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Girl Scout Guide: Helping Others During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s in the Girl Scout DNA to help in a time of crisis. For those that are healthy and want to help others, there are multiple ways to do that safely and responsibly during the novel coronavirus outbreak. You don’t even need to step outside your home to help in a meaningful way.

This guide is a starting point for ideas you and your family can contribute to the community, whether it’s safely helping with COVID-19 outbreak efforts or taking action for general community betterment.

To stay safe and responsible while you help, always follow government regulations from organizations like the CDC, WHO and your county or city. And with any GS Activity, follow Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints.

In addition to making a difference and carrying out the Girl Scout tradition of giving back, you may also be eligible to earn the Community Service Bar. While you’re at it, take it a step further by creating a sustainable solution to a problem with a High Awards project. Learn more about how you can take action to earn a Gold Award, Silver Award or Bronze Award. 

Girl Scouts, A Force for Good

Share with us all the ways that you are helping your community.


TIP: While you help, think about how these things correspond to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Ways to Help Without Leaving Home

Arizona Humane Society Service Project
PetSmart Paw Patch & Pet Care Badges

We challenge you to join us in this Council-wide service project by making homemade pet supplies that can be donated to the Arizona Humane Society. By participating in this community service project, girls would earn the PetSmart Paw Patch and advocacy rocker.

Connect to Others

Kindness Challenge –
Record a get-well video to brighten some one’s day. Include your first name, troop number and a get-well-soon message. You could even include instructions for a fun game (that can be played in bed) or some jokes. 

Say thank you – Be creative and make a thank you card for anyone who is on the “front lines” helping keep everyone safe or supplied. Check Pinterest for card-making ideas! Remember to check if the organization will accept the physical copy by mail or if you should scan/email instead. 

Combat loneliness by writing a letter, creating a story, or drawing a picture – Send to assisted living facilities, hospitals, residential treatment centers for kids or other similar organizations. Remember to check if the organization will accept the physical copy by mail or if you should scan/email instead . Check out some online sources to get you started.

Stay connected by video chatting – Check in with relatives, your troop, friends, etc. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing! You could even have a movie night via a digital connection or play a game. For example; one person describes a word (without using the actual word) to the other person, while they try to draw it based on the description given!

Spread Kindness & Inspirational Messages –  Share uplifting stories or positive affirmations on social media or directly with your family and friends.

National Mask-Making Service Project – Earn the new #GirlScoutsGiveBack Patch for serving the community as part of the national service projects initiative

Write a letter, send a card or make a video message for seniors. Check out a local organization – La Loma Village.


Make pet toys to donate to shelters – Did you know you can make dog toys with household items? Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Find an AZ Humane Society location near you.

Make homemade bookmarks which you can later donate to your local library. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Go on a virtual tour of a National Park and then come up with an environmental protection proposal based on the tour. Visit Yellowstone National Park to get you started.

Make no-sew, knit or crochet blankets and then donate to a hospital or shelter later. Learn how!

Plant a garden for those who can’t.  Plant a garden of starter plants in containers that can be easily transferred to others at a later date.

Make Non-Slip Socks for Seniors and donate them to a nursing home. Learn how!

Make self-care, first aid or birthday kits to be donated to homeless shelters later. Learn how!

Make Facemasks for family, friends and/or first responders. Learn more.

Share Your Skills

Tutor others – If possible, stay virtually connected with classmates or your troop members and help them in subjects you excel in. You could even start an online study group!

Be Virtual Tech Support –  If you’re technologically savvy, offer to help a neighbor, friend, or family member as their “tech support” hotline. The elderly population is at high risk. Make a video showing them how to order their groceries or get audiobooks from their local library so they stay home and safe. You might even consider reaching out to a local assisted living facility to see if you can do a tele-visit with residents to keep their spirits up. Maybe they can teach YOU a skill, like knitting.

Educate and bring awareness through social media, YouTube, etc.  Here are ideas to get you started, but the important part is finding something you’re passionate about!

  • Bring awareness to endangered animals, especially ones that don’t get broad attention.
  • Bring awareness to cyber bullying, then research and share how to effectively report/address it, how to avoid doing it, etc.

Give or find and share free virtual music lessons or art classes to friends or troop members.

Share Your Resources

Share resources – Whether it’s educational websites, an at-home exercise routine or DIY art projects, if you find great resources, share them with other.

Donate Your Gently Used Stuff to a Shelter – Get your spring cleaning started and make a pile of gently used items to donate such as household supplies, kid’s toys, clothes, shoes, games and books. Make sure to hang on to these items until it’s safe to donate them.  Find a homeless shelter near you.