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The Benefits of Working at Summer Camp!


Written by Rocky – Shadow Rim Ranch Camp Director/Manager 

Oh, hello there! Thinking about working at one of our four Arizona camp properties? We want to share a few reasons why being a camp staff member could fulfill many of your personal and professional goals. 

Working at camp as a Counselor in Training (CIT) or as camp staff will give you more experience than you realize. Regardless of what career you have ahead, a role at one of our camps offers you an opportunity to develop skills that are sure to make you stand out on all future job applications. 

Who you are:

  • A young adult over 18 years of age
  • An outdoor enthusiast who loves nature and spending time outdoors
  • A leader and team player who communicates well with others
  • Excited to lead campers through weeks of fun, skill-building, and learning
Does this sound like you? Then keep scrolling! 

If you’re considering working at camp, you might be at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have just finished high school or are three years into college. Decisions about how to spend your time are getting harder. You want to make sure you’re investing time in a place that will help you learn different skills and prepare for your career, and other goals – a job at summer camp can support precisely this! 

Just imagine your answers to these interview questions after a summer at camp: 

  • Are you a leader? Yeah, you’ve managed and been a role model for 20 campers at once. 
  • Can you be flexible? Oh yeah, you should have seen when a monsoon came rolling in, and we came up with a Rube Goldberg challenge utilizing only cabin items.
  • How organized are you? Well, you’ve planned eight weeks of session schedules, multiple activities and mapped out the programs themselves. So, very organized!

If that wasn’t convincing enough….here are some other skills and benefits you can experience by joining our team!   


A huge part of camp is realizing how vital communication skills are! Camp roles will teach you the many ways to communicate. You’ll be communicating with campers, learning to communicate well with the camp leadership team, and engaging with parents. Other counselors, parents, campers, your camp director…everyone will be asking you questions and expecting answers. Your communication skills will flourish during your summer at camp. 

Live and work in the great outdoors

You have a whole life ahead of you to choose a career path. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take a job where you work and live in the great outdoors. The sunsets, the connection to nature, the shooting stars, the storms…. oh, and did we mention the summer tan? Spend the summer not tied to a desk. 

Camp friends

You’ll be housed with your colleagues for over two months and will bond with them in a way that is different from anywhere else. These friendships will last you a lifetime. The end of summer will be the hardest goodbye you’ve had in a long time. 

Work attire? How does tie-dye sound? 

Camp is outdoors! So, don’t expect to wear slacks! Instead,  how about jeans and a camp t-shirt? Or maybe a tie-dyed camp t-shirt? Best. Dress. Code. Ever. 

New experiences

Camp counselors are trained to do multiple things during the summer. You’ll get First Aid/CPR certification. Next, you could be in archery instructor training or learning to run the zipline! Whatever it is, we can guarantee you’ll get to experience what campers sign up for.  

You will carry a tradition 

The Girl Scout Camp experience is bigger than all of us. Some camp traditions predate all of us. Each camp is unique in its traditions, and you can be someone who shepherds them forward, preserving history for the next round of campers. 

The campers are the best

Working with kids will be the most rewarding job you’ll ever have. You’ll become an older sibling to your campers. You’ll lead them in activities and be a role model. They’ll ask you for advice, tell you funny stories, and sing their hearts out when you start camp songs like “Little Red Wagon.” Best of all, you’ll find it rewarding knowing you’re creating memorable experiences for Girl Scouts. 

New Mindset

Camp has a profound effect on everyone who emerges after their first summer. You’ll be more confident in your abilities, open with communication, and perhaps have a new sense of purpose that follows you out of the gates. Camp opens us up to who we are as people, and you’ll be surprised at how happy that can make you. 

Living and Commuting to Camp

Camp staff working at one of our three Northern Arizona camps (Camp Maripai, Willow Springs, and Shadow Rim Ranch) will reside on-site for the entire camp season, late May through early August. Staff will receive a two-hour daily break, a 24-hour weekly break, and will be provided lodging and meals.

Camp staff working at our Phoenix day-camp (Parsons Leadership Center) have the option to reside at camp or commute daily to the property, providing a flexible opportunity for metro Phoenix candidates. Commuting staff will receive breakfast and lunch, and resident staff will receive lodging and meals. When applying, please specify which option interests you. 

Learn more, and apply for our current summer camp positions at one of our four beautiful Girl Scout camp properties located in Phoenix, Prescott, and Payson.