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True North

By Bobbie Legg

Times change. People change. Places change. But deep inside, your heart’s inner compass knows the way. Years of Girl Scouting taught me to be true to my own values and ambitions. As a Girl Scout Cadette, my involvement in the organization helped me gain the courage to pursue my own interests outside of what was popular in the world around me. This strength followed me into higher Girl Scout levels and other areas of my life. I learned to follow my true North.

The pandemic that struck in 2020 has changed all our lives. Repeated surveys have reported that at least 55% of Americans are seeking a new job. People are looking at their lives through a new lens and are considering changes that may help them feel more congruent to their values. Given this time to look back and evaluate our lives, we ask, “Are you happy with the life you are living?”

Do you know your true North? What does your authentic self, crave? Listen to that voice. As we emerge out of this stormy time, know that you have a true purpose. Let your self-awareness guide you in path that leads you to excel at what is most important to YOU.

Looking for your true North? Take time to journal and reflect on these thirty questions written by Bill George, author of Discover Your True North.

  1. What do you want your legacy to be? 10, 20, 50 years from now, what will your name mean?
  2. What one word do you want people to use to describe you? What do you think they’d currently use?
  3. If money was no object, how would you spend your time? What would your day look like?
  4. Fill in the blank: My life is a quest for _______. What motivates you? Money? Love? Acceptance?
  5. If you were to donate everything you have to a cause or charity, which would it be?
  6. What is your biggest regret? If you could go back and have a ‘redo,’ what would you change?
  7. When was the last time you told a lie? Why? What would have happened if you had told the truth?
  8. If you accomplish one thing by the end of the year, what would make the biggest impact on your happiness?
  9. What do you think is the meaning of life? Do you live your life accordingly?
  10. What would others say is your biggest asset? What would they say is your biggest flaw? Be honest.
  11. What did you like to do when you were 10 years old? When was the last time you did that activity?
  12. What do you love most about your current job? What do you wish you could do more of?
  13. What do you think you were put on this earth to learn? What were you put here to teach?
  14. What keeps you awake at night when you should be sleeping? What gets you out of bed in the mornings?
  15. List your core values. Use your company’s mission statement to list its core values. Do they match up?
  16. What skills do people frequently compliment you on? These may not be what you think you’re best at.
  17. If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would you say?
  18. What do you not want others to know about you? Use your answer to find and conquer insecurities.
  19. List the five people you interact with most frequently (not necessarily friends). How is each helping you to reach your goals (or not)?
  20. If yourself from ten years ago met you today, would he/she be impressed with where you’ve gotten? Why or why not?
  21. What bugs you? If it makes you mad, you’re passionate about it! Can you make your anger productive?
  22. Fast-forward ten or twenty years. What is the one thing that, if you never pursued, you’d always regret?
  23. When was the last time you embarrassed yourself? You have to be vulnerable to find your purpose.
  24. Who or what energizes you? What makes you feel depleted? Do you thrive on chaos, or prefer order?
  25. Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors, both those you know personally and those who inspire you from afar?
  26. Think about your talents, passions, and values. How can you use them to serve and contribute to society?
  27. Why do you want to find your purpose? Write the answer down and put it somewhere you can see it. The journey isn’t always easy.
  28. What in your life is ‘on hold’? Until you lose weight, until you retire, etc. What are you waiting for?
  29. What price would you take to give up on your dreams? What price would you be willing to pay to achieve them?
  30. Now that you’ve answered these questions, what is your action plan? What steps will you take today?

In Girl Scouting, we support and encourage one another in our journeys. Join us in the Authentic Leadership Community as we all look to improve our own lives and the lives of the girls we serve.

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