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Troop Leader Spotlight: Aimee Craumer

Troop Leader Spotlight photo

Service Unit: Copper Ridge

Troop 3179 (Multilevel Daisies-Cadettes)

Years as a troop leader: 5

What inspired you to become a troop leader?

What sparked my interest and inspiration in volunteering was my daughters. Twelve years ago, my oldest daughter really wanted to be a Girl Scout, but there were no troops in our area, so I became a troop leader to help guide her through the experience. Then, four years ago, my youngest daughter was unable to find a troop that was willing to accept her with her disabilities, so I created a troop that welcomes a diverse group of girls. 

What kind of activities do you do with your troop? What is their favorite thing to do?

Our troop participates in a wide range of activities, but we mostly work towards earning badges every time we meet. We also enjoy hands-on activities and programs that involve building items, creating artwork, and spending time in nature. 

Tell us about a volunteer moment that stands out to you.

One of the greatest volunteer moments that stands out to me the most is witnessing the growth of one of our Girl Scouts. When she first joined our troop, it was challenging for her to communicate with others; however, when cookie season came around, her confidence grew, helping her communicate with customers and other people approaching the cookie booths. 

What are your troop's cookie selling tips and tricks?

Girl Scout Cookie Season is always fun, but to boost the girls’ energies, we recommend setting up a booth at an entertaining location. If it’s your first time boothing, try selecting a spot that that isn’t so stressful but is comfortable to be at for a certain period of time. One of our favorite locations to booth at is Sonic because it’s fun, and the girls are able to learn how to respect others while they work.