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Virtual Troop Meeting Activity Ideas

April 10 Virtual Troop

As troops get into a new routine of meeting virtually, we’d like to share with you some activity ideas to try out! It’s great to host virtual meetings after working on badge work, to wrap up a week, and just for fun socializing! Hosting for the first time? Refer to this check list first

On Virtual-GS, we’ve included Resources to Meet Virtually – which lists free video and audio-conferencing tools for troop meetings. There are also chat and collaboration apps and additional low-cost tools. Once you’ve selected which virtual meeting resource works best for you, try these meeting ideas: 

  • Start with a check-in – To start the meeting, pose a question to the group and invite each participant to take a turn responding. For your first virtual meeting, consider keeping the topic light - What is your superhero name, and what powers do you have? As the girls become more accustomed to the practice, include more in-depth topics that allow the girls to express their concerns and feelings. The questions can also relate to the focus of the meeting. For more suggestions, check out this article.
  • COVID-19 Time Capsule – Long Creations has developed free time capsule digital downloads “for fellow families with children living through this difficult time.” Individuals can use them to document their personal experiences during what will become a landmark event in history. Send to your troop ahead of a meeting and allow girls to share their thoughts, feelings, and time capsule creations during your virtual meeting.
  • Pen Pals – While this activity is typically delivered through USPS, and done with pals who are far away from each other, modify this activity for troops to connect on a smaller scale! Troop Leaders match girls as Pen Pals within a troop, with another troop in your neighborhood, or other Girl Scouts across the state! And a simpler alternative to postal service is to set up the pen pal system via email. To find a pen pal troop within our Council, connect with other leaders on Facebook.  Girls can then share stories during a troop meeting and leaders can share suggestions about what to write about. 
  • Play games together – games like charades, Scattegories, Kahoot app trivia, and Minute to Win it make fun group interaction online.
  • Take a virtual field trip together – Visit Exploring the World Wide Web on Virtual GS and view the different museums that are offering virtual tours! Girls can also choose to explore a popular travel destination like the Great Wall of China, National Park like Yellowstone, or country through Google Earth virtually and share the screen to travel together. 
  • Stay @ Home Challenge invite girls to report on how they are earning points to earn the patch. If the activities required crafting something, invite girls to share what they did. 
  • Earn the Safety Award for your level – most of these awards focus on being prepared. Refer to your level Girl Scout Guide Book for the activities.
  • Plan Community Service – Now is a great time for girls to be thinking about giving back to their community in safe and responsible ways. Make cards and notes for first responders, learn some songs together and make a video to send to your local nursing home, or brainstorm sustainable changes you can make to earn your High Awards. Start with a brainstorm during your next meeting, and then get down to planning in future meetings. For ideas, reference our Girl Scout Guide: Helping Others During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Show & Tell – no matter the age, sharing something they love gets the girls comfortable speaking online, and it’s an excellent way to practice listening and being open-minded to others’ ideas.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Create fun and friendly competition by providing a list of items for the girls to find at home within a time limit. Girls can quickly go off-screen to find the item and return to the meeting with the thing they found. Prizes can be picking the next activity, being a virtual assistant for the next meeting, or something unique to your troop!
  • Karaoke Battle – girls create a list of karaoke songs they like to sing. Depending on the size of your troop, divide girls into pairs or small groups, and have them practice their song (tip: this is seamless when using breakout rooms feature in Zoom). Then, come back together to perform for the group as a whole. 
  • Unconventional Fashion Show – use recycled items around the house to make new fashions! Items can be newspapers, magazines, tissue paper flowers, garbage bags, sheets, (toga party anyone?), or anything else that sparks creativity. Then, everyone struts their wares at the end, or at the top of a future meeting (like show & tell!).
  • Free Chat Space – at the end of the meeting, consider leaving the video connection open for girls to visit with each other. Spending time with their friends is the best part of Girl Scouts.