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Troop Leader Spotlight: Lisa Fowler

Blog _Lisa Fowler
Service Unit: La Promesa

Troop 4906, 2nd-3rd grade

Years as a GS: 7

Years as Troop Leader: 5


What inspired you to become a Troop Leader?

My Girl Scout experience began as a Brownie when my mom was my Troop Leader. I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps and lead a troop for my girls!

What kind of activities do you do with your troop? What is their favorite thing to do?

Our troop loves to work on badges together. They love everything from arts and outdoors to STEM. Their favorite thing to do as a troop is camping! We have been to GSACPC Camps Parsons and Maripai, and we are planning our next trip to Willow Springs.

What kind of service projects have you done with your troop?

We completed our Daisy service project and held a donation drive for the Sun Valley Animal Shelter. We collected donations, shopped for new items, and delivered them to the shelter. Once there, we read our favorite books to the cats and learned about how the shelter takes care of the animals. Our current Brownie service project is a food drive to support the Valley View Community Food Bank. This year we have also adopted an assisted living facility where the girls have gone caroling, offered a cookie tasting, and mailed them cards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tell us about a volunteer moment that stands out to you.

I love being involved in our local Service Unit. Getting together as a group of local leaders is a great way to share in the leadership experience and learn new skills. Serving on committees such as Bridging and Leader recognitions initiatives has been a highlight of my Girl Scout volunteer experience.

What advice would you give other Troop Leaders?

It is important to ask for help and bring the parents into the planning process. Some parents are great at crafts, others at organizing, and some love the outdoors. Everyone can play a part and it makes leading more enjoyable when you can share the role with others. Send out a parent survey and find out about their strengths to see how they can take an active role in your troop.

What do you wish someone had told you as a new Troop Leader?

I wish someone had told me that not every meeting needs to be “Pinterest-worthy.” The girls are so happy just to be together and enjoy the Girl Scout opportunity.

What would you like others to know about volunteer opportunities with the Girl Scouts?

Volunteering with Girl Scouts is rewarding in so many ways. By leading a troop, you create opportunities for girls to try new things, make new friends, and make an impact in their community. I love being a role model and encouraging them grow.

Tell us in your own words why it’s important to participate in the GS Cookie Program?

Participating in the cookie program is very important for our troop. Not only does it provide the funding we need to run our troop year-round, it provides an opportunity for our girls to learn valuable life skills such as goal setting, business ethics, and money management. I have watched girls gain confidence and speaking skills through cookie selling opportunities. We watch them grow year after year as they set higher goals and find creative ways to reach them. This year was our best year ever at just over 6,800 boxes sold!