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Reflection, The Future, and Some Vulnerability

By JoDee Turner

The new year is upon us, and as we brave into 2023, what better time to look to the future and set goals than now? The holidays are particularly tough for me, but I try to take time and reflect on the true treasures of life, like the people in my circle – the ones that see the authentic me.  

Reflection is defined as a "serious thought or consideration,” though sitting in deep thought can be trying for me at times, I’ve learned to let my thoughts guide and lead me into the future. One of the people that changed my perspective on reflections was my father.  

My dad and I used to get into passionate conversations, and I would tell him not to dwell so much on the past because we need to keep moving forward. Now, I wish I could have those conversations again with him because I now realize that it wasn’t about "dwelling in the past”; it was a time of reflection that led us to deep conversations about life, love, and so much more. This realization hit me like a ton of bricks, and I wish I could share my journey with the Authentic Leadership Community with him – he would have loved all the heartfelt conversations I get to share and be a part of within the Girl Scout community.  

Something else I have been reflecting on is my time as a leader, which is ending after 16 years. Looking at the mistakes and victories of being a leader/volunteer (you all know what I am talking about), the girls make it all worth it. It's been incredible watching Girl Scouts legacies form within my troop over the years. For example, one of my new Daisies is the daughter of one of my former Girl Scouts, this brings me pure joy!

Girl Scouts has changed me and touched my life so profoundly that all the volunteering in the world will never be enough. We have all faced many challenges in the past couple of years, and my Girl Scout Family has been consistently there. I look forward to the future and all the adventures it may bring, and am delighted to venture into it with a circle of friends of all ages, 99% of whom I met through Girl Scouts.

I ask all of you to take a moment and reflect on the past year. Look at your challenges and your successes – but don’t stop there. Look to the future, set a goal, even if it’s a small one, and write it down. It may change as the year progresses, but that is your journey and it consists of ever-changing paths. I encourage you to follow the one that speaks to you and feels authentic. I have a final request: show grace to yourself. 

Learn more about the Authentic Leadership Community (ALC), a group of Girl Scout volunteers who hold the flame of GSACPC. Check out their amazing resource, the Authentic Girl Scout Leadership book! Questions? Interested in joining ALC? Email