. It will show girls how what they learn in school applies to their real-world environments and daily activities. 

Patch & Rocker

All participants will need to complete the following form to receive their patches. 

·  All participants with a completed form will receive the STEAM Challenge Patch via mail.

·  Every girl can earn a points rocker based on how many total points she collects. 

STEAM Supreme

To earn the STEAM Supreme Rocker, girls must complete activities and collect every color dot from each challenge section.

*For example, a girl must only complete one activity within the literacy section to collect every color dot from that section. The Dance section is more challenging, and girls must complete at least two activities to earn every color dot from this section. 

Challenge Accepted!

A big part of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math is honing your ability to ask questions and present new ideas! If you think we missed something or discovered a way to complete one of the activities that included a different colored dot, you can submit a Challenge Ticket! A challenge ticket must be submitted by the individual girl issuing the challenge. We will review your challenge and if your challenge is accepted, you will have earned the Challenge Accepted rocker. 

Total Points Possible Per Level:
Painting & Drawing 310
Mixed Media Art       340
Photography 310
Reading  320
Music 370
Dance 350
Gardening 420
Culinary Arts 400
Culture            320
Rocker Levels:
500 points 
1000 points 
1500 points
2000 points 
2500 points
3000+ points
STEAM Supreme – for those who collected every color dot from each section. 
Challenge Accepted – for those who challenge an activity (may be mailed separately)