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Get Outdoors…In the Dark!

Girls love to be outdoors, but daytime temperatures rise quickly, as we know too well here in the desert. So how can we engage girls outdoors during the summer? 

Consider having a night meeting with Girl Scout skill-building and traditions. Do your girls love to learn about the stars? Would your troop love a Songs “n” S’mores event? Maybe your girls are old enough to learn how to build a campfire, or perhaps they might like to learn some yummy Dutch Oven Recipes. Here are some ideas for you to take the fun outside and under the night sky! 

Safety Tip: Don’t forget, campfire activities require a TCC2 certified adult to be present! 

National S’mores Day – Aug.   10

This classic campfire treat has been popular with Girl Scouts for generations. In 1927, Girl Scouts published a recipe for “Some More” in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Over the years, the recipe name has been shortened to s’more. Check out this 2019 Girl Scout blog for some delicious variation options that you can make with your troop. 


Skits are a fun form of entertainment that brings laughter. Skits are also a way to teach girls how to be comfortable speaking in front of a group. Girls enjoy watching each other and leaders perform skits. Here are two skits that your troop can do that are sure to brighten your day and make you smile.


Songs are a wonderful tradition. Many of our Girl Scout songs have been passed down from one Girl Scout generation to another. They bring about a sense of unity when we hear and sing them. Here is a list of 10 favorites for you to learn or share with other Girl Scouts:

  1. Percy the Pale-faced Polar Bear – Percy is one of our all-time favorite repetitive songs! It is easy to memorize and participate in, and girls love the funny hand gestures that go along with this song. Besides, who wouldn’t love a pale-faced polar bear?…GRRR! 
  2. Hermie the Worm – Great to teach younger girls because it is a “repeat after me” song. This song has been one of the go-to songs, and the girls love little Hermie!
  3. Wadiliacha – A fun song of made-up words! The hand motions that go with it add another level of learning to the fun!
  4. The Bear – It isn’t a repetitive song but is interactive and full of storytelling. In short, a blast to sing with your troop. 
  5. Princess Pat – A call and answer song following Princess Pat and her journey sailing with a “rick-a-bamboo!”  
  6. I’m a Little Piece of Tin – A fun tune with motions, and girls can challenge themselves to sing it faster and faster. 
  7. Black Socks – Best sung in rounds. A great way to learn about rounds and fun to teach girls of all ages. 
  8. Jamie Boy – A slower song, this is best when sung in rounds and is great for older girls who love to sing. 
  9. Rose, Hey Ho, Ah Poor Bird – As girls get older, they can learn how to combine songs into rounds. These three songs are a great start! 
  10. On My Honor – This reflection song expresses our purpose as Girl Scouts and is known around the world. 

Don’t forget, the Girl Scout Shop has CDs and songbooks available for purchase. 

Movie Night

Take the movie-watching experience outdoors by setting up a TV in the backyard. You can make the experience more fun by setting up pillow cushions and ask girls to bring snacks and drinks to share. 

Night Hike Fundana

Order these Night Hike Fundanas (bandanas) as a keepsake and guide to a night full of adventures. Challenge your Girl Scouts to complete all the challenges on the bandana, like identifying nocturnal animals and fining the north star!